Cinnamon Tribeca Film Review

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Cinnamon: A Genre-Blending Directorial Debut

Introduction: A Harmonious Blend of Genres and Bold Performances

Cinnamon, the directorial debut of Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr., is a captivating film that seamlessly merges various genres, delivering bold performances and a unique cinematic voice. As I had the privilege to attend the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival, my anticipation was met with sheer delight when I discovered Cinnamon. The film follows the journey of Jodi Jackson (played by Hailey Kilgore), a determined young woman working at a gas station, as she aspires to become a renowned singer. However, her dreams appear to be distant as she struggles to make ends meet. Enter Eddie (portrayed by David Iacono), a local crook who instantly falls for Jodi and becomes willing to go to great lengths to help her achieve her ambitions. Together, they embark on a risky plan that sets off a chain of events, plunging them into perilous situations.

A Visual Feast and Genre Blending

Cinnamon enchants viewers from the very first frame to the closing scene with its visually striking elements. Director Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. draws inspiration from Blaxploitation films, such as Shaft, infusing the movie with a wildly entertaining essence. What sets Cinnamon apart is the skillful blending of multiple genres, including crime, comedy, romance, mystery, and thriller, seamlessly shifting depending on the scene. While this blending could easily result in tonal inconsistencies, Montgomery deftly incorporates these genres, creating an over-the-top and on-brand experience that perfectly complements the narrative.

Delivering Mesmerizing Performances

The unconventional merging of genres allows the ensemble cast to deliver diverse yet mesmerizing performances. During the comedic moments, Damon Wayans shines in his portrayal of Wally, the gas station owner where Jodi works. His performance is diabolical, with every line eliciting laughter from the audience. Wayans’ dramatic accent and exaggerated body language create a campy charm that perfectly embodies his unlikable character.

In contrast, Pam Grier, known for her role in Jackie Brown, brings a sense of menace to the thrilling scenes. Grier’s presence intensifies the tension whenever she appears on-screen. Even the simplest actions, like adjusting her glasses, evoke gasps from both the characters in the scene and the audience. Grier’s powerful on-screen persona adds an extra layer of captivation to Cinnamon, making her limited screen time some of the film’s most riveting moments.

An Emotional Stake: The Heart of Cinnamon

Amidst the amalgamation of genres, the heart of Cinnamon lies in the emotional connection forged between the central characters. Hailey Kilgore and David Iacono have limited screen time to establish a compelling relationship, given the film’s 90-minute duration. However, they make the most of every second, showcasing exceptional chemistry that is infectious. Even in their initial encounter, a simple gaze is enough to convey the undeniable chemistry and promise this relationship holds. Though their actions later take an unethical turn to fulfill Jodi’s aspirations, it remains impossible not to root for them or at least care deeply about their ultimate fate.

A Meticulously Crafted Cinematic Experience

The Unpredictable Narrative and Engaging Pacing

Looking back at Cinnamon, it is challenging to find any flaws in this masterfully crafted film. The story unfolds with consistent unpredictability and fast-paced momentum, holding the audience’s complete investment throughout its runtime. Each scene, from costuming choices to music selection, bears careful consideration, contributing to the already iconic vibes established from the film’s inception. While it may not earn a spot on my personal top 10 list of the year, Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. undeniably showcases immense promise, especially considering that this is his directorial debut. Without a doubt, Cinnamon deserves the widespread acclaim I anticipate it will receive.


In conclusion, Cinnamon is a remarkable feat of filmmaking, exemplifying the power of blending genres, delivering captivating performances, and crafting a compelling narrative. Bryian Keith Montgomery Jr. establishes himself as a promising director, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting his future projects. As the film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 11, 2023, cinephiles can explore the unique world of Cinnamon when it becomes available for streaming on Tubi from June 23.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does Cinnamon incorporate different genres?

Cinnamon seamlessly blends genres such as crime, comedy, romance, mystery, and thriller, creating an intriguing and genre-defying cinematic experience. By skillfully incorporating these elements, the film maintains a harmonious narrative flow.

2. Who delivers standout performances in Cinnamon?

Damon Wayans’s portrayal of Wally, the gas station owner, brings diabolical comedic charm to the film, while Pam Grier’s commanding presence adds a thrilling edge. Their performances, alongside the chemistry between Hailey Kilgore and David Iacono, contribute to the overall excellence of Cinnamon’s cast.

3. Does Cinnamon successfully establish an emotional connection with the audience?

Despite its concise runtime, Cinnamon manages to establish a heartfelt and engaging emotional connection between the central characters. Hailey Kilgore and David Iacono’s on-screen chemistry ensures that the audience becomes emotionally invested in their relationship, even as they make questionable choices to pursue their dreams.

4. How does Cinnamon captivate viewers visually?

Cinnamon treats viewers to a visual feast, with meticulous attention to detail in costuming and music selection. This thoughtful craftsmanship enhances the film’s iconic vibes, contributing to its overall appeal.

5. When and where can I watch Cinnamon?

Cinnamon premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 11, 2023. Starting from June 23, the film will be available for streaming on Tubi, allowing audiences worldwide to immerse themselves in its captivating storytelling and remarkable performances.