Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 Review HBO Series

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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4: A Turning Point for the Series

In the fourth episode of Euphoria’s second season, titled “You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can,” we witness a multitude of character secrets unraveling, resulting in a major turning point for the series. This review contains spoilers for this highly anticipated episode.

An Awkward Encounter Unveils Rue’s High

The episode opens with an intimate yet awkward sex scene between Rue, portrayed by Zendaya, and Jules, played by Hunter Schafer. However, we soon discover that Rue is secretly high during this encounter, causing her to be unable to fully feel the physical sensations. As a result, Rue is forced to fake an orgasm, leading to a comedic and perplexing exchange between Jules and Elliot, portrayed by Dominic Fike. This revelation confirms some of the suspicions we’ve had about Rue’s drug use, adding a layer of complexity to her character.

Maddy, Nate, and Cassie’s Love Triangle Deepens

Meanwhile, the love triangle between Maddy, Nate, and Cassie becomes increasingly complicated. Nate and Maddy engage in a heartfelt conversation about their past actions, exploring whether their feelings for each other were genuine. The actors, Alexa Demie and Jacob Elordi, skillfully portray the tumultuous nature of their toxic relationship, momentarily fooling the audience into believing that they could reconcile. However, it becomes clear that their history and toxic traits make a successful reconciliation unlikely.

Nate, surprisingly honest in his own way, does not hide his interaction with Maddy from Cassie. The couple engages in a heated conversation, shedding light on the current status of their relationship. Nate’s brutal honesty exposes the extent of Cassie’s decision to sleep with her best friend’s ex, causing her distress as she realizes the parallels between her own situation and Maddy’s past involvement with Nate. This confrontation offers a raw and genuine portrayal of their complex emotions.

Lexi’s Play – A Reflection of Personal Struggles

Lexi, who has been actively involved in writing and casting high school play, seemingly draws inspiration from Cassie’s personal struggles. As she returns from Nate’s house filled with anger, Lexi utilizes this opportunity to observe and understand her sister’s behavior more deeply. This play, which has been consistently highlighted throughout the season, holds potential for significant narrative implications. Will Lexi eventually expose Cassie’s secret relationship with Nate through her art? Only time will tell.

Cal’s Emotional Journey and Revelation

Cal, portrayed by Eric Dane, undergoes a transformative experience as he reflects on his encounter with Fezco and Ashtray. His drunken state enables him to confront the deep-rooted resentment he holds towards his family. Taking a trip down memory lane, Cal revisits a bar where he once confessed his feelings to his friend Derek, played by Henry Eikenberry. Overwhelmed by nostalgia, Cal imagines dancing with a stranger who resembles Derek. However, his behavior becomes increasingly aggressive and ultimately leads to his expulsion from the bar. This emotional journey signals a significant turning point in Cal’s character arc, potentially impacting future storylines.

An Unsettling Party and Surprising Revelations

Maddy’s birthday party takes a dark turn as Cassie drinks excessively to cope with her jealousy towards Nate’s late arrival. Her irrational behavior escalates as she dons a revealing bikini and impulsively starts dancing in the presence of the party attendees. The tension between Maddy and Nate reaches its breaking point during a confrontation, with Cassie unexpectedly throwing up in the hot tub. Although it is initially assumed that she is apologizing for ruining the party, it is implied that she is actually apologizing for betraying Maddy by engaging in a secret relationship with Nate.

The Repercussions of Rue’s Drug Use

In a drastic turn of events, Rue, Jules, and Elliot decide to rob a store in search of free liquor. Their plan is motivated by a truth or dare game that pushes Rue to kiss Elliot and challenges Jules to have her stomach licked by him. While this mission succeeds, it only leads to further complications. Rue, overwhelmed by emotions, confronts Jules about their relationship, expressing her difficulty in being with her. She requests to be left alone on the road, leaving Jules and Elliot to navigate their complicated dynamic without her.

Cal’s Revelation and Its Impact

Cal delivers a nearly 10-minute-long monologue in the middle of the night, revealing his double life to his