Carla Kidds Captivating Role in Aged

Interview with Carla Kidd: Exploring Her Role in the Horror Film “Aged”

In a recent conversation with actress Carla Kidd, we delved into her portrayal of Mrs. Bloom in the horror film “Aged” by Harrow House Films. Directed by Anubys Lopez, the movie features a talented cast including Morgan Boss-Maltais, Carla Kidd herself, and Dave McClain. Set in a eerie house with a dark past, “Aged” promises to captivate audiences with its dangerous storyline and chilling atmosphere.

Discovering the Allure of the “Aged” Script

When asked about what initially attracted her to the “Aged” script, Carla expressed her fascination with the audition scene. Its intriguing nature left her wanting to delve deeper into the story and especially the character she portrayed. Once she landed the role, Carla received the entire script from Anubys Lopez, and she instantly became invested in the project.

Preparing for the Role of Mrs. Bloom

To bring authenticity and depth to her portrayal of Mrs. Bloom, Carla dedicated herself to understanding the character’s history and the dynamics of the Bloom family. Immersed in her role, Carla even filled Mrs. Bloom’s journal with entries that reflected her daily life and dreadful experiences. By investing in this process, Carla truly embodied the multifaceted nature of her character.

Unforgettable Memories from the Set

Filming “Aged” in a remote and serene location proved to be a unique experience for the cast and crew. Carla shared that many of them stayed together on-site, taking advantage of the beautiful historic house used as a filming location. The late-night shoots fostered a sense of camaraderie among the team, leading to lasting friendships that continue to this day.

A Different Perspective on Mrs. Bloom

While audiences may perceive Mrs. Bloom as a dark character, Carla offers a different interpretation. She sees Mrs. Bloom as a good person trapped in a horrific situation, resorting to extreme measures in order to survive. Early discussions with director Anubys Lopez revealed his vision of Mrs. Bloom, which aligned with Carla’s desire to portray a multi-dimensional character instead of a one-dimensional villain.

Navigating Challenging Scenes

During the interview, Carla revealed that her own claustrophobia presented a significant challenge during the bathtub scene at the end of the film. Overcoming her fear to deliver a compelling performance showcased her dedication to her craft and the lengths she was willing to go to bring the story to life.

The Enthralling Appeal of Horror

Despite being hesitant about horror films due to her own sensitivity to visual images, Carla found herself drawn to “Aged” because of its psychological nature. While she may be a self-proclaimed horror weenie, Carla appreciates the suspenseful and psychological aspects of the genre. Her role in “Aged” has challenged her perception and allowed her to explore the genre in a new light.

Directorial Guidance

In their interactions, director Anubys Lopez encouraged Carla to take the character he created and breathe life into it with her unique interpretation. This creative freedom empowered Carla to fully embody Mrs. Bloom and make the role her own.


Through our conversation with Carla Kidd, it is evident that her dedication and passion shine through in her portrayal of Mrs. Bloom in the horror film “Aged.” Her deep exploration of the character’s history and emotions allowed her to infuse depth and complexity into the role. The challenges she overcame on set and her newfound appreciation for the horror genre further demonstrate her commitment to her craft. We eagerly anticipate the release of “Aged” and Carla’s captivating performance.


1. How did Carla Kidd prepare for her role in “Aged”?

Carla devoted time to developing the personal history of her character, Mrs. Bloom, as well as the overarching story of the Bloom family. She even filled Mrs. Bloom’s journal with entries, tracking her day-to-day life within the nightmare.

2. What was Carla’s favorite memory from the “Aged” set?

Carla fondly recalls the unique experience of staying together with the cast and crew within the historic house used as a filming location. The late-night shoots provided ample time for building relationships and forging lasting friendships.

3. How did Carla approach playing a dark character like Mrs. Bloom?

Carla views Mrs. Bloom as a good person who finds herself in a harrowing situation and is willing to do whatever it takes to escape. She hopes viewers will see the multi-dimensional aspects of the character beyond just being a villain.

4. What scene in “Aged” challenged Carla the most?

Carla, who is claustrophobic, found the bathtub scene at the end of the film particularly challenging. Overcoming her fear in order to deliver an authentic performance showcased her dedication to her craft.

5. Why was Carla attracted to the horror genre despite her sensitivity?

Despite her sensitivity to disturbing visual imagery, Carla was drawn to the psychological nuances of the horror genre. While she cannot watch slasher films, she appreciates the suspense and psychological elements that captivate audiences.