Alienoid Film Review 2022 Action Sci-Fi

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Bursting with Entertainment: Choi Dong-hoon’s Alienoid

Choi Dong-hoon’s Alienoid (외계+인 1부) is a highly entertaining science fiction film that takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey through time and space. Packed with action, laughter, and mind-bending ideas, this film proves that some stories are too grand to be contained in a single installment. As the first part of a sprawling extraterrestrial epic, Alienoid captivates audiences with its stunning visuals, gripping action sequences, and clever blend of historical action and futuristic sci-fi.

Exciting Timeline Convergence

Alienoid explores two distinct timelines, and the heart of the film lies in the moment when these timelines intersect. In the year 1391, during Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty, Muruk, a magic user or “dosa,” embarks on a quest to find the mystical and invaluable Divine Blade. However, his path crosses with a young woman from the future who is on a mission to capture a dangerous alien trapped within an unsuspecting human body.

In the present timeline, Earth serves as a prison for an alien species that stores its criminals within the minds of unaware humans. Guard, disguised as a human with the ability to transform into a car or a floating droid, and Thunder, join forces to prevent jailbreaks and blend into society by raising a baby they found during one of their missions. This portion of the film, action-packed and exposition-heavy, sets the stage by unraveling the intricacies of the plot and driving the narrative forward.

On the other hand, in the past timeline, Muruk infiltrates a secret temple, leading to moments of comedy and impressive hand-to-hand combat scenes. This contrast between timelines allows the film to explore different tones, balancing action, humor, and visual spectacle.

Dare to Dream: Bold Concepts and Impeccable Execution

Choi Dong-hoon fearlessly shoots for the stars with Alienoid, presenting audiences with a bold and visually stunning concept. The film strikes a delicate balance between complexity and accessibility. It embraces its convoluted nature without alienating viewers, delighting them with well-timed comedy and skillful integration of CGI elements. Alienoid is a testament to Choi’s clarity of vision, as it seamlessly blends its narratives and takes its time to unfold the story, setting the stage for future installments.

Astonishing Twists and Refreshing Creature Designs

Alienoid surprises audiences with unexpected plot twists and manages to deliver shocking moments without feeling too predictable. The visual depiction of the aliens offers a fresh take on the familiar tropes of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. The film successfully avoids taking itself too seriously and strikes a balance between silliness and tonal cohesion. Ryu Jun-yeol’s impressive comedic performance ensures that the “past” timeline remains engaging and captivating, complementing the exposition-heavy “present” timeline.

A Clever Integration of Timelines

Each timeline in Alienoid informs and enriches the audience’s understanding of the other. Choi Dong-hoon skillfully weaves together these timelines, maintaining a steady momentum as the film seamlessly shifts between eras, color palettes, and narrative threads. This masterful integration keeps viewers engrossed while connecting the dots between the past and the present.

An Appetite for More: Anticipating “Part Two”

As Alienoid reaches its conclusion, it leaves viewers hungry for the next installment. The film sets the bar high with its action-packed sequences, imaginative spectacle, and boundless creativity. If the setup phase offers such a delightful experience, the future installment promises to be an even greater treat for audiences. Alienoid may not cater to die-hard science fiction enthusiasts, but it certainly guarantees a fun-filled ride for those seeking entertainment.


Choi Dong-hoon’s Alienoid captivates and enthralls with its time-bending narrative, impressive visuals, and skillful blending of historical action and futuristic sci-fi elements. This cinematic journey explores the convergence of two timelines, taking viewers on a thrilling adventure through past and present. With its bold concepts, surprising twists, and clever integration of narratives, Alienoid showcases Choi’s directorial prowess and leaves audiences eagerly awaiting “part two.” It’s an experience that offers a perfect balance of action, comedy, and spectacle, providing a fun and entertaining escape.


1. When was Alienoid released in the United States?

Alienoid was released in US theaters on August 26, 2022.

2. Will Alienoid be screened at the London Korean Film Festival?

Yes, the film will be screened at the London Korean Film Festival on November 3.

3. Is Alienoid suitable for serious science fiction enthusiasts?

While Alienoid may not cater specifically to die-hard science fiction aficionados, it offers a delightful and entertaining experience for all audiences.

4. How does Alienoid differentiate itself from other films featuring aliens?

Alienoid presents a fresh take on the depiction of aliens, offering unique visual designs that breathe new life into familiar concepts.

5. Does Alienoid leave room for further exploration in future installments?

Absolutely! Alienoid concludes with an appetite-whetting cliffhanger, paving the way for an exciting “part two” that promises even more action, spectacle, and imagination.