80 for Brady 2023 Film Review

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80 For Brady: A Cinematic Collaboration of Legends


In the realm of sports and cinema, a remarkable synergy has often emerged. “80 For Brady” is a new motion picture that brings together four silver screen icons, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field, alongside the renowned football player Tom Brady. This article delves into the captivating story behind this film, its unique insights, and its appeal to a diverse audience.

The Retirement Joke that Became a Reality

During the filming of “80 For Brady,” an intriguing moment transpired when Maura (Rita Moreno) asked Tom Brady about his retirement plans. Unbeknownst to them, this conversation had an uncanny foreshadowing effect. Just days after Brady publicly announced his second retirement from professional football, this scene unfolded. Interestingly, the film itself was greenlit merely 23 days after Brady’s first retirement announcement. The timing of this exchange adds an intriguing layer of prescience to the narrative.

A Film for All Audiences

Contrary to expectations, “80 For Brady” is not solely catered to football enthusiasts. While NFL fans will certainly relish witnessing Brady’s football prowess alongside his former teammates Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and Julian Edelman, the film transcends traditional sports fandom. Surprisingly, the majority of audience members at the screening were individuals aged over 70. What draws them to this movie is the opportunity to witness screen legends like Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field embark on a riotous escapade during Super Bowl LI. It was a match touted as one of the greatest football games ever played.

An Unforgettable Super Bowl Journey

Super Bowl LI, a game filled with breathtaking twists and turns, sets the stage for the adventure depicted in “80 For Brady.” Before halftime, the New England Patriots found themselves in a dire situation, trailing the Atlanta Falcons by a significant margin. Against all odds, the Patriots orchestrated a dramatic comeback, resulting in the first-ever Super Bowl game that entered overtime. Ultimately, the Patriots emerged victorious, securing Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl title. While the game itself was undeniably remarkable, the film chooses to focus on the experiences of four best friends—Lou (Lily Tomlin), Trish (Jane Fonda), Betty (Sally Field), and Maura—capturing the essence of their joyous journey to witness Brady’s triumph.

A Star-Studded Affair

“80 For Brady” proudly boasts an array of celebrity cameos, including appearances by renowned figures like Guy Fieri and Billy Porter. These notable guest appearances somewhat imbue the film with the aura of a commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl. However, it is the charm and chemistry of the lead actors that commands attention, despite the script’s reliance on clichéd tropes. Witnessing Sally Field dominate a Hot Wings competition hosted by Guy Fieri or Rita Moreno’s hilariously whimsical poker game montage, in which she envisions herself and others as Fieri, elicits genuine laughter. Additionally, the amusingly tense encounters with an overly zealous security guard further solidify the film’s undeniable charm.

Familiar Themes with a Touch of Timelessness

It is worth highlighting that while “80 For Brady” attempts to explore fresh elements, audiences may find it reminiscent of other films. This NFL-themed production can easily be likened to “Book Club,” a movie in which Jane Fonda stars. The filmmakers attempt to incorporate social media trends, but often fall slightly behind the curve. While a few cringeworthy moments arise as a result, the enduring appeal of the veteran cast remains unscathed. Their impeccable chemistry and universal talents shine, enhancing even the most predictable aspects of the narrative.

Celebrating Legendary Performers

The collective impact of Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field cannot be overstated. Their presence on screen infuses “80 For Brady” with a level of depth and authenticity that transcends its Hallmark movie styling. These esteemed actresses display exceptional camaraderie, seamlessly complementing the film’s physically comedic skits. Notably, the interspersed hallucinatory scenes, in which Tomlin’s character envisions direct interaction with Brady, elicit a valuable mix of dramatic intensity and devotion to the legendary football player.

Tom Brady: A Legend On and Off the Field

While Tom Brady undeniably stands as a football star, his transition into acting requires further refinement. In “80 For Brady,” his line deliveries often come across as flat and lacking nuance, as though he is reading directly from a cue card. Although Brady exudes confidence on the football field, translating that same charisma to his on-screen performances presents a challenge. In a thought-provoking scene where he encounters Lily Tomlin’s character for the first time, Brady’s struggle to adjust to the camera without appearing unnatural becomes apparent. Surprisingly, this dynamic poses an intriguing contrast to his ease when playing football, while teammates Gronkowski, Amendola, and Edelman embrace their roles with evident enjoyment.

Imperfect Yet Enthralling

Despite its imperfections, “80 For Brady” remains an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Devoted football fans may find particular delight in the recreation of Super Bowl LI, but the film’s true essence lies beyond the game itself. It revolves around the profound relationships the four friends share and the humorous escapades that unfold along their journey. While it may not revolutionize the cinematic landscape, “80 For Brady” undoubtedly promises an engaging and memorable time at the movies.


In the realm of sports and entertainment, few collaborations hold as much intrigue as the convergence of legends from the silver screen and the football field. “80 For Brady” masterfully intertwines the indomitable spirit of Tom Brady with the timeless talent of Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, and Sally Field. This film navigates the joyous exploits of friendship, the thrill of Super Bowl LI, and the enduring charm of its exceptionally talented cast. While it may not be a groundbreaking piece of cinema, it undeniably offers a delightful and captivating experience to audiences of all ages.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is “80 For Brady” solely targeted at football fans?

    No, while the film immerses viewers in the world of football, its appeal extends far beyond the realm of sports enthusiasts. The presence of legendary screen icons and their comedic interactions make the film enjoyable for audiences of various interests.

  2. Are the celebrity cameos a highlight of the movie?

    Absolutely! The film features notable appearances by Guy Fieri and Billy Porter, among others. These cameo moments add an additional layer of excitement and humor to the overall narrative.

  3. Does Tom Brady’s performance impress as an actor?

    While Brady’s transition to acting warrants further development, his presence in “80 For Brady” adds a unique dimension. While his line delivery may lack polish, his interactions with the legendary performers offer intriguing contrasts.

  4. Is the film a groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece?

    No, “80 For Brady” does not set out to redefine the cinematic landscape. However, it offers an enjoyable experience with its heartfelt humor, engaging performances, and memorable Super Bowl moments.

  5. Will audiences have a great time watching “80 For Brady”?

    We can confidently affirm that this film promises an entertaining and enjoyable time at the movies. Audiences are bound to appreciate the camaraderie of the lead actors, the thrilling Super Bowl recreation, and the light-hearted adventures that unfold.