All Evil Dead Movies Ranked

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All Evil Dead Movies Ranked: From Worst to Best


The Evil Dead franchise has carved a special place in the world of horror films, renowned for its goriness, absurdity, and creativity. Since its humble beginnings in 1981 with Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, this classic horror franchise has captivated audiences with its unique blend of comedy and horror. In this article, we will rank all the movies in the Evil Dead series, including the most recent addition, Evil Dead Rise (2023). Brace yourself as we journey through the darkest corners of this brilliant franchise to determine which films stand out as the best.

Evil Dead (2013): A Groovy Remake

Ranking at the bottom of our list is Evil Dead (2013), directed by Fede Álvarez. While this remake has its moments of brilliance, it falls short when it tries to modernize the Evil Dead essence. The film serves as a reboot, taking us back to the series’ roots of young adults facing horrors in a creepy cabin in the woods. The first 30 minutes attempt to humanize the characters and provide intricate character arcs, which is commendable. However, Evil Dead’s chaotic narrative has always been the real star, making it difficult for this version to find its place. Although the film delivers on the horror front, it takes too long to build momentum, keeping it from achieving the status of a modern classic.

Army of Darkness: A Groovy Medieval Adventure

Taking the fourth spot on our list is Army of Darkness (1992), the unconventional conclusion to the original trilogy. In this dark fantasy comedy, Ash Williams, played by the iconic Bruce Campbell, finds himself thrust into the Middle Ages, armed with a chainsaw hand and a mission to fight a skeletal army. This film fully embraces its goofier tone, delivering a series of absurd and entertaining scenarios. While it lacks the tight pacing and memorable moments of its predecessors, Army of Darkness still manages to captivate with its sheer absurdity, cementing its place as an essential entry in the Evil Dead series.

Evil Dead Rise: Refreshing the Franchise

Evil Dead Rise (2023), the most recent addition to the franchise, secures the third spot on our list. Director Lee Cronin brings a fresh perspective by shifting the story’s setting from a cabin in the woods to a worn-down apartment complex. The film follows Beth, played by Lily Sullivan, who unwittingly unleashes a chaotic demon upon her family. Evil Dead Rise suffers from a few pacing and narrative flaws similar to its 2013 predecessor. However, it succeeds in seamlessly integrating a more complex storyline into the horror, delivering the expected gore and unpredictability that fans adore. With creative sequences and a positive direction for the franchise, Evil Dead Rise holds great promise, making it a must-watch for horror enthusiasts.

The Evil Dead: Where It All Began

The Evil Dead (1981) holds a special place in the hearts of horror fans as the film that started it all. Making its way to the second spot on our list, Sam Raimi’s directorial debut is a wild and unforgettable experience. Despite its low budget and practical effects that some may view as outdated, The Evil Dead continues to captivate with its grotesque yet goofy style. Raimi’s refusal to let limitations restrict his vision gives birth to iconic scenes that effortlessly balance horror and comedy. The film’s simplicity, with five friends facing a relentless bloodthirsty demon, only adds to its charm.