About Fate (2022) Film Review: A Charming Romantic Comedy

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About Fate: A Formulaic Romantic Comedy

Despite the decent performances from its cast, About Fate fails to bring anything new to the table. The film follows a predictable structure that we’ve seen countless times before, offering little in terms of originality. Griffin Reed, played by Thomas Mann, plans to propose to his influencer girlfriend Clementine, portrayed by Madelaine Petsch. However, she insists on an extravagant proposal to be immortalized on social media during her New Year’s Eve party. Feeling defeated, Griffin crosses paths with Margot Hayes, played by Emma Roberts, who shares a similar disappointment with her boyfriend Kip, played by Lewis Tan, at the same restaurant. By chance, Griffin ends up at Margot’s house, and she convinces him to attend her sister’s wedding as a stand-in for Kip. As expected, hijinks ensue, leading to a predictable love story. Griffin and Margot will inevitably fall for each other, leading Griffin to reconsider his relationship with Clementine. This formulaic approach is not inherently problematic, as rom-coms often rely on familiar tropes. However, in the case of About Fate, very little stands out apart from the lead performances.

Chemistry and Character Dynamics

Thomas Mann and Emma Roberts breathe life into their characters, bringing an undeniable chemistry to the screen. Their portrayal of a developing relationship feels genuine. Their playful dynamic convinces audiences that they are truly falling in love with each other. The same cannot be said for the rest of the cast. Lewis Tan delivers an entertaining performance as Kip, the stereotypical ex-boyfriend seeking attention. His comedic timing shines in a hilarious scene where both he and Mann fight for Margot’s attention during the wedding. However, Tan’s talents remain underutilized for most of the movie. Britt Robertson, who plays Margot’s sister, also has limited screen time, but she maximizes her presence. Despite these efforts, About Fate primarily focuses on Griffin and Margot’s relationship, leaving other characters poorly developed.

An Uninspired Execution

While Mann and Roberts carry the film with their chemistry, the overall execution falls short. Director Marius Vaysberg and writer Tiffany Paulsen fail to breathe new life into this familiar formula, resulting in a lackluster experience. The cinematography feels glossy, resembling a Hallmark production rather than a standout romantic comedy. The heavy-handed score tries to manipulate emotions with a predictable “will they/won’t they” approach, but it falls flat. The unnecessary use of green screens adds a cheap and artificial feel to the film. About Fate lacks the visual effects to justify such choices. These shortcomings undermine the efforts of the talented cast.

A Harmless but Forgettable Rom-Com

Aside from the commendable performances from the main cast, About Fate struggles to leave a lasting impression. Its predictable story fails to generate interest in the characters, despite Mann and Roberts’ attempts to infuse charm into their roles. Ultimately, About Fate joins the ranks of forgettable romantic comedies. While harmless, it fails to stand out in a saturated genre. There are certainly worse films out there, but this one fails to make a lasting impact.


1. Is About Fate worth watching?

About Fate offers decent performances from its lead actors, but its predictable plot and uninspired execution make it forgettable. If you’re a fan of formulaic rom-coms and don’t mind a lack of originality, you might enjoy it. However, if you’re seeking something fresh and memorable, you may want to explore other options.

2. Does About Fate bring anything new to the romantic comedy genre?

About Fate, unfortunately, does not bring anything new to the romantic comedy genre. It follows a formulaic structure that has been overused, offering little in terms of originality or surprises. The film relies heavily on the chemistry between the lead actors to engage the audience.

3. How does the chemistry between Thomas Mann and Emma Roberts impact the film?

The chemistry between Thomas Mann and Emma Roberts is one of the highlights of About Fate. They have a playful and believable dynamic that draws audiences in and makes their developing relationship feel genuine. Their performances bring some life to an otherwise predictable story.

4. Are there any standout performances in About Fate?

While the overall execution of About Fate falls short, there are commendable performances within the film. Thomas Mann and Emma Roberts excel in their roles, infusing charm and chemistry into their characters. Lewis Tan also delivers an entertaining portrayal of the stereotypical ex-boyfriend. However, these standout performances are not enough to salvage the film as a whole.

5. Does About Fate offer anything beyond a typical romantic comedy?

About Fate primarily follows the typical romantic comedy formula, offering little in terms of originality or unique elements. The focus remains on the predictable love story between Griffin and Margot, leaving other characters underdeveloped. While it can be an enjoyable watch for those who appreciate familiar tropes, it falls short in offering anything beyond what we’ve seen before.