Cocaine Bear Film Review

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Cocaine Bear: Embracing Absurdity with a Thrilling Twist


Remember the moment you first stumbled upon the trailer for Cocaine Bear? It was a whirlwind of eccentricity and curiosity. The scene that captivated our attention depicted a grown man and a child, locked in a lively debate about a bear’s climbing abilities. Little did they know that a cocaine-infused black bear would soon prove them both right and wrong, scaling the trees that served as their hiding place. As months passed and we finally had the opportunity to witness this unconventional tale, Cocaine Bear left an indelible mark by unapologetically embracing its absurdity and emerging triumphant. Through a colorful ensemble cast, including renowned actors like Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson Jr, and the late Ray Liotta, the film takes us on a perilous journey as characters navigate the chaos caused by a bear hopped up on millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine. Cocaine Bear not only sets itself apart through its distinctive tone but also captivates audiences with its seamless combination of comedy, thrills, and suspense.

Embracing Absurdity

Cocaine Bear wholeheartedly commits to its established premise, immediately signaling what kind of movie awaits viewers right from the opening scene. We find ourselves privy to a fictionalized rendition of Andrew C. Thornton joyously tossing duffel bags loaded with cocaine from a drug-fueled airplane. In this particular moment, Matthew Rhys masterfully embraces the character’s eccentricity by belting out tunes and energetically exuding a drug-induced state of ecstasy. This delightful dedication to the film’s zany nature sets the stage for what lies ahead, ensuring an amusing journey that strikes just the right balance. The dialogue evokes laughter without becoming overwhelming or tiresome, while the film remains self-aware of its absurdity without relying on trite meta humor. The remarkable cast delivers spirited, invested performances, skillfully sidestepping the need to constantly acknowledge the sheer ridiculousness of the situation. This congruity between the film’s tone, writing, and acting enhances its overall charm.

A Surprising Blend of Genres

Despite its comedic foundation, Cocaine Bear defies genre categorization, effortlessly weaving in elements of thrillers and horror. The movie knows precisely how to build tension, allowing the audience to grip their seats in anticipation, while still adhering to its established tone. From intense gun standoffs to harrowing encounters in dimly lit supply closets, danger lurks around every corner. By seamlessly intertwining these various genres, Cocaine Bear transcends predictable expectations, further captivating the audience’s attention and delivering an immersive experience that constantly keeps us guessing.

Attention to Detail in Production

While Cocaine Bear could have easily been a throwaway B-movie, hastily developed solely for profit, it astounds viewers with the care and effort evident in its production. Every cast member contributes outstanding performances, exhibiting the perfect balance between exaggerated portrayals and relatable, albeit eccentric, characters thrust into unimaginably stressful situations. Even child stars Brooklynn Prince and Christian Convery display talent on par with their adult counterparts, adding depth to the film’s ensemble.

Room for Improvement

In attempting to provide constructive feedback, one could argue that Cocaine Bear’s craft, while far from inadequate, remains serviceable rather than exceptional. The cinematography and lighting consistently meet expectations, yet no specific shots or tableaus left a lasting impact. The realistic blood and gore effects contribute to the film’s intensity, though the occasional reliance on CGI for the bear’s appearance occasionally faltered. The soundtrack, though effectively synchronized with each scene’s mood, lacks a memorable melody or theme. Despite these minor criticisms, grasping at straws to find flaws only underscores the film’s overall success.

A Blast for Those With the Right Expectations

Cocaine Bear thrives when experienced by audiences who approach it with the appropriate mindset. While it may not rank among cinematic masterpieces, it undoubtedly radiates the offbeat energy of a wild B-movie. Made with a substantial budget and evident passion, Cocaine Bear evokes an irresistible sense of enjoyment in both its creators and viewers. Elizabeth Banks, the film’s director, masterfully navigates the murky territory of black comedy thrillers, ensuring a delightful viewing experience for those willing to embrace its unconventional narrative. Admittedly, this film may not suit everyone’s tastes, particularly those averse to bloodshed. However, if you find yourself drawn to this whirlwind of excitement and eccentricity, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Cocaine Bear a chance.


Cocaine Bear stands as a testament to the power of embracing absurdity without going overboard. Its success lies in its ability to seamlessly combine elements of comedy, thriller, and horror, leaving audiences entertained and intrigued. With an ensemble cast delivering remarkable performances, the film’s dedication to its own unique tone shines through. While it may not boast flawless cinematography or unforgettable musical accompaniment, these minor shortcomings pale in comparison to the overall engaging experience Cocaine Bear provides. Climb aboard this rollercoaster of hilarity and suspense, and allow yourself to revel in its unexpected twists and turns.


1. Is Cocaine Bear based on a true story?

No, Cocaine Bear is not based on a true story. It incorporates fictional elements and colorful characters to create an entertaining narrative.

2. How does Cocaine Bear balance comedy and thriller elements?

Cocaine Bear strikes a fine balance between comedy and thriller by skillfully incorporating moments of tension and fear into its comedic framework. This unique blend keeps audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats.

3. Can Cocaine Bear be enjoyed by a wide range of viewers?

While Cocaine Bear may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, those who appreciate dark humor, offbeat narratives, and thrilling twists will likely find it highly enjoyable.

4. Who is the director of Cocaine Bear?

Cocaine Bear is directed by Elizabeth Banks, who skillfully brings the eccentric vision of the film to life.

5. How does Cocaine Bear compare to other black-comedy thrillers?

Cocaine Bear stands out among black-comedy thrillers due to its unapologetic commitment to absurdity and its successful integration of various genres, creating a unique and captivating viewing experience.