Cool Doji Danshi: Charismatic Charm Unveiled

The Cool Doji Danshi Odyssey

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating Cool Doji Danshi, you may have experienced quite the odyssey. The premiere of the show had no streaming partner for almost a week after its TV debut, even in its home country of Japan. As fans anxiously awaited an English version, the fate of the show rested in the hands of fansubbing groups. Thankfully, it eventually started streaming locally, allowing for raws to become readily available. A fansub group even decided to pick it up, at least for a week. The delay, however, was quite irksome for those who considered Cool Doji Danshi one of their sleeper picks for the season.

One important thing to note about Cool Doji Danshi is its brevity. The episodes are officially 15 minutes in length, but that includes commercials and such. With a full opening animation sequence (OP) and ending animation sequence (ED), the actual episode content ends up being less than 10 minutes. This limited time frame doesn’t leave much room to make a lasting impression. However, despite this constraint, Cool Doji Danshi manages to capture attention and leave a favorable first impression.

A Breezy and Light Story

Given its short duration, one might expect Cool Doji Danshi to be breezy and light. Interestingly, it seems like the show would maintain this tone regardless of its length. The series revolves around four young men, all around the age of 20, who, in one way or another, project a cool image that masks their insecurities and neuroses. The good news is that the series will span two cours, allowing ample time to explore the characters’ stories. Each character gets their own introductory episode, giving viewers a chance to become acquainted with their unique personalities and struggles.

First up is Ichikura Hayate, a second-year college student who could be described as a male dojikko, or someone prone to accidents. He is constantly beating himself up over social blunders but manages to exude an air of indifference, which seems to make him irresistible to the local female population.

Given the limited runtime of each episode, it’s difficult to form a concrete opinion about the show. However, it is undeniably enjoyable. Cool Doji Danshi benefits from the expertise of writer-director duo Kon Chiaki and Uezu Makoto. While the visuals may not be extraordinary, the overall execution is smooth. The show’s soft watercolor aesthetic resembles the style of old-school Brain’s Base productions. While it’s too early to make a definitive judgment, one can hope that subbed episodes continue to be released. Cool Doji Danshi has the potential to become a low-stress weekly tonic series that is easy to adore.

Yowamushi Pedal Limit Break – 02

Koukyuu no Karasu – 03


In conclusion, Cool Doji Danshi has managed to capture attention despite its brief runtime. Its unique premise, likable characters, and smooth execution make it a promising series to follow. Given its two-cour run, viewers can look forward to delving deeper into the lives of the four main characters. The show’s low-stress nature and weekly release format make it an easy one to enjoy without much pressure. As more subbed episodes become available, fans will likely find themselves increasingly hooked on this charming series.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long are episodes of Cool Doji Danshi?

Episodes of Cool Doji Danshi are officially 15 minutes long, including commercials and opening/ending sequences. However, the actual content amounts to less than 10 minutes.

2. Are there any streaming partners for Cool Doji Danshi?

Initially, there were no streaming partners for Cool Doji Danshi, causing frustration among fans. However, it eventually started streaming locally, making it more readily available for viewers.

3. Who are the main characters of Cool Doji Danshi?

The main characters of Cool Doji Danshi are four young men, approximately 20 years old. The show focuses on their struggles with projecting a cool image while dealing with their internal insecurities and neuroses.

4. Who are the creators behind Cool Doji Danshi?

Cool Doji Danshi benefits from the talents of writer-director duo Kon Chiaki and Uezu Makoto. Their collaboration brings the show to life with a smooth execution and engaging storytelling.

5. What can viewers expect from Cool Doji Danshi?

Viewers can look forward to a low-stress series that offers a weekly dose of enjoyment. With its likable characters and intriguing premise, Cool Doji Danshi has the potential to become a beloved series among fans.