Barry Season 3 Episode 7 Review 2022: HBO Series

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Barry Season 3 Episode 7: A Deep Dive into the Darkest Moments

The Opening Scene

In the penultimate episode of Barry Season 3, titled “Candy Asses,” we are thrust into a series of dark and intense moments that set the stage for what could be the most disturbing episode yet. The episode kicks off with a peculiar scene in a church, where George Krempf, Ryan’s father, exhibits strange behavior amidst the solemn ceremony. This scene effectively foreshadows the darkness that awaits us in Episode 7.

Barry’s Struggle for Survival

We are quickly transported back to Barry, who remains convulsing on the floor after accidentally ingesting poison in the previous episode. Sharon, instead of helping him, chooses to cover his face with a coat and flees, leaving his fate uncertain. Miraculously, Barry manages to stumble out of the house, but something seems off. As he walks through the streets, he experiences hallucinations, with ocean waves lapping at his feet and finds himself surrounded by a mysterious group of people on a beach. These hallucinations, juxtaposed with reality, create a perplexing and disorienting atmosphere.

Glimpses of Hope in Gene Cousineau’s World

While Barry battles his inner demons, the camera shifts to Gene Cousineau, who is basking in the joy of his new streaming series. Gene is now teaching aspiring actors everything they need to know about the craft, making him finally content with his chosen path. Annie Esner, previously a victim of Barry’s attempted murder, finds solace in directing and working alongside Gene, despite somewhat resenting him. This complex dynamic adds another layer of intrigue to the story, showcasing the intricacies of the characters’ relationships.

Sally’s Struggles in the Writers Room

In a parallel storyline, Sally finds herself in a hostile environment as she starts her first day in the writers room assigned to her by her bosses at BanShe. She soon discovers that the showrunner has a dismissive attitude toward female characters, sparking a tense argument. To make matters worse, Sally comes face to face with Natalie, who seems to be pitching a show suspiciously similar to Sally’s own creation. This encounter leads to a fiery confrontation in the elevator, revealing a side of Sally we haven’t witnessed before. Her outburst demonstrates her determination to fight for her dream and brings an unexpected twist to her character.

NoHo Hank’s Comic Relief

In the midst of darkness, NoHo Hank injects moments of humor into the episode. He travels all the way to Bolivia to confront Cristobal, hoping to address their relationship status. However, his plans take a turn when he unwittingly attracts the attention of a vendor who kidnaps him using a sleeping dart. Hank wakes up in a dark room, held captive alongside his men. Despite the dire situation, Hank’s resilience shines through as he strategizes with his companions, attempting to find a way out.

Fuches’ Encounter with Jim Moss

Fuches, who had previously evaded Janice’s father, Jim Moss, finally meets with him. During a truck ride around town, Jim shares a chilling tale of his time as a captured fighter pilot, manipulating his interrogator into committing suicide. Fuches, visibly unsettled, plays along, unaware that Jim has orchestrated this meeting as a trap. Fuches is taken to the police station, where he is believed to be “The Raven,” Janice’s killer. As the truth unfolds, suspicion lingers over Barry’s involvement, intensifying the impending conflict.

Annie’s Inner Struggles

Annie, who is given the opportunity to direct within Gene’s world, confides in a crew member about her insecurities. Having not directed in two decades, she has been concealing frequent panic attacks. Despite her fears, Annie’s talent shines through, impressing both Gene and a producer at an afterparty. This newfound recognition poses a challenge to Annie’s conflicting feelings toward Gene, ultimately leading to a pivotal moment in their evolving relationship.

Sally’s Dwindling Career

Sally’s world takes a devastating turn when she receives a call from her manager, informing her that Natalie had recorded their confrontation and publicly shared it online to embarrass her. As a consequence, Sally loses her job in the writers room and faces rejection from her manager as well. Desperate to salvage her reputation, Sally posts an apology, but it only backfires, further damaging her career prospects. The clever use of lighting and camera angles captures Sally’s descent into darkness, symbolizing her loss of direction and hope.

A Climactic Encounter

As the episode races toward its climactic conclusion, we return to Barry, paralyzed in the backseat of George’s car. George shares a heartfelt revelation about losing his son and how it stripped him of any passion for life. Simultaneously, Barry continues to navigate between hallucinations and reality, interacting with the crowd of people he imagined on the beach. In a state somewhere between life and death, Barry is rushed into an emergency room, with George having taken his own life to join his son. In the final moments of Episode 7, Fuches confesses to Albert that he coerced Barry into becoming a hitman, solidifying Albert’s suspicions and foreshadowing an impending confrontation.


Barry Season 3 Episode 7 pushes the boundaries of darkness, putting our main characters through intense emotional trials. Sally faces career setbacks, Gene navigates a web of lies to protect himself, and Barry reaches his lowest point yet. The episode masterfully balances perplexity and burstiness, drawing the audience into the twisted and complex web of the characters’ lives. As we anticipate the final episode of the season, the question remains: What will become of Barry? Will he