Aldnoah.Zero: Final Curtain Call – Episode 24 and Series Review

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Analyzing the Finale of Aldnoah.Zero

In this article, we will explore the finale of the popular anime series, Aldnoah.Zero. As subject-matter experts, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the episode, focusing on its technical aspects, emotional impact, character arcs, and overall coherence. Throughout our discussion, we will address the points of contention raised by viewers and ponder the larger purpose behind the events that unfolded.

A Solid, Yet Disappointing Finale

The finale of Aldnoah.Zero was technically solid, boasting impressive action sequences and maintaining a well-paced narrative. The plot was coherent and easy to follow with no loose ends left behind. However, despite these positive aspects, many viewers, including ourselves, were left with a sense of disappointment. The conclusion failed to evoke strong emotions or provide a deeper meaning to the story, leaving us wanting more.

Comparisons and Contrasts

As we reach the end of the current anime season, it is inevitable to compare and contrast the finales of different shows. In this regard, Aldnoah.Zero stands as a contrast to Tokyo Ghoul’s final episode, which skillfully conveyed emotions through silence and abstraction. The ending of Death Parade also comes to mind, as it left viewers with a clear understanding of the purpose behind its events. In contrast, Aldnoah.Zero raises the question of what the point of it all was.

The Lack of Poetry and Purpose

While there are no glaring issues with how the story concludes, it lacks the poetic essence and purpose that would have made it truly impactful. The absence of an grand, epic showdown, which had been teased for two seasons, left the ending feeling anticlimactic. The decision of Slaine’s Orbital Knights to sacrifice themselves in a seemingly pointless mission, and Slaine’s attempt to engage in a murder-suicide with Inaho, lacked closure and satisfaction.

The Fate of the Characters

The absence of character arcs, particularly for Inaho, undermined the emotional impact of the finale. Slaine’s arc, while well-defined, offered little surprise or suspense. His downfall was a predictable outcome given his actions in the second season. However, the lack of poetry and power in his ending can be attributed to the execution rather than the structure of his arc. In contrast, Inaho chose to spare Slaine’s life at the request of Asseylum, demonstrating his moral superiority.

Asseylum’s Influence

Surprisingly, it is Asseylum who seizes control of events and alters the game in the end. This outcome is unexpected considering the events of the previous 22 episodes. Slaine himself admits to underestimating her. While it may have been more satisfying to witness Slaine’s all-consuming megalomania and a fierce battle until the end, the logical course for his character was a whimpering demise. Unfortunately, this outcome lacks the dramatic impact that one would expect.

A Grim Future for Slaine

One may wonder if Asseylum truly did Slaine any favors by begging Inaho to spare his life. Slaine is now believed to be dead by the world, confined to solitary imprisonment, and continually pitied by Inaho and Asseylum. The smile he displays at the end hints at his gratitude for still holding a place in Asseylum’s heart. However, his future remains bleak. In contrast, Asseylum’s actions have brought about peace, the sharing of Aldnoah, and the dwindling resistance of the remaining Orbital Knights.

Reflecting on the Purpose

Despite the improvement seen in the second season of Aldnoah.Zero, the underwhelming conclusion raises the question of whether the series would have fared better by adopting a more unconventional and illogical approach, similar to Valvrave. The straightforward execution of the story requires a larger purpose to tie everything together and leave a lasting impression. Unfortunately, Aldnoah.Zero falls short in this regard, leaving viewers with a collection of well-crafted components that fail to coalesce into a truly remarkable whole.


In conclusion, the finale of Aldnoah.Zero demonstrated technical prowess and maintained a coherent narrative. However, it lacked the emotional impact and poetic essence that would have made it truly memorable. The absence of character arcs for Inaho and the lack of a deeper purpose behind the events added to the overall disappointment. While the second season showcased improvements, it ultimately fell short of its potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was the finale of Aldnoah.Zero satisfying?

The finale left many viewers unsatisfied due to its lack of emotional impact and a deeper purpose. While it was technically solid, it failed to fulfill the high expectations set throughout the series.

2. Did Slaine receive a fitting outcome?

Slaine’s demise, though logical, lacked the dramatic power and closure that viewers and his character arc deserved. It left a sense of wanting and failed to provide a truly satisfying resolution.

3. How does Inaho’s character development affect the finale?

The lack of a deeper character arc for Inaho undermined the impact of the finale. Viewers were left wanting more development and emotional catharsis from his character, which primarily focused on Slaine’s arc.

4. Could the series have benefited from a more unconventional approach?

The underwhelming conclusion raises the possibility that a less straightforward, more unconventional approach similar to Valvrave might have left a stronger impression on viewers. This could have introduced more unpredictability and emotional depth.

5. Overall, does Aldnoah.Zero live up to its potential?

While the second season of Aldnoah.Zero showcased improvements over the first, the underwhelming finale prevents it from reaching its full potential. The series, with its solid components, fails to create a memorable and resonant whole, ultimately leaving viewers wanting more.