Bucchigire!: Uncharted Anime Phenomenon

Exploring Bucchigire!: A Unique Take on Old-School Anime

An Introduction to Bucchigire!

Upon first glance, Bucchigire! may seem like just another anime series in a packed schedule. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that this show stands out from the crowd with its non-generic approach and captivating storytelling. Bucking the trend of mass-produced and formulaic anime, Bucchigire! offers viewers a refreshing experience that harkens back to the charm of old-school anime.

The Unconventional Premier

The premiere episode of Bucchigire! leaves no room for doubt that this series is unlike anything else currently airing. From its distinct visuals to its quirky characters, it manages to capture an old-school anime vibe, albeit not exceptionally well-executed. Writer-director Hirakawa Tetsuo, while not a household name, has an impressive track record in the anime industry. However, with Bucchigire! being an original anime, the spotlight shines on the importance of the writer in shaping the series.

A Twist on the Shinsengumi

Bucchigire! presents another intriguing take on the Shinsengumi, a popular subject in anime. This time, the group has been decimated by a mysterious gang of samurai sporting masks. As the story unfolds, only Toudou Heisuke manages to survive the brutal attack. In a lawless and perilous Kyoto, he forms a ragtag team by enlisting seven criminals, originally eight, who were on the verge of execution. Their mission? To pose as the fallen Shinsengumi captains. This diverse and colorful cast comprises individuals who are far from conventional, with Ichibanboshi, a fiery samurai-hater seeking revenge, serving as a standout character.

Visual Appeal and Artistry

One cannot help but appreciate the visual prowess and art design evident in Bucchigire!. The animation is clean, and the art style, helmed by notable names in the industry, stands out as stylish and distinctive. While the show may not boast a lavish budget, it still manages to compete with some of the season’s visually stunning offerings. This is a testament to the experience and ambition of the art team, who clearly set out to create a series that breaks away from the norm and refuses to blend into the sea of mediocrity.

The Writing Dilemma

Despite the show’s many strengths, there is a notable aspect that leaves room for improvement: the writing. While not inherently bad, it lacks the impact and depth that could elevate the characters beyond mere archetypes. Of course, this could change as the series progresses, but the first episode relies heavily on mechanical exposition, bogging down the narrative’s momentum. The humor, too, falls short of delivering genuine laughs. However, given the potential seen in Bucchigire!, it warrants a fair chance for the writing to catch up to the rest of the production.


In a sea of anime series that often follow a formulaic approach, Bucchigire! stands out as a breath of fresh air. Its distinctive visuals, unconventional premise, and notable cast make it a show that captures the attention of both seasoned anime enthusiasts and newcomers alike. While the writing might currently be a weak point, the potential for improvement is palpable. Bucchigire! serves as a reminder of the importance of originality and creative freedom within the anime landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Bucchigire! suitable for newcomers to anime?

Absolutely! Bucchigire! offers a unique departure from the stereotypical anime formula, making it accessible and engaging for viewers who may be new to the medium. Its intriguing premise and vibrant characters provide an inviting entry point into the world of anime.

2. How does Bucchigire! compare to other shows inspired by the Shinsengumi?

Bucchigire! takes a different approach compared to other series centered around the Shinsengumi. While still paying homage to the historical context, it adds its own twist by incorporating criminals into the mix. This fresh perspective sets it apart from the more traditional portrayals of the Shinsengumi and gives it a unique flavor.

3. Will the writing improve as the series progresses?

While the writing in the initial episodes of Bucchigire! may lack the punch and depth desired, it’s not uncommon for anime series to evolve and develop over time. With a talented team behind the production, there is hope that the writing will find its stride and deliver a more impactful narrative as the story unfolds.

4. What can viewers expect from the visuals of Bucchigire!?

Visually, Bucchigire! excels with its clean animation and stylish art design. Despite not having an extravagant budget, the series showcases the skill and creativity of the talented artists involved. The distinctive visuals make Bucchigire! a visually appealing standout among its contemporaries.

5. Can Bucchigire! be considered a hidden gem of the season?

While it may be too early to declare Bucchigire! a hidden gem, it certainly possesses qualities that make it a standout in the current anime landscape. Its unique premise, memorable characters, and visual appeal set it apart from the more mainstream offerings. If the writing can find its footing, Bucchigire! has the potential to become a hidden gem for those searching for something fresh and different.