Best Rated Apple TV Shows on IMDb

Best Rated Apple TV+ Shows on IMDb: From Ted Lasso to Great Sci-Fi and Comedy Series


When it comes to binge-worthy shows on Apple TV+, Ted Lasso often steals the spotlight. However, there is a plethora of other top-rated series available to stream on the platform that deserve recognition. From gripping sci-fi dramas to hilarious comedies, Apple TV+ offers a diverse range of high-quality content. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best rated Apple TV+ shows on IMDb, showcasing the exceptional storytelling and compelling performances that make these series stand out.


Rated on IMDb: 7.6

Official synopsis: In the tumultuous era of 1971, music became a catalyst for change and cultural rebirth. This documentary series explores how artists pushed boundaries and reached new heights in a year defined by political and cultural upheaval.


Rated on IMDb: 7.6

Official synopsis: Tamar, a Mossad hacker-agent, assumes a false identity and infiltrates Tehran to help sabotage Iran’s nuclear reactor. However, when her mission fails, Tamar finds herself in a high-stakes situation where the safety of her loved ones hangs in the balance.


Rated on IMDb: 7.6

Official synopsis: Inspired by true stories, “Little America” goes beyond the headlines and explores the inspiring, heartfelt, and often surprising lives of immigrants in America. This anthology series delves into the experiences of individuals whose stories showcase the vibrant tapestry of the immigrant experience.


Rated on IMDb: 7.7

Official synopsis: “Acapulco” follows the journey of Máximo Gallardo, a young man whose dream of becoming a cabana boy at a luxurious resort in Acapulco comes true. However, Max soon realizes that the job is more challenging than he anticipated, as he navigates demanding guests, a complex mentor, and personal struggles.


Rated on IMDb: 7.7

Official synopsis: “Calls” is a groundbreaking and immersive television experience that tells bone-chilling stories through a series of phone conversations. Revolutionizing the traditional visual storytelling format, each episode unveils a mysterious tale, connecting seemingly unrelated characters through surreal and disarrayed conversations.


Rated on IMDb: 7.7

Official synopsis: “Mythic Quest” dives into the captivating world of video game development, following a group of talented individuals striving to create their next legendary game. Balancing creative aspirations with workplace challenges, this comedy series explores the intric