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The Retro Charm of “Shoot!” Sequel

In the realm of soccer anime, “Shoot!” holds a unique position as a beloved series from the early 90s. While not hailed as a classic, it garnered a fair amount of popularity during its original run. Now, 25 years later, a sequel breathes life into the franchise. “Shoot!” introduces us to a new protagonist, Tsuji Hideto, known as “Shoot,” a former soccer prodigy who turned to MMORPGs after being separated from his fated soccer partner, Kokubo Kouhei. The story revolves around Shoot’s journey to revive his passion for the game and save his alma mater’s soccer club from the brink of termination.

A Retro Experience with a Quirky, Over-The-Top Tone

The sequel aims to capture the essence of the original series, ensuring a nostalgic experience for fans. From a visual standpoint, “Shoot!” fully embraces its 90s roots, albeit with modern CGI action shots. However, it’s essential to note that animation standards have significantly evolved since then, leaving the visuals lacking compared to contemporary series. While the show’s dramatic tone carries a certain charm, it occasionally veers into self-parody territory, blurring the line between intentional and unintentional humor. The flashback scenes, in particular, exude an overwrought melodrama reminiscent of classic literature, such as Wuthering Heights, though some viewers may find it unintentionally amusing.

Although the retro aesthetics and tone may divide opinions, it’s worth considering the intentions of the writer, Hirota Mitsutaka. It appears that Hirota aims to maintain authenticity to the original series through a faithful portrayal. While this approach may not resonate with all viewers, it demonstrates a dedication to capturing the spirit of the past.

Standing in the Shadow of “Ao Ashi”

However, it is worth noting that “Shoot!” faces the unfortunate comparison to another soccer anime currently airing, “Ao Ashi.” Running concurrently and even broadcasting on the same day, these two series are bound to be pitted against each other. In terms of writing, production values, casting, and music, “Ao Ashi” stands in a league of its own, surpassing “Shoot!” on multiple fronts. Recognizing this reality, it becomes inevitable to compare the two soccer anime. Despite the premiere of “Shoot!” failing to fully convince me of its long-term potential, I remain open to the possibility of the series growing on me. As a fan of soccer anime and a fondness for old-school aesthetics, I desire for “Shoot!” to prove itself worthy.


“Shoot!” sequel actively embraces its 90s origins, aiming to please fans of the original series. With its retro charm, dramatic tone, and dedicated efforts to maintain authenticity, it offers a nostalgic soccer anime experience. However, the series faces tough competition from “Ao Ashi,” which excels in various aspects. While the premiere of “Shoot!” leaves room for improvement, avid enthusiasts of soccer anime may find enjoyment in its old-school appeal. Whether it can overcome the shadows cast by its contemporary counterpart remains to be seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I enjoy the “Shoot!” sequel without having seen the original series?

Absolutely! While having knowledge of the original “Shoot!” may enhance the viewing experience and provide additional context, the sequel is designed to stand on its own. You can easily follow the story and connect with the characters without prior knowledge.

2. Is “Shoot!” targeted towards a specific age group?

While the series targets a wide range of audiences, its content is tailored to viewers with a high school education level. It incorporates relatable themes and characters that resonate with young adults, making it particularly appealing to that demographic.

3. Will “Shoot!” focus solely on soccer, or will it explore other genres?

Primarily, “Shoot!” centers around the world of soccer and the protagonist’s journey to revive his passion for the sport. However, like many anime series, it may incorporate elements from other genres, such as friendship, teamwork, and personal growth. These additional themes enrich the overall narrative, making it more engaging and immersive.

4. Can “Shoot!” live up to the expectations set by the original series?

As with any sequel, “Shoot!” faces the challenge of meeting the expectations set by its predecessor. While it aims to capture the essence of the original and maintain authenticity, it may bring a fresh perspective and introduce new elements to excite both new and existing fans. Ultimately, the series’ success will be determined by its ability to strike a balance between nostalgia and innovation.

5. Is “Shoot!” worth investing my time in?

Deciding whether to invest time in a series ultimately depends on personal preferences. If you have a fondness for retro aesthetics, dramatic tones, and enjoy soccer-themed anime, “Shoot!” might be a worthwhile addition to your watchlist. However, if you’re seeking cutting-edge animation and a contemporary narrative, you may find “Ao Ashi” to be a better fit. It’s important to consider your own tastes and priorities when deciding which series to dedicate your time to.