Dagashi Kashi 2: Sweet and Nostalgic Conclusion – Series Highlights

The Quirky Journey of Dagashi Kashi Anime

Dagashi Kashi, the beloved anime series, may be coming to an end. While I initially thought the same before, the manga’s imminent conclusion provides even less incentive for a continuation. Sales of the anime DVDs have not been impressive, but the manga itself has gained popularity. It’s possible that the second season was greenlit to boost manga sales. Personally, I will miss the show flaws and all, as there is something undeniably likable about it.

Scope and Limitations of Season 2

Season 2 of Dagashi Kashi was clearly limited due to its half-length format. Despite this, the series managed to deliver a surprising amount of substance within its 11-minute episodes. However, the finale suffered from the constraints of its truncated duration. It can be said that the series opted for a “non-finale” finale, which aligns with its character. While there was a hint of introspection, the story did not reach any conclusive resolution.

A Missed Opportunity for Deeper Connection

With Kokonotsu and Hotaru stranded at a rural train station overnight due to canceled trains, one would expect something significant to happen between them. However, the show disappointingly failed to acknowledge any mutual affection. While Coconuts demonstrated some self-awareness, he never even inquired about Hotaru’s whereabouts. The situation turned out to be a cute non-event, with standout moments revolving around Buta-men and Mario Bros gum. The overall tone remained lighthearted and lacked substantial character development.

The Overpowering Presence of Hotaru

It is my belief that Dagashi Kashi actually becomes a better show when Hotaru is not onscreen. This opinion was reinforced during this season, especially since the show had to manage time constraints with half-length episodes. Hotaru’s overpowering presence, with her exaggerated expressions, elaborate explanations about dagashi, and focus on fanservice, pushed the show back to its initial episodes. Hotaru’s extreme characterization makes it difficult for anything centered around her to be taken seriously.

A Surprising Improvement

Despite my preference for the first season in terms of storytelling and visual style, the second season of Dagashi Kashi turned out to be better than expected. It surpassed my initial fears after a couple of episodes, whether Hotaru’s absence played a role or not. The introduction of new characters, Beniyutaka and Hajime, added diversity to the humor and Hajime even contributed to intriguing plot developments. However, there is an undeniable feeling of wanting more both in terms of individual episodes and the overall story. This desire is a testament to the charm that Dagashi Kashi exudes at its best.


In conclusion, the future of Dagashi Kashi as an anime series remains uncertain. With the manga nearing its end and limited DVD sales, the likelihood of further animated adaptations is questionable. Despite its flaws, the series has won the hearts of many with its likable characters and quirky storytelling. Whether it continues or not, Dagashi Kashi will undoubtedly be remembered as a charming and unique anime experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a third season of Dagashi Kashi?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding a third season of Dagashi Kashi. The future of the anime series remains uncertain, but fans can still enjoy the manga’s conclusion.

2. What makes Dagashi Kashi stand out from other anime?

Dagashi Kashi stands out due to its quirky and lighthearted storytelling, focusing on the world of dagashi, nostalgic Japanese snacks. The unique combination of comedy, eccentric characters, and a touch of nostalgia sets it apart from other anime series.

3. Are the Dagashi mentioned in the series real?

Yes, Dagashi are real and are a significant part of Japanese culture. They are inexpensive sweets and snacks often associated with childhood memories. Dagashi Kashi showcases a variety of these snacks, introducing viewers to a taste of Japanese nostalgia.

4. Is the Dagashi Kashi manga worth reading?

Definitely! The Dagashi Kashi manga offers even more depth and details compared to the anime series. It dives into the characters’ backstories and expands on their relationships. Fans of the anime will find the manga a delightful continuation of the Dagashi Kashi experience.

5. Can you watch season 2 of Dagashi Kashi without watching the first season?

While it is possible to enjoy season 2 without watching the first season of Dagashi Kashi, it is recommended to start from the beginning. The first season introduces the main characters and sets the foundation for their relationships and dynamics. It will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the series as a whole.