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Weary of Liam Neeson’s Familiar Formula: Blacklight Fails to Impress

Liam Neeson, known for his iconic role in action films where he takes on the bad guys to protect his loved ones, has become a recognizable face in the genre. However, Blacklight, the latest addition to Neeson’s filmography, fails to deliver the excitement and entertainment that audiences have come to expect. This article dives into the shortcomings of Blacklight, exploring its lackluster plot, underwhelming action sequences, and overall mediocrity.

A Familiar Formula: Liam Neeson’s Typecasting

Neeson’s portrayal of the “angry daddy” out for revenge has become his trademark. While it’s easy to poke fun at the repetitive nature of his roles, it’s hard not to sympathize with Neeson’s struggle to break free from this typecasting. Iconic characters can bring both popularity and limitations to actors. Imagine thinking of Daniel Radcliffe without associating him with Harry Potter or Robert Downey Jr. without picturing Iron Man. It becomes challenging for actors to shed these images and embrace new roles.

In Blacklight, Neeson finds himself trapped in the same cycle of relentless action, with little room to explore different character nuances. Yet, despite the repetitive nature of his roles, Neeson manages to bring a certain weariness and genuine emotion to each performance. Audiences find themselves rooting for him, becoming invested in the safety of his on-screen family, even if those characters blur together in their minds. Neeson’s talent shines through, even if the films themselves lack originality.

The Pitfalls of Blacklight: Lackluster Action and Fizzled Plot

Blacklight disappoints on multiple fronts. First and foremost, the action sequences fall flat. The climax of the film showcases Neeson battling a mere four adversaries in a dimly lit house, a far cry from the intense, well-choreographed fights seen in films like John Wick. The lack of excitement in these scenes leaves viewers wanting more.

Moreover, the film suffers from a sluggish pace, failing to sustain a sense of momentum. The plot meanders through a mediocre narrative, eventually wrapping up in a rushed and unsatisfying manner. Blacklight’s attempt at suspense and tension falls woefully short, leaving audiences with a sense of disappointment.

An Unfortunate Editing Style: Aesthetic Misstep

A notable flaw in Blacklight lies in its haphazard editing. The film employs a constant barrage of flashing shots, rapid cuts, zooms, and rewinds that feel more at home in amateur YouTube fan productions than in a professional film. Such stylistic choices only serve to distract and disrupt the viewing experience. It is perplexing that in 2022, the editors would resort to such an outdated and ineffective technique.


Blacklight fails to live up to the expectations set by Liam Neeson’s previous films. It struggles to bring anything new or compelling to the table, leaving audiences underwhelmed. While Neeson’s dedication to his role is admirable, the film’s lackluster action, meandering plot, and questionable editing style ultimately detract from its potential. As Neeson continues his on-screen endeavors, perhaps it is time for him to explore new avenues and bid farewell to the repetitive formula that has defined his recent filmography.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Blacklight worth watching despite its flaws?

While some viewers may still find enjoyment in watching Liam Neeson in action, Blacklight fails to deliver a memorable experience due to its lackluster plot, underwhelming action sequences, and questionable editing choices.

2. Are there any standout performances in Blacklight?

Despite the film’s shortcomings, Liam Neeson’s consistent portrayal of the determined “angry daddy” resonates with audiences. His ability to inject both weariness and heart into his characters remains a highlight.

3. Does Blacklight attempt to break away from Liam Neeson’s usual typecast roles?

Unfortunately, Blacklight does not venture far from Neeson’s familiar formula. The film falls into the trap of repeating the same narrative tropes and fails to offer anything refreshing or innovative.

4. What sets Blacklight apart from other Liam Neeson action films?

Regrettably, Blacklight lacks the excitement, tension, and memorable moments that distinguish Neeson’s more successful action movies. It struggles to carve its own identity within the genre.

5. Can Blacklight be seen as a step backward for Liam Neeson’s career?

While Blacklight may not be a career-defining film, it serves as a reminder of the limitations that typecasting can impose on an actor. Neeson’s talent and charisma shine through, even if the film itself falls short of expectations.