5 Animated Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Animated Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time when people typically indulge in clichéd romantic movies. But this year, why not break the mold and opt for something different? Animated movies offer a unique medium that can transform simple love stories into grand, visually striking events. With stunning visuals and fresh takes on classic romance, these films have the power to create beautiful and memorable moments. In this article, we will explore five animated movies that are perfect to watch on Valentine’s Day, taking you on a journey from beloved Disney classics to captivating anime fantasies.

1. Beauty and the Beast

A Renaissance Classic

Year: 1991
Directors: Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise

“Beauty and the Beast” is considered the quintessential Disney romance. This renaissance classic holds the distinction of being the first animated movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1992. Based on the famous French fairytale, the story follows Belle, an intelligent young woman who sacrifices her freedom to free her father by taking his place in the castle of a fearsome beast. As time passes, Belle and the Beast develop an unlikely love, leading to several beautiful scenes. One standout moment is the beloved ballroom dancing scene, featuring the iconic Academy Award-winning song “Beauty and the Beast,” beautifully sung by Angela Lansbury. This enchanting film captures the essence of romance and is an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day.


An Intergalactic Love Story

Year: 2008
Director: Andrew Stanton

While the ballroom scene in “Beauty and the Beast” is magnificent, my personal favorite romantic dance sequence in an animated movie happens in “WALL-E.” This Pixar masterpiece is set in a future where Earth is deserted, and the last remaining robot, WALL-E, discovers love when he encounters another robot named EVE. Their journey takes them across the galaxy, and in the stunning “Define Dancing” scene, set to the beautiful track by Thomas Newman, the couple dances in space. Imagine surpassing the majesty of a castle ballroom and dancing in the grandeur of the universe itself. For WALL-E and EVE, it feels like they are the only beings in existence, encapsulating the feeling of being alone with your loved one in a world that fades away. This awe-inspiring scene epitomizes the magic of love on Valentine’s Day.

3. Weathering With You

A Tale of Young Love

Year: 2019
Director: Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai, known for his critically acclaimed romance “Your Name,” showcases another captivating love story in “Weathering With You.” The film follows Hodoka, a high schooler who runs away from home, and Hina, a teenage orphan with the power to control the weather through prayer. As the two embark on a journey together, they fall in love amidst the responsibilities of adulthood that burden their young hearts. Their constant bickering over who appears more mature evokes the classic desires of teenage romance, where impressing each other becomes paramount. The film weaves weather as a prominent element, with rain symbolizing life’s hardships and sunshine representing moments of happiness. “Weathering With You” offers a perfect Valentine’s Day experience, filled with grand gestures and passionate acts of love that may bring you to tears.

4. Tangled

A Magical Adventure of Love

Year: 2010
Directors: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard

Considered hyperbolic, but in my opinion, the most beautiful image in any modern animated film is found in Disney’s “Tangled.” The central lovers, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, sit together on a boat, surrounded by floating lanterns, completely lost in each other’s gaze. This scene captures the essence of escaping the world’s distractions and focusing solely on love. “Tangled” is a loose adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, following Rapunzel, a young girl with magical hair, and Flynn Rider, a charming thief. As the lanterns illuminate the night sky, their expressions reveal that nothing else matters; at that moment, their love is all-encompassing. This breathtaking scene, accompanied by the captivating ballad “I See The Light,” makes “Tangled” a perfect choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day movie.

5. Ride Your Wave

A Poignant Expression of Love

Year: 2019
Director: Masaaki Yuasa

Masaaki Yuasa, known for his visually stunning works, presents “Ride Your Wave,” a heartfelt romance film. The story revolves around Hinako, a young surfer, and Minato, a firefighter who saves her life. The captivating montage in the film captures the blossoming of their relationship, showcasing the joys and struggles of being a couple. Yuasa’s distinctive animation style enhances their love story, resulting in an astounding Valentine’s Day watch. The film’s focus on the beauty and purity of love reminds us to cherish the things and people we hold dear, regardless of their form. “Ride Your Wave” offers a true expression of love and encompasses the essence of Valentine’s Day, making it a delightful choice for the occasion.


This Valentine’s Day, break away from the traditional romantic movies and opt for animated masterpieces that celebrate love in unique ways. From the enchanting world of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” to the otherworldly love story of “WALL-E,” these animated films offer captivating visuals, heartfelt moments, and a fresh perspective on romance. Whether you watch the grand ballroom scene, the serene boat ride, the transformative power of controlling the weather, or the touching montage of young love, these movies will surely create memories that last a lifetime.


1. Are animated movies suitable for all ages?

Yes, animated movies are generally suitable for audiences of all ages. While some films may have specific target demographics, the beauty of animation lies in its ability to captivate viewers from different age groups. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, there are animated movies for everyone to enjoy.

2. Can animated movies evoke the same emotions as live-action films?

Absolutely! Animation has the power to elicit a wide range of emotions just like live-action films. Through captivating storytelling, vibrant visuals, and relatable characters, animated movies can create immersive and emotionally resonant experiences for the audience.

3. Are these animated movies only for couples?

While these movies are ideal for viewing with your partner, they can also be enjoyed by individuals or groups of friends. The themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery explored in these films can resonate with everyone, regardless of their relationship status.

4. Can animated movies provide valuable life lessons?

Definitely! Animated movies often convey important messages and life lessons through their stories. They can teach us about love, courage, determination, and the power of inner strength. These movies have the ability to inspire and leave a lasting impact on viewers, regardless of their age.