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Perplexity in the Late Premiere of Fuuto Tantei

I can’t help but wonder why Fuuto Tantei premiered so late. Typically scheduled to run for 12 episodes, this would carry it over well into the fall season. However, this oddity caught my attention. Nevertheless, let’s dive into the premiere with little knowledge of what to expect.

An Introduction to Fuuto Tantei

Fuuto Tantei is based on a manga of the same name, which draws inspiration from a live-action series called Kamen Rider W. This live-action show is just one of many incarnations within the Kamen Rider tokusatsu franchise. While my experience with these series is limited, I found the premiere of Fuuto Tantei quite enjoyable.

Studio KAI and Director Kabashima Yousuke

Studio KAI, although unfamiliar to many, has taken the lead in producing a couple of series and has also played significant roles behind the scenes. Director Kabashima Yousuke, while experienced as an animator, sits in the director’s chair for the first time in this series. The visual style of Fuuto Tantei merges “old school with CGI,” creating a unique aesthetic that successfully captures the essence of the manga. If I didn’t know any better, I might have mistaken this for a Sunrise production.

The Intriguing Plot of Fuuto Tantei

Despite my lack of context, I surprisingly managed to follow the plot of Fuuto Tantei. While I may not be familiar with Pops, it becomes evident that he was the lead detective at the Narumi Detective Agency, passing the torch (and his fedora) to Hidari Shoutarou. Akiko, presumably Pops’ daughter, now leads the agency while Shoutarou’s partner is Philip. As expected from the tokusatsu genre, I anticipate Shoutarou and Philip donning costumes at some point, just like Pops did.

Meet Tokime, the Mysterious “Witch”

The other significant character in Fuuto Tantei is Tokime, a known “witch” who engages in acts of theft, not only taking money and possessions but also stealing hearts. References to a “memory” are intricately linked to the sci-fi elements of the series, which I should supposedly be familiar with. Furthermore, Tokime possesses the ability to transport herself and her pursuers to a distorted version of Fuuto city, where the story unfolds. While Shoutarou is determined to solve the case independently, his intellectually inclined partner, Philip, believes they will eventually need each other’s expertise. The mention of “two halves” suggests that we may witness some gattai action in the future.

Embracing the Genre with a Sci-Fi Twist

Retro detective stories infused with a sci-fi twist have been a staple in anime for quite some time, and Fuuto Tantei confidently approaches this genre. The competent cast of actors understands the importance of rhythm and timing when delivering the dialogue. However, Yoshimasa’s portrayal of Shoutarou struck me as a bit peculiar. He gives off the impression of someone pretending to be a “hard-boiled” detective, rather than naturally embodying the role. Apart from this minor concern, the premiere of Fuuto Tantei managed to captivate, even for those with limited knowledge of the expansive Kamen Rider universe. Despite its delayed start, it unquestionably made a positive impression.


Fuuto Tantei’s late premiere may seem perplexing, but it does not diminish the fact that the series successfully combines a retro detective narrative with sci-fi elements. Studio KAI and director Kabashima Yousuke deliver a visually appealing experience, capturing the essence of the manga. The plot introduces compelling characters and intriguing mysteries, creating an engaging story that hooks the audience. Despite some minor inconsistencies in character portrayal, the overall execution of the premiere is commendable.


1. Is Fuuto Tantei connected to previous entries in the Kamen Rider franchise?

Fuuto Tantei draws inspiration from the Kamen Rider tokusatsu franchise, but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone series without prior knowledge of the franchise. However, fans of Kamen Rider may appreciate certain references and connections.

2. Who are the main characters in Fuuto Tantei?

The main characters include Hidari Shoutarou, a detective at the Narumi Detective Agency, his partner Philip, and Akiko, who leads the agency. Additionally, there is a mysterious “witch” named Tokime who plays a significant role in the series.

3. What makes Fuuto Tantei stand out in the detective genre?

Fuuto Tantei stands out by infusing the detective genre with sci-fi elements, creating a unique blend of retro and futuristic storytelling. The series successfully combines engaging mysteries with captivating characters, providing a fresh take on the detective genre.

4. Is Fuuto Tantei beginner-friendly for those unfamiliar with the Kamen Rider universe?

Yes, even viewers who have no prior experience with the Kamen Rider franchise can enjoy Fuuto Tantei. The series provides enough context and explanations to ensure newcomers can follow the story without feeling lost.

5. How does the visual style of Fuuto Tantei contribute to its overall appeal?

Fuuto Tantei incorporates a visual style that merges traditional animation techniques with CGI, creating a distinct aesthetic that complements the manga’s art. This combination adds depth and visual interest to the series, making it visually appealing to viewers.