All Six Seasons of Lost Ranked: We Have to Go Back!

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The Brilliant and Baffling Journey through the Six Seasons of Lost

Step into the enigmatic world of Lost as we embark on a captivating exploration through its six seasons. Lost, the hit ABC ensemble drama/mystery/sci-fi series continues to captivate audiences even a decade after its conclusion. Not only did this show play a pivotal role in the rise of television’s golden age, but it also shattered the traditional mold of network TV storytelling. With perplexing twists, intricate character arcs, and a captivating island setting, Lost proved that television narratives could be so much more than just episodic entertainment. In this comprehensive ranking and analysis, we explore each season’s best episodes, MVPs, romantic relationships, tearjerkers, and captivating characters. So, brace yourself for a journey filled with surprises, because we’re about to unravel the intricate brilliance and occasional frustration that are the six seasons of Lost.

Season Two: A Somewhat Imperfect Follow-Up

Season two of Lost, which aired in 2006, had the daunting task of following a hugely successful debut season. While it faced inevitable difficulties on this front, there were still notable highlights. One such highlight was the introduction of the elusive hatch, a mystery that had intrigued viewers throughout season one. In a tantalizing twist, the hatch was finally unveiled, revealing its enigmatic contents. Although the true nature of the hatch remained a puzzle, its introduction marked a significant turning point for the show. Furthermore, season two introduced time travel, expanding the narrative’s boundaries and paving the way for future revelations about the Others, the Dharma Initiative, and the island’s history. Amidst its imperfections, season two propelled Lost towards an even more thrilling trajectory.

MVP: John Locke

One of the standout characters of season two, John Locke, captured our attention with his mysterious yet compelling persona. Locke’s intriguing nature stemmed from his unpredictable moral compass, leaving viewers questioning whether he was a hero or a villain. His existential struggles and unwavering faith, particularly influenced by the discoveries within the hatch, added depth to his character. “Lockdown,” one of the season’s best episodes, showcased Locke’s growth and vulnerability as he navigated the challenges presented by the hatch.

Best Episode: “Lockdown”

In a season that occasionally felt like filler, the episodes that provided answers and propelled the overarching narrative forward stood out. “Lockdown” was precisely this kind of episode. It offered a glimpse of the island’s map within the hatch, triggering a frenzy of speculation among fans. The intricate details and easter eggs hidden within the map fueled the show’s enigma and engaged viewers in thrilling debates online. This episode exemplified Lost’s ability to draw audiences into its web of mystery, leaving them craving more.

Biggest Tearjerker: Funeral for Ana Lucia and Libby

The emotional weight of season two hit hardest during the funeral scene where the castaways bid farewell to Ana Lucia and Libby, both killed by the disturbed Michael. This haunting sequence, accompanied by Michael Giacchino’s moving score, evoked a genuine sense of loss and grief among viewers. The powerful eulogy delivered by the lovable Hurley for his short-lived relationship with Libby tugged at heartstrings and left many reaching for tissues.

Favorite Ship: Hurley and Libby

Amidst the chaos of the island, the blossoming romance between Hurley and Libby provided a much-needed glimmer of hope and happiness. Their connection showcased the potential for love, even in the face of adversity. The tragic end to their relationship added an emotional layer to their story, making Hurley and Libby a favorite ship among fans.

Hottie of the Year Award: None in Season Two?

Season two might not have bestowed any standout hotties in the traditional sense, but the allure of the characters transcended mere physical attractiveness. Sawyer’s rugged charm and Jack’s persistent leadership were constants throughout the show, but their appeal in this particular season may have been overshadowed. In the absence of an obvious choice, let’s give this year’s Hottie of the Year Award to Jack for his unwavering determination amidst the chaos and his unrelenting passion, even if it sometimes manifested as yelling.

Season Six: The Bitter-Sweet Conclusion

Although often considered the second least successful season, season six of Lost, which aired in 2010, presented a unique approach to the narrative with its flash-sideways storytelling. After years of fan theories speculating that the characters were dead all along, the show’s creators delivered a twist acknowledging the afterlife but in a purgatory-like realm where the characters reunited after their individual deaths. This poignant concept beautifully ties into the show’s underlying theme of the interconnectedness of its characters, their shared destiny, and the need to live together and support one another. While the season didn’t satisfy every viewer, it brought Lost full circle, leaving a lasting impression.

Best Episode: “The End”

As the culmination of six years of intricate storytelling, “The End” served as a bittersweet finale to the series. It encapsulated the core elements that drew audiences into the show with its poignant and memorable sequences. Despite the varying reactions among viewers, the episode stands as a testament to the emotional impact of Lost’s storytelling. Its final moments, filled with touching reunions and heart-wrenching farewells, continue to evoke strong emotions and provide thought-provoking closure.

MVP: Jack

Throughout the series, Jack consistently emerged as the show’s central hero. However, season six showcased the pinnacle of his character development. After a relatively passive role in season five, Jack finally took charge and stepped up as the true leader in the show’s climactic moments. Ultimately, Jack’s selfless actions led to the salvation of both the island and his fellow castaways, solidifying his status as the MVP of season six.

Favorite Ship: Jack and the Man in Black (in Locke’s body)

While unconventional, the complex dynamic between Jack and the Man in Black, who usurped Locke’s identity, added a layer of intrigue and tension. Their opposing ideologies and conflicting destinies created a captivating narrative arc. Imagining the potential resolution and unspoken camaraderie between these two characters if they had only found common ground adds depth to their relationship and makes them a favorite ship among fans.

Hottie of the Year Award: John Locke possessed by the Man in Black

In a surprising twist, the standout hottie of season six emerges from the darkness. John Locke, inhabited by the Man in Black, exudes a seductive and dangerous charm. Although the original John Locke may not have possessed the same allure, Terry O’Quinn’s portrayal of the Man in Black showcases his talent as an actor and brings out the character’s magnetic qualities. This unlikely hottie represents the intrigue and complexity that define season six.

Spin-Off Potential: Rose and Bernard’s Tranquil Life on Hydra Island

Given their endearing chemistry and gentle presence, a spin-off showcasing Rose and Bernard’s post-survival life on Hydra Island would offer a delightful and heartwarming storyline. Imagine witnessing their twilight years filled with simple joys and profound contentment. This spin-off idea offers a lighter perspective and a soothing reprieve from the show’s intense mysteries and conflicts.

Season Three: Twiddling Thumbs and Character Introductions

Season three of Lost, which aired from 2006 to 2007, faced its fair share of challenges. With the writers uncertain about the series’ lifespan, the season suffered from a meandering pace and seemingly aimless storylines. Nevertheless, season three brought remarkable character introductions, notably the enigmatic Benjamin Linus, played by Michael Emerson.

MVP: Ben Linus

Ben Linus, introduced in season two but fully realized in season three, was a game-changer for Lost. He brought a tangible villainy that the show had previously lacked. Ben’s cunning, manipulative nature, and ambiguous allegiance made him a standout character. His introduction marked a turning point in the series, forever shifting the dynamics between the survivors and the Others. Michael Emerson’s stellar performance as Ben Linus elevated the character to MVP status for this season.

Best Episode: “Through the Looking Glass”

Although finales typically dominate discussions about the best episodes, “Through the Looking Glass” deserves recognition for its pivotal role. This episode propelled the show towards its ultimate future trajectory and exemplified the exhilaratingly absurd nature of Lost. It masterfully wove together multiple storylines, surprising viewers with its intricate web of mystery and captivating cliffhangers. “Through the Looking Glass” set the stage for what was to come, solidifying its position as one of Lost’s greatest episodes.

Biggest Tearjerker/WTF: Sayid’s Sacrifice and the Demise of Sun and Jin

Season three presented poignant and shocking moments that left viewers both touched and bewildered. Sayid’s sacrifice to protect his friends, running off with a bomb destined to explode, showcased his unwavering loyalty and selflessness. Additionally, the heartbreaking demise of Sun and Jin, as Jin chose to die alongside his trapped wife in the sinking submarine, evoked raw emotions and exemplified the heart-wrenching impact Lost could deliver.

Favorite Ship: Charlie and Desmond

Among the various relationships within Lost, the bond between Charlie and Desmond stood out. Charlie’s character thrived when paired with others, and his dynamic with Desmond illuminated new facets of both characters. Their camaraderie, built on trust and shared challenges, brought a touch of lightness and hope to the often dire circumstances on the island. Charlie and Desmond’s friendship remains a fan favorite, showcasing moments of loyalty, sacrifice, and shared growth.

Hottie of the Year Award: Desmond

Desmond, the beloved time-traveling Scotsman, earns the Hottie of the Year Award for season three. With his disheveled hair and unbuttoned shirts revealing a hint of chest, he exuded a rugged charm that captured hearts. The intensity in his eyes and his occasional bouts of madness only added to his allure, making Desmond the undeniable hottie of the season.

Season Five: Underrated Brilliance and Setting the Stage

Often overlooked, season five of Lost, which aired in 2009, deserves recognition for its underrated brilliance. This season proved pivotal in setting the stage for the show’s grand finale. With the introduction of the Dharma Initiative and a closer look at the Oceanic Six’s post-island lives, season five delivered intriguing plotlines that expanded the narrative’s scope, generating profound anticipation among viewers.

Best Episode: Season Five Finale “The Incident”

“The Incident,” the gripping two-part season finale, provided answers to long-standing mysteries that had puzzled viewers since season two. Exploring the island’s history through an enlightening film reel, this episode unveiled the truth behind the enigmatic incident the hatch was designed to prevent. This revelation, a rare instance of definitive answers, served as an exhilarating turning point and left fans eager for the next chapter of Lost.

Biggest Tearjerker: Juliet’s Sacrifice

Juliet’s ultimate sacrifice, as she clung to Sawyer’s hand moments before being pulled into the time portal beneath the Swan Station, struck a chord with fans. The bittersweet farewell between these beloved characters, their connection forged through shared experiences and growth, brought tears to viewers’ eyes. Juliet’s sacrifice epitomized the show’s recurring theme of characters grappling with impossible choices and the enduring bonds they formed.

Favorite Ship: Sawyer and Juliet

Among the intricate web of relationships on Lost, the Sawyer and Juliet pairing emerged as a favorite among fans. Their arc, starting from reluctant allies to becoming each other’s rocks and leaders, showcased the depth of their connection. Together, Sawyer and Juliet faced challenges, navigated the complexities of life on the island, and discovered solace in their shared experiences. Their chemistry and evolution as a couple captured the hearts of viewers.

Hottie of the Year Award: Frank Lapidus

In a refreshing departure from the traditional choices for Hottie of the Year, let’s shine the spotlight on Frank Lapidus. As the island’s pilot, Frank exuded a charismatic and scruffy charm. His laid-back Hawaiian shirt and untamed hair added to his allure, making him a delightful and unexpected hottie. Frank’s endearing presence and warm personality made him a memorable addition to the Lost ensemble.

Season One: The Beginning of a Revolution

Season one of Lost, which aired in 2005, revolutionized network television with its innovative approach to serialized storytelling. This season introduced viewers to the captivating world of the survivors stranded on a mysterious island. While season one laid the groundwork for the epic story that would unfold, it is retrospectively overshadowed by the brilliance of subsequent seasons.

Best Episode: “Pilot”

In a groundbreaking pilot episode, Lost captured audiences’ imaginations with its high-stakes survival narrative and the introduction of intriguing characters. This two-part episode, brimming with suspense and mystery, set the tone for what was to come. The extraordinary production design, exceptional performances, and engrossing storytelling established Lost as a force to be reckoned with.

MVP: Sayid

Throughout season one, Sayid’s resourcefulness and determination made him an invaluable asset to the group of survivors. His knowledge of electronics and intense desire to protect others propelled him into a leadership role within the community. Sayid’s relentless pursuit of truth, coupled with his undeniable charisma, cemented him as the MVP of season one.

Behind-the-Scenes MVP: Michael Giacchino

The extraordinary musical scores by Michael Giacchino played a significant role in augmenting the emotional impact of Lost’s first season. The unforgettable composition “Win One for the Reaper” became a signature motif associated with dramatic moments and heightened tension. Giacchino’s exceptional talent elevated the viewing experience, drawing audiences into the heart of the show’s emotional roller coaster.

Biggest Tearjerker: Jack’s Attempt to Revive Charlie

The gut-wrenching scene where Jack desperately tries to resuscitate a drowning Charlie as he hangs from a tree remains one of the most tear-inducing moments of season one. This heart-wrenching sequence epitomized the show’s ability to extract raw emotions from viewers, leaving us gripped by the characters’ struggles and traumas.

Favorite Ship: Jack and Sawyer

The captivating dynamic between Jack and Sawyer earned them a spot as a favorite ship among fans. Their dynamic evolved from bitter rivalry to reluctant allies, capturing the essence of their complex relationship. The simmering tension and occasional camaraderie between these two charismatic characters created captivating on-screen chemistry that kept viewers hooked.

Hottie of the Year Award: Sayid

Sayid’s undeniable sex appeal, accentuated by his rugged beard, made him a clear choice for the Hottie of the Year Award for season one. This Iraqi intelligence officer brought a potent combination of intelligence, loyalty, and physical attractiveness to the island. Sayid’s enigmatic aura and brooding nature further enhanced his appeal, making him the season’s ultimate hottie.


In the face of its mind-bending time travel, intricate mythology, and unforgettable characters, Lost will forever remain a beloved piece of television history. What sets Lost apart from its peers is its profound exploration of damaged souls, striving for redemption amid extraordinary circumstances. This series’s ability to make us root for flawed yet endearing characters, mourn their losses, and celebrate their triumphs, is what defines its enduring legacy.

As we bid farewell to the perplexing island and its enigmatic inhabitants, Lost’s impact will endure through its groundbreaking narrative, captivating performances, and thought-provoking themes. Whether we traverse the show’s timeline backward, forward, or sideways, the power of Lost lies in its ability to touch the depths of our souls and leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

See you in another life, fellow Losties.


1. Will there be a Lost spin-off or reboot?

As of now, there are no official plans for a Lost spin-off or reboot. However, given the show’s enduring popularity, its rich mythology and captivating characters could potentially pave the way for future explorations in the Lost universe. Only time will tell if we will return to the island.

2. Where can I watch Lost?

All seasons of Lost are available to stream on Disney+’s new streaming channel, Star, accessible in various countries starting from February 23, 2021. Dive into the captivating world of Lost and immerse yourself in its mysteries once again!

3. What is the meaning behind the show’s title, Lost?

The title, Lost, encompasses multiple layers of meaning. On the surface, it reflects the survivors’ predicament of being marooned on a mysterious and seemingly uninhabited island. However, the show delves deeper into the concept of being “lost” on a personal level, exploring the characters’ struggles with identity, purpose, and the search for redemption.

4. Are there any unanswered mysteries in Lost?

While Lost brilliantly unraveled a multitude of mysteries, some aspects remained open to interpretation or were left unresolved. The show’s creators intentionally chose to leave certain enigmas to stimulate viewer discussions and preserve the magic of the series. Lost invites audiences to embrace the joy of speculation and draw personal conclusions.

5. Is Lost a science fiction or a character-driven drama?

Lost defies easy categorization, blending elements of science fiction, supernatural elements, and profound character-driven narratives. While the show incorporates time travel, unexplained phenomena, and a rich mythology, it is ultimately the characters’ journeys, relationships, and personal growth that form the emotional core of Lost.