Cara Delevingne Shares the Transformative Journey of Sobriety: “I Am Stable. I’m Calmer.”

In a recent interview for the September issue of ELLE UK, supermodel Cara Delevingne opened up about her decision to embrace sobriety, a journey she describes as “worth every second.”

The 30-year-old model candidly expressed that although the process hasn’t been easy, there hasn’t been a single moment where she regretted her choice. She firmly believes that the positive changes in her life have made the journey completely worthwhile. Delevingne mentioned feeling a newfound stability and inner calmness after giving up alcohol.

Earlier this year, Delevingne had already started to share her struggles with sobriety, and she revealed that this openness had a liberating effect on her. In her own words, “For a long time, I felt like I was hiding a lot from people who looked up to me. I finally feel as though I can be free and myself, fully.”

The turning point for Delevingne came in July 2022 when she was faced with paparazzi photos taken of her at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. The distressing images acted as a wake-up call and “reality check,” prompting her to check herself into a 12-step program and begin her journey toward sobriety. She acknowledged that the pandemic’s effects and her milestone 30th birthday played a significant role in her behavior during that period.

Recently, Delevingne celebrated a momentous occasion: attending her first sober Glastonbury Festival in 15 years. In an Instagram post following the festival, she joyfully shared that this year’s experience was “by far my favorite.” Her Glastonbury weekend was filled with tears, laughter, long-awaited reunions, and an abundance of love.

Cara Delevingne’s journey to sobriety has been transformative, leading her to a place of stability, inner peace, and authentic self-discovery. Her story serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar struggles, reminding them that embracing sobriety can lead to a fulfilling and positive life journey.