Barry Season 3 Episode 4 Review HBO

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Barry Season 3 Episode 4: An Intriguing Episode Packed with Tension and Twists

A Flashback to the Past

In Barry season 3, episode 4, titled “All the Sauces,” we are treated to a nerve-wracking 30 minutes of television that puts our main players in intriguing positions with the potential for more chaos. The episode kicks off with a flashback featuring a woman (played by Annabeth Gish) speaking to her husband over the phone, discussing their son’s achievements and eagerly awaiting his return from a business trip. However, their conversation takes a sinister turn when the husband is unexpectedly murdered by none other than our protagonist, Barry (Bill Hader). This moment holds significance as this husband was the first victim we witnessed Barry kill back in the pilot episode’s opening scene.

In the present, Fuches (Stephen Root) pays a visit to the now older woman, masquerading as a private investigator. He reveals the name of the man who killed her husband, attempting to convince her that there is still time to seek justice for the unresolved case. However, she declines his offer and asks him to leave. While leaving, Fuches crosses paths with Kyle, the son of the man Barry killed. In an effort to pique Kyle’s curiosity, Fuches discloses the identity of his father’s murderer and hands him a business card with Barry’s home address behind it.

Gene Cousineau’s Dilemma

Meanwhile, Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) finds himself torn in his own storyline. He pleads with his son, Leo (Andrew Leeds), to pack a bag for himself and his own son, fearing that Barry may come after them due to Gene’s actions in the previous episode. However, things take an unexpected turn when Tom (Fred Melamed), Cousineau’s agent, visits him to share the news that the producers of the show “Laws of Humanity” were highly impressed with Gene’s performance, even though his outburst towards Barry was genuine. Not only were the producers impressed, but they now plan to rewrite the show to extend Cousineau’s role. This offer leaves Gene contemplating his decision to leave, especially after encountering a former co-worker who invites him to dinner, inspired by Gene’s story of helping a veteran find purpose through acting.

Barry’s Deadly Mission

Accepting a job to murder someone for money, Barry finds himself receiving instructions from NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) on how to eliminate Fernando (Miguel Sandoval), Cristobal’s (Michael Irby) father-in-law, and his men without harming Cristobal. Hank devises a comically absurd plan for Barry to detonate a bomb in Fernando’s safehouse using a specially-developed phone app for assassins. Barry is reluctantly coerced by Hank to retrieve the bomb and encounters a series of comedic mishaps along the way.

Meanwhile, Fuches meets with Ryan Madison’s (Tyler Jacob Moore) father, the man Barry was originally assigned to kill back in the pilot episode. Fuches poisons the grieving father’s mind by suggesting that Barry is to blame for his son’s death, rather than the Chechen gangsters he previously believed were responsible. Fuches even goes as far as providing the man with Barry’s home address, continuing his campaign of revenge against Barry by manipulating innocent individuals.

The Tension Builds

The episode alternates between Barry and Sally’s (Sarah Goldberg) perspectives. While Barry struggles with technical difficulties in carrying out his mission, he engages in a phone conversation with Sally about her show’s premiere. Sally seeks Barry’s opinion on her speech, oblivious to the challenges he is facing. As the night unfolds, Sally is overwhelmed by the attention and compliments she receives for her work, while Barry remains stranded in Fernando’s neighborhood due to the malfunctioning bomb app.

At the premiere, Sally is elated to hear rave reviews from Natalie (D’Arcy Carden) and Lindsay (Jessy Hodges), her personal assistant and agent respectively. The success of her project becomes apparent when Sally takes the stage to deliver her speech. Overwhelmed with emotion, she breaks down halfway through, realizing that her dreams are finally coming true and that she is being praised for her talent. In her heartfelt speech, she expresses gratitude to everyone involved in the show, including Gene and Barry. However, Sally’s mention of Barry creates discomfort for Katie, her co-star, hinting that she may soon reveal some pertinent information about their relationship.

Barry’s Dilemma and Gene’s Change of Heart

Barry remains outside Fernando’s house, desperately seeking assistance from customer service to resolve the issue with the app. This absurd and darkly humorous situation highlights the show’s unique tone. Unexpectedly, Cristobal arrives at Fernando’s house and confronts him about his affair with Hank. To prove his loyalty, Fernando gives Cristobal an ultimatum: kill Hank or suffer the consequences. Refusing to follow orders, Cristobal puts his life in danger. Meanwhile, Barry manages to fix the app, leading to the detonation of the bomb. However, to Barry’s surprise, Cristobal somehow survives the explosion and encounters him as he tries to flee the scene. Barry reluctantly brings Cristobal back to Hank, receiving his payment for the completed job.

Upon returning home, Gene rushes to leave Los Angeles, urging Leo to pack up. However, when he enters the dining room, he finds Barry waiting for him. Anticipating the worst, Gene braces himself for Barry’s potential attack on his family, a threat that has been hinted at throughout season 3. To everyone’s surprise, Barry apolog