65 (2023) Film Review: A Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Thriller

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65: A Disappointing Action Film with Flat Storytelling

“65” is a movie that attempts to take on the challenging genre of dinosaur action, but unfortunately falls short in delivering an engaging and memorable experience. Set 65 million years ago, the film follows the story of Mills (played by Adam Driver), a pilot from an alien planet who crash lands on prehistoric Earth. His mission is to find a way back home while simultaneously surviving encounters with dinosaurs and protecting another survivor named Koa (portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt).

A Missed Opportunity in the World of Dinosaur Action

When it comes to action films involving dinosaurs, it’s difficult to escape the shadow of the iconic “Jurassic Park” franchise. These movies have had such a significant impact on the film industry that any new attempts to portray dinosaurs often feel stale and fossilized. “65,” however, presented a unique advantage with its inclusion of scientifically advanced characters and weapons. The concept of future technology battling against mighty T-rex and other prehistoric creatures could have provided an intriguing twist on the genre. Unfortunately, the execution of this potential was far from satisfying.

Lackluster Character Development and Pacing

One of the film’s major flaws lies in its characterization. Mills, the protagonist, is portrayed as a typical family man, with his only emotional attachment being his wife and daughter. This parenting theme, common in action movies, leaves much to be desired in terms of character depth and relatability. It begs the question: why can’t we have a badass mother as the lead character in an action film?

Furthermore, the pacing of “65” falls flat, leaving the audience wanting more suspense and tension. The lack of proper lead-ins to action scenes robs them of the opportunity to build anticipation. Even the promised future weapons versus dinosaurs concept fails to deliver, as the variety of advanced weaponry remains disappointingly limited throughout the film. Although there are occasional glimpses of creativity and tension, such as an underground scene involving a scanner, it quickly reverts to generic action sequences reminiscent of a video game.

A Disjointed Storyline and Inconsistent Tone

Another issue plaguing “65” is its disjointed storyline and inconsistent tone. Scenes abruptly transition without proper flow, leaving the audience disoriented and struggling to grasp the geography of the characters or the intended tone of the film. Moments that should elicit comedic relief, like Mills being startled by a vinegaroon, quickly shift to desperate survival sequences without proper transition. These inconsistencies accumulate, detracting from the overall coherence of the narrative.

A Glimmer of Potential in Language Barriers

One aspect of the film that sparks intrigue is the language barrier between the two protagonists, Mills and Koa. Unable to communicate fluently, they rely on general feelings and a few common words throughout the entire movie. This concept offers a glimpse of potential depth and adds a layer of complexity to their relationship. Both Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt demonstrate impressive performances, particularly considering Greenblatt’s young age. However, this potential is ultimately squandered, as the film fails to capitalize on the opportunity to develop their relationship meaningfully.

CGI and Direction Limit the Film’s Impact

The film’s weak pacing and storytelling can largely be attributed to its directors, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who previously showcased their ability to craft suspenseful narratives in “A Quiet Place.” However, it becomes evident that their skills in directing do not match their ability to conceptualize gripping scenarios. The result is a film that falls short of its potential, leaving audiences unsatisfied. Additionally, the CGI effects used to bring the dinosaurs to life are lackluster, often resembling inflatable toys rather than realistic creatures.


In conclusion, “65” fails to meet the expectations set for an action film centered around dinosaurs. Its lackluster storytelling, underdeveloped characters, and flat pacing leave much to be desired. Even for those seeking mindless entertainment, the film falls short in delivering a cohesive and enjoyable experience. For those interested in this film, it may be wise to wait for clips to appear on platforms like YouTube instead of investing time and money into a disappointing theater experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is “65” suitable for a high school audience?

Yes, “65” is appropriate for a high school audience. However, due to its lackluster storytelling and flat action sequences, it may not provide the engaging experience expected from an action-packed dinosaur film.

2. Are there any standout performances in the movie?

Ariana Greenblatt delivers a noteworthy performance as Koa, considering her young age. Despite the film’s shortcomings, Greenblatt’s portrayal brings depth to her character amidst the film’s poorly developed narrative.

3. Does “65” offer anything unique in the world of dinosaur action films?

The inclusion of future weapons and scientifically advanced characters presents the potential for a unique take on the genre. However, the film fails to fully explore this concept and falls short in delivering the promised excitement.

4. Is there any significance to the language barrier between Mills and Koa?

The language barrier between the two protagonists adds an interesting layer to their relationship, forcing them to rely on nonverbal communication. Though the concept is intriguing, the film misses opportunities to fully develop this aspect.

5. What are the main weaknesses of “65”?

The main weaknesses of “65” lie in its poor pacing, disjointed storytelling, and underdeveloped characters. These factors contribute to an overall lackluster experience, making it challenging for the film to stand out in the competitive world of dinosaur action movies.