Exploring the Fascinating World of Futsal Boys

First Impressions – Futsal Boys: A New Sports Anime Worth Checking Out!

When it comes to the debut episode of Futsal Boys, let’s get right to the point. It didn’t exceed my expectations, nor did it disappoint. This series offers modest visuals with limited use of CGI, but it certainly grabs the attention of sports enthusiasts, especially those who enjoyed Haikyuu. Futsal Boys is a refreshing addition to the anime world as it dives into a sport that hasn’t received much spotlight before – futsal. Despite its neutral reception, I believe it deserves a fair chance and warrants a trial run.

A Multifaceted Project with Newcomers

Futsal Boys is part of a larger multimedia project that includes seiyuu (voice actors) playing real futsal matches, representing the schools of their characters. This unique aspect adds excitement to the series and is made possible by the fact that the cast is entirely comprised of newcomers. Moreover, the show provides an opportunity to explore futsal in more depth. As a crucial training ground for young soccer players and immensely popular in many parts of the world, futsal offers a distinct experience with its 5-on-5 gameplay on a court, requiring significant changes in formations and positions.

An Engaging Yet Predictable Premiere

The premiere episode follows a somewhat predictable plotline, with first-year high school students embarking on their journey and participating in a practice match against mischievous opponents from a delinquent school. The exaggerated special moves, reminiscent of Captain Tsubasa, add an element of silliness. However, once the futsal matches commence, the show becomes more intriguing, especially when team dynamics, positions (like fixo, alas, pivot, goalkeeper), and formations come into play. The primary focus revolves around Koyo Academy, where one of its members is part of the national U-18 futsal team. Nevertheless, it seems that the story will eventually explore various other schools as well.

More Than Just a Fad

Although Futsal Boys cannot be compared to the likes of Haikyuu or Shakunetsu Kabaddi, it serves as a satisfying sports anime for those seeking a low-maintenance and enjoyable watch. Identifying talented seiyuu among the newcomers is always intriguing, considering the absence of familiar voices in the show thus far. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the plot may become more captivating once it moves past the initial forced storyline. For now, Futsal Boys serves as a delightful diversion, and there’s absolutely no shame in appreciating that.


Futsal Boys manages to carve its niche in the realm of sports anime by exploring the world of futsal, a lesser-known sport in the anime industry. Although the series might not reach the same heights of popularity as its predecessors, it brings something fresh and enjoyable to the table. With its engaging matches, unique team dynamics, and potential for character growth, Futsal Boys has the potential to capture the attention of both sports enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Futsal Boys suitable for viewers who haven’t watched sports anime before?

Yes, absolutely! Futsal Boys offers a great entry point into the world of sports anime due to its approachable characters, straightforward plotline, and exciting futsal matches. Even if you’re new to the genre, you’ll find it enjoyable and easy to follow.

2. Will Futsal Boys dive deeper into the rules and strategies of futsal?

Yes, the series demonstrates a commitment to showcasing the intricacies of futsal. As the story progresses and various schools are introduced, you can expect to learn more about the rules, formations, and tactical decisions that shape the game.

3. Are there any standout characters in Futsal Boys so far?

As the series predominantly features newcomers in its voice cast, it’s too early to pinpoint standout characters definitively. However, the diverse range of personalities among the futsal team members promises an exciting and engaging character development as the plot unfolds.

4. Will Futsal Boys appeal solely to soccer fans?

While Futsal Boys certainly caters to soccer enthusiasts, its charm extends beyond the sport itself. With its entertaining matches, relatable characters, and potential for personal growth, the series offers something for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with soccer or futsal.

5. Can we expect intense rivalries and emotional moments in Futsal Boys?

Absolutely! Sports anime often thrive on intense rivalries and emotional moments, and Futsal Boys is no exception. As the players push their limits, bonds are formed, and dreams are pursued, viewers can anticipate thrilling matches and heartfelt moments throughout the series.