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Chihayafuru: A Novel Change in the Air

Change is inevitable, and the world of Chihayafuru is certainly not immune to it. As we dive deeper into the story, we find ourselves awaiting the return of beloved characters like Taichi, yearning to witness Chihaya’s triumphant comeback, and pondering the future of the Empress and her team. It’s a test of true fandom to eagerly await a tournament that features a team comprising only five players.

However, the recent chapters of Chihayafuru seem to have a lingering sense of stagnation. While it’s essential to move forward, it would be comforting to have some closure on the major storylines that Ayase Suetsugu-sensei has intricately developed over the past 140 chapters. Leaving these plotlines unresolved or in disarray challenges readers’ commitment as they feel their passions left hanging.

The Spotlight Shines on Nishida

Nonetheless, the current chapter, despite its unresolved nature, showcases Nishida, granting him a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. For a character who often takes a backseat, it’s refreshing to see him step forward. Even when the central trio is sidelined, it seems to be Kana-chan and Tsutomu-kun who steal the limelight. As the Moon and Sun remain absent, Nishida finds himself in a make-or-break situation as a high school Karuta player – he should be leading the team.

Nishida, with his vast experience and prolonged tenure as a Class A player, deserves to be the ace of the team. Yet, strangely enough, that title is bestowed upon Komano or Ooe, with first-year Tamaru tagging along. Tamaru’s presence, albeit annoying, highlights Nishida’s weaknesses, as her strengths mirror his shortcomings. Unfortunately, poor Retro-kun becomes the unfortunate target of Nishida’s progress, much to the dismay of Nishida Onee-san. On the bright side, Hokuo’s strength is enough to secure their victory in the qualifier.

Mizusawa moves forward, albeit in fourth place, securing the last qualifying spot. Chihaya humbly seeks forgiveness and pledges to earn her place back on the team. Unfortunately, this news brings despair to Tsukuba. As the story progresses, we can only hope that the next round does away with the absurd “speed up the game” rules that many detest.

Endearing Moments and Personal Growth

Amidst the intense Karuta battles and team dynamics, the chapter holds some endearing moments that captivate our hearts. One such moment occurs when Nishida finally realizes Tsutomu’s affection for Kana, which might just be mutual. Tsutomu’s observation of Kana’s newly grown eyelash (four in total!) symbolizes the ever-changing world of adolescence. Nishida seizes this moment as a valuable lesson – to be aware and make the most of opportunities.

Another notable instance comes when Tsutomu straightforwardly advises Tamaru following her victorious match. He warns her against falling for manipulative individuals who say what she wants to hear. Harsh as it may be, it’s crucial advice that Tamaru needed to hear to grow. However, whether this advice will lead to a significant change in her character remains uncertain.

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