A Second Look at My Home Hero

My Home Hero

Network: Tokyo MXGenre: AnimationSeasons: 1Episodes: 12

The story centers on a salaryman who has a reliable wife and a daughter in university who can sometimes act a bit rebellious, but has a happy life in his own way. Until one day he finds out his daughter has been beaten, and thus begins his journey into a dangerous world to protect his family.

Review: My Home Hero

The unlikely hero, My Home Hero, may not be visually appealing, but it certainly caught my attention. In the first two episodes, the show demonstrates commendable world-building skills and an intriguing storyline. However, amidst the engaging aspects, there are a few elements that leave a bitter aftertaste.

A Peculiar Nonchalance

One notable issue with the series is the unsettling calmness displayed by the main characters, Tetsuo and Kasen, in the face of unimaginable situations. Their proficiency in their unsettling activities, like boiling bodies in bathtubs and deceiving the yakuza, is vaguely justified as Tetsuo’s obsession with mystery novels. However, their blasé attitude towards these heinous acts is far too abnormal for an ordinary suburban couple. A prime example of this is when Kasen casually asks Tetsuo, “Is this your first murder?” This question brings to light the mangaka’s realization that something is amiss. It is puzzling that Tetsuo does not reciprocate the suspicion towards his wife.

Nevertheless, let’s move on to the redeeming qualities that My Home Hero possesses. The series provides a gripping narrative, filled with suspense that keeps the viewers engaged. Although it is conventional for a cat-and-mouse chase between an average middle-aged man and the mob to end predictably, Tetsuo surprises us with his extensive knowledge of true crime and his ability to remain composed under pressure. His ingenious plan to dispose of the body using compost acceleration garden chemicals, although its feasibility is uncertain, adds an element of cleverness to the storyline.

A Thrilling Blend of Intrigue

The show offers an assortment of thrilling elements that pique viewers’ interest. Surveillance, bugs, and even kidnapping are intricately woven into the plot. Tetsuo’s idea to employ listening devices to fabricate a story about their daughter being stalked is yet another clever deception. However, it is doubtful that professional gangsters will be easily fooled. With the high-stakes situations presented, it is intriguing to contemplate how the charismatic couple will extricate themselves from their predicaments without alerting their daughter, Reika. Admittedly, Reika’s character proves to be more of an annoyance than a compelling addition to the series. To truly assess My Home Hero, we must await the next episode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do Tetsuo and Kasen maintain their calm demeanor in such dangerous situations?

Tetsuo’s obsession with mystery novels serves as a partial explanation for his composure, while Kasen’s nonchalant attitude remains an enigma. The duo’s peculiar calmness adds an intriguing layer to the series.

2. Will Tetsuo and Kasen’s ruses fool the professional gangsters for long?

While their deceptive tactics demonstrate ingenuity, it remains uncertain if they can outsmart experienced criminals. The impending danger creates an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation for future episodes.

3. How will Tetsuo and Kasen protect their daughter, Reika, from the unfolding chaos?

Ensuring their daughter’s safety becomes an additional challenge for the couple. Their ability to keep their actions clandestine from Reika adds an additional layer of complexity to the storyline.

4. What sets My Home Hero apart from similar shows?

My Home Hero offers a unique blend of suspense, true crime knowledge, and unconventional protagonists. Its ability to maintain viewer engagement through thrilling plot twists differentiates it from other series in the genre.

5. Is it necessary to continue watching My Home Hero?

Given the promising aspects of the show and the desire to see how the protagonists navigate their perilous circumstances, it is undoubtedly worth continuing to watch and explore the developments in future episodes.

In conclusion, My Home Hero, despite its initial drawbacks, manages to captivate viewers with its compelling narrative and skillful incorporation of suspenseful elements. While there are aspects that leave room for improvement, the series consistently surprises and intrigues, promising an exciting journey ahead.

My Home Hero Anime Review


The show provides a captivating mix of elements that arouse viewers’ curiosity. Surveillance, hidden devices, and even abduction are skillfully interwoven into the storyline. Tetsuo’s clever scheme to use listening devices and create a false narrative about their daughter being stalked adds another layer of deception. However, it remains uncertain whether seasoned criminals will be easily deceived. The high-stakes situations presented make it fascinating to contemplate how the charismatic couple will free themselves from their predicaments without raising suspicion from their daughter, Reika. It must be acknowledged that Reika’s character is more bothersome than an engaging addition to the series.