Barry Season 3 Episode 6 Review Recap HBO Series

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Barry Season 3 Episode 6: Exciting Twists and Clashes in LA

The latest episode of Barry, Season 3 Episode 6, titled “710N,” is a rollercoaster ride of breathtaking chase scenes and intense confrontations as our beloved characters find themselves on the edge. In this action-packed installment, we witness the continuation of the suspenseful storylines surrounding Fuches, the cops, Sally, Hank, Gene Cousineau, and, of course, Barry.

Fuches’ Manipulative Plan Unfolds

The episode resumes with Fuches successfully convincing Taylor’s sister, Traci, to eliminate Barry. Traci’s gang of bike riders is eager to assist her in executing Fuches’ plan. However, things take an unexpected turn when one of Traci’s men shoots Fuches near his heart, leaving him unconscious in the desert.

The Investigation into Janice’s Death

The cops, led by Albert Nguyen, continue their investigation into Janice’s death. They discover that Fernando Sagredo’s body was found at the house explosion involving Barry and NoHo Hank. While Nguyen suspects Hank of planting the bomb, the police still believe “The Raven” was responsible. Albert starts connecting the pieces to unravel the truth about the skilled hitman.

Unforeseen Reunion and Revelation

Barry, still in a messy state, receives a call from Sharon, the wife of his late friend Chris, inviting him to a dinner with other veterans. As he prepares for the event, he impulsively sends a tone-deaf apology text message to Sally, catching everyone’s attention in the store. Sally, on the other hand, finds herself at a coffee shop, venting about her canceled show. A barista offers her valuable advice, leading her to consider a new project called “The New Medusas.”

Fuches’ Unexpected Rescue and Connection

Fuches is fortunate enough to be saved by a Spanish-speaking family living on a farm in the mountains. During his stay, he develops a bond with Anita, the daughter of his rescuer. However, a phone call from Janice’s father interrupts their conversation, leaving Fuches contemplating his next move.

Hank’s Worries and Surprising Proposition

Hank, devastated by the destruction of his business and the presence of the police, seeks solace at the same coffee shop as Sally. The barista becomes his impromptu therapist, offering insightful advice about his troubled relationship. As the conversation takes an unexpected turn, the barista proposes a surprising business partnership to Hank, setting the stage for future intrigues.

Gene’s Big Break and Offer

We catch a glimpse of Gene Cousineau’s story as his manager informs him about a producer’s offer to host a streaming series called “The Gene Cousineau Master Class.” Excited by the opportunity, Gene agrees on the condition that Annie Eisner joins the project. Despite initial resistance, Annie’s interest is piqued when Gene offers her a substantial sum of money. Their collaboration seeks to mend past wounds and unfold as the season progresses.

Barry’s Thrilling Escape and Shocking Revelation

While driving through the desert, Barry seeks advice from the same barista he encountered earlier, this time discussing reunions with old friends. The barista’s insights reflect Barry’s personal growth and transformation as he navigates through different roles in life. However, his peaceful moment is disrupted when he realizes he is being followed by a group of bikers. A thrilling car chase ensues, culminating in Barry’s arrival at the dinner Sharon invited him to. But as the night takes a dark turn, Barry comes face-to-face with a sinister scheme that puts him in danger.

Technical Brilliance and Anticipation

Aside from the riveting plot, Season 3 Episode 6 showcases the technical brilliance of the series. The cinematographer’s use of mirrors in Gene and Annie’s scene adds layers of complexity to the storytelling. The highway chase sequence, driven by escalating tension, captivates viewers and leaves them craving for more. With the introduction of Jim Moss and the suspense surrounding Fuches’ next move, the remaining episodes promise even more excitement and intrigue.


In conclusion, Barry Season 3 Episode 6 continues to deliver the high-stakes drama, unexpected twists, and intense character development that fans have come to love. The episode sets the stage for thrilling future confrontations and showcases the technical prowess of the production team. As we eagerly await the next episodes, Barry keeps us on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the fate of our favorite characters.


1. Will Barry be able to escape the dangerous situation he finds himself in during the dinner?

While the outcome remains uncertain, Barry’s resourcefulness and quick thinking have saved him in the past. We can only hope that he can find a way out of this perilous predicament.

2. What consequences will Fuches face after his secretive actions?

Fuches’ devious actions have pushed him further down a dangerous path. As his actions catch up with him, it remains to be seen what consequences he will ultimately face.

3. How will Hank handle the mounting pressure from both the police and his complicated personal life?

Hank’s life is spiraling out of control, and the situation is bound to worsen as the police close in on him. His ability to navigate these challenges will determine his ultimate fate.

4. What impact will Gene Cousineau’s new streaming series have on his career and relationships?

Gene’s newfound opportunity presents both excitement and potential complications. The success of his streaming series and the inclusion of Annie Eisner may lead to transformations and unexpected consequences in his career and relationships.

5. What revelations await Barry in the final episodes of the season?

As the season nears its conclusion, audiences can expect more shocking revelations and thrilling twists that will test Barry’s resolve and redefine his journey as an assassin turned actor.