Dan Harmon’s Community Movie: Navigating Challenges on the Road to Reunion

In the eagerly anticipated journey toward the realization of “six seasons and a movie,” Dan Harmon, the creative mind behind the beloved series Community, alongside star Joel McHale and co-writer Andrew Guest, recently shed light on the challenges and excitement surrounding the impending Community movie. Harmon, in an insightful interview with The Hollywood Reporter, candidly discussed the hurdles faced and his genuine enthusiasm for the project’s potential.

“I don’t think it’s a spoiler to reveal that the story revolves around the gang reuniting,” Harmon shared. The initial concept, conceived by Harmon, McHale, and Guest before the strikes, gained momentum after Peacock greenlit its development.

A major obstacle surfaced in coordinating the schedules of the ensemble cast, which includes Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, and Yvette Nicole Brown. Harmon emphasized the significance of having the entire cast together on-screen, rather than resorting to separate shoots. Plans to film in Atlanta, accommodating Glover’s commitments, were disrupted by the strikes.

Despite the hurdles posed by the strikes, progress is being made as the WGA strike winds down, even though the actors’ strike persists. Yet, these continuous disruptions raise concerns about the project’s ultimate realization. Harmon expressed his fears, stating, “By the time we can reschedule, what are the odds everyone’s schedules will align again?”

Above all, Harmon acknowledged his anxiety, confessing, “I really don’t want to mess it up, and that’s truly terrifying. But I hold onto the hope that being honest about my fears might break the cycle.”

While the gang reunites, possibly for a class reunion, the return of Chevy Chase remains uncertain. In a recent appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, Chase expressed his opinion, saying the show “wasn’t impactful enough” for him and discussed his past feud with Harmon, saying, “I have no idea if we’re OK… I’ve never not been OK. He’s quite a character. He was angry. He apologized. I love him now.”

Harmon revealed to Variety that he’s unsure of the legality of Chase’s return but expressed regret regarding their feud. “I didn’t consider them during my feud with Chevy. Later, I realized I’d hurt those who cared about Greendale, this world I created. Suddenly, they were served a raw side of me, which wasn’t fair to them.”

While fans eagerly anticipate returning to Greendale, there’s an abundance of new Harmon content on streaming platforms. Krapopolis recently debuted on Hulu, and the upcoming October 15th marks the premiere of Season 7 of Rick and Morty.