Analyzing the Finale of Netflixs Midnight Mass

MIDNIGHT MASS Ending Explained

This article provides a detailed explanation of the ending of Netflix’s Midnight Mass, along with additional insights and answers to common questions. Please note that there will be spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, we recommend doing so before reading further.

What happened to Monsignor Pruitt?

Monsignor Pruitt encounters a vampire, who bites and drains him, ultimately turning him into a vampire himself. Interestingly, instead of becoming an old and frail version of himself, the transformation rejuvenates him, making him young and healthy. He returns to Crockett Island as Father Paul, claiming to be “filling in” for Monsignor Pruitt, who is supposedly recovering in a mainland hospital.

Why does Father Paul want to turn everyone into vampires?

Initially, Father Paul’s intentions seem good. He perceives his transformation as a divine act, a second chance at life granted by God. While others see the vampire as an evil entity, Father Paul views it as a savior. He believes that by turning others into vampires, he can offer them the same miraculous renewal.

What is in the Sacrament?

As Father Paul takes over the role of Monsignor Pruitt, he begins adding small amounts of vampire blood to the sacrament, which is consumed by the churchgoers during communion. By incorporating the vampire blood into the wine representing the blood of Christ, Father Paul subtly introduces the transformative power of the vampire into the religious ritual.

Why does everyone seem to become younger?

Due to the limited amount of vampire blood in the Sacrament, people who partake in it gradually experience a rejuvenating effect. While Monsignor Pruitt went through a full transformation that restored his youth and health, those who receive the sacrament only witness subtle changes over time. Examples include Riley Flynn’s parents no longer needing glasses and experiencing relief from back issues.

Who poisoned Joe’s dog?

It strongly suggests that Bev Keane, a devout church member, poisoned Joe’s dog. Bev had access to rat poison, which she used to kill the dog shortly after giving it a hotdog. This act may be a reflection of her animosity towards Joe.

Why does Bev Keane have so much rat poison?

Initially, Bev likely used the rat poison to eliminate a rat infestation on the island. However, she continues to accumulate it because she recognizes its potential power. Bev’s sinister nature and desire to exert control motivate her to stock up on the poison.

How does Father Paul die?

Bev Keane is likely responsible for Father Paul’s demise. Although he is in the process of becoming a vampire, which grants him immortality, he experiences a brief death before transforming into a full-fledged vampire. Bev may have intentionally poisoned him to test the effects or eliminate him as a threat.

Who killed all the cats?

The vampire, known as the Angel, fed on stray cats while awaiting opportunities to feed on larger prey. Once the Angel deemed certain individuals in the community as “undesirable”, it moved on to feed on them instead.

Who is the father of Dr. Sarah Gunning?

Monsignor Pruitt, in his younger form as Father Paul, is the biological father of Dr. Sarah Gunning. Sarah only discovers her true parentage shortly before her death. Despite Father Paul’s attempt to save her by offering his vampire blood, Sarah refuses and dies with her mother, Alex Essoe’s character.

What character does Alex Essoe play in Midnight Mass?

Alex Essoe portrays the mother of Dr. Sarah Gunning. For the majority of the series, she is unrecognizable due to her character’s dementia, but her true identity becomes apparent towards the end.

Why does Riley Flynn kill himself?

Riley Flynn, who was killed and resurrected as an immortal vampire by the Angel, chooses to end his life. He despises his newfound immortality and shares the truth about the vampire infestation with Erin before letting himself burn during sunrise. Riley believes that this fate aligns with his recurring dream of witnessing a sunrise while on a boat at sea.

What is the Angel?

The Angel is an ancient vampire who derives strength from consuming Monsignor Pruitt’s blood. The Angel then shares its blood with Monsignor Pruitt, effectively transforming him into a youthful version of himself. Father Paul brings the Angel back to Crockett Island to bring health and rejuvenation to the community.

Is the Angel a vampire, demon, or devil?

While the Angel is undoubtedly a vampire, it remains ambiguous whether it has additional demonic or even diabolical qualities. The series hints at a possible connection to an alukah, a vampiric demon mentioned in Proverbs, which is also the title of an episode in Midnight Mass.

Does the Angel/Vampire die in the end?

Although the Angel Vampire should not be able to reach safety before sunrise, the series deliberately leaves its fate unknown. The lack of explicit confirmation leaves room for interpretation, suggesting that the possibility of the Angel surviving remains open.