Adam Faraizl on Pennywises Journey in IT Legacy

Cinedigm’s long-awaited documentary, Pennywise the Story of IT, is finally available on various Video On Demand (VOD) platforms as well as Screambox. The documentary had its world premiere at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain and its UK premiere at FrightFest last fall, before finally reaching the United States for its US premiere at Panic Fest in May.

Exclusive Interviews with Original Cast Members

This captivating documentary features exclusive interviews with several members from the original cast of IT, including the iconic Tim Curry, Seth Green, and Emily Perkins. In addition to these familiar faces, the film also highlights Adam Faraizl, who played the character of Eddie Kaspbrak, a young boy with asthma.

Adam Faraizl had a brief but notable acting career, with credits that include Lonesome Dove and RoboCop 2. However, he decided to retire from acting at the young age of 14.

Insights from Adam Faraizl on Working with Tim Curry

In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Faraizl and discuss his experiences working on the set of IT, including his interactions with Tim Curry. When asked if he learned anything specific from Tim, Adam mentioned that while there were no direct instructions given, he observed how Tim Curry, an actor of remarkable caliber, could easily transition in and out of character.

Faraizl explained that off-camera, Curry would often be seen asking questions and mentally working through different aspects of his role. But as soon as the cameras started rolling, Curry would effortlessly transform into his character, completely immersing himself in the role. This observation had a significant impact on Faraizl’s own approach to acting. He realized that this is the level of dedication and versatility he aspired to achieve.

A Bond That Extended Beyond the Set

One remarkable aspect of the miniseries IT was the evident bond between the characters. When asked if this camaraderie extended off-camera, Faraizl confirmed that it did. In fact, upon reconnecting with his former castmates, he discovered that they had spent a considerable amount of time together outside of filming that he had initially forgotten.

During their free time, the cast members would often gather at the hotel pool to relax and unwind. Special bonding dinners were organized exclusively for the young actors as well as the adult cast members. Faraizl fondly recalls these shared experiences and even has photographs to commemorate those moments. Additionally, exploring the city and visiting places like the Metro Town Mall and arcades together strengthened their connection.

The Filming Schedule and Unforgettable Memories

When asked about the duration of the filming process, Faraizl estimated it to be around six weeks, although he admits his recollection might not be entirely accurate. As for behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Faraizl couldn’t think of anything specific beyond what is covered in the documentary itself.

However, during the interview, he did share a couple of unique memories that resurfaced from the set. Faraizl vividly remembered asking the set designer if he could take a souvenir from the shower set. Intriguingly, he managed to keep a black tile that was wrapped around the center of the white tiling, an element viewable in the scene. Furthermore, he even discovered some foam rocks, used as props during the filming of IT, while cleaning out his childhood home.

The Most Terrifying Moments of IT

Reflecting on the miniseries, Faraizl pinpointed several scenes that left a lasting impact on him. One particular frightening moment was the scene in the Centrum where the characters engage in a fight, and a bizarre tentacle emerges after they remove a hand. Faraizl recalls the chilling sequence when the lights pierced through the pipe holes, causing Belch to be forcefully sucked in. He also mentioned the intense scene at the Chinese restaurant where fortune cookies transformed into grotesque objects, leaving a lasting impression.

The Timeless Resonance of IT

Despite over three decades passing since the release of IT, Faraizl believes the enduring impact of the miniseries can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, Stephen King’s masterful storytelling in the horror genre is legendary. In the miniseries adaptation, there was a strong emphasis on character development and exploring individual backstories. Even though certain elements were condensed for television, viewers had the opportunity to truly get to know the characters and understand their interactions and the significance of the Losers Club. Faraizl remarks that this emphasis on character and storytelling, rather than relying solely on jump scares and gore, is what sets IT apart.

The Possibility of Composing for a Horror Film

Given that Faraizl is now pursuing a career in music, the interview delved into whether he would ever consider composing for a horror film. Faraizl expressed interest but considered his friend, who already had a remarkable portfolio in horror soundtrack composition, to be better suited for such a task. He recounted a short film they worked on together recently, where his friend flawlessly crafted a theme song with a haunting quality that resonated with the horror genre.


Pennywise the Story of IT is a documentary that offers fans a fascinating glimpse into the making of the iconic miniseries. It features exclusive interviews with original cast members, including Adam Faraizl, who played the character of Eddie Kaspbrak. Through this documentary, viewers gain insights into the behind-the-scenes experiences, the enduring bond between the cast members, and the lasting impact of the miniseries over three decades later. IT continues to captivate audiences, not merely as a horror story but as a testament to remarkable storytelling and character development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I watch Pennywise: The Story of IT?

To watch Pennywise: The Story of IT, you can find it available on various Video On Demand (VOD) platforms as well as Screambox. Please refer to the respective platforms for access and availability.

2. Which original cast members are featured in the documentary?

The documentary includes exclusive interviews with notable original cast members, such as Tim Curry, Seth Green, Emily Perkins, and Adam Faraizl, who played Eddie Kaspbrak.

3. How long did the filming process for IT take?

While the exact duration may not be fully recalled, Adam Faraizl estimates that filming for IT took approximately six weeks.

4. What makes IT continue to resonate with audiences after over 30 years?

According to Adam Faraizl, one of the reasons IT still has an enduring impact is Stephen King’s exceptional storytelling. The miniseries version particularly focuses on character development and provides a deeper understanding of their relationships and the bond within the Losers Club, transcending mere jump scares and gore.

5. Would Adam Faraizl consider composing for a horror film?

Faraizl expresses interest in composing for a horror film but believes his friend, who possesses extensive experience and expertise in horror soundtrack composition, would be the ideal choice for such a project.