Fall 2022 Film Review: Exploring the Season’s Top Movies

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Lionsgate’s Fall (2022): A Terrifying Thriller with Compelling Performances

Lionsgate’s Fall (2022) is an insanely terrifying film that manages to captivate its viewers despite its flaws. The performances of Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner elevate this thriller and make it a compelling watch. From the very beginning, the film grabs your attention with its stunning shots, which are accompanied by a haunting score by Tim Despic. The combination of visuals and music creates a constant sense of unease, setting the stage for the nerve-wracking journey that lies ahead.

The Plunge into Terror

Fall centers around best friends Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), two climbers seeking to move on from a tragic event that occurred a year ago. Determined to challenge themselves, they decide to climb the abandoned B67 TV Tower in the California desert, a towering structure standing at a staggering 2,000 feet. However, their excitement turns into terror when the tower’s ladder gives way, leaving them trapped on a platform at the top. Unable to call for help, they must rely on their skills and resilience to find a way down together.

As Becky and Hunter reach the top of the tower, the level of terror reaches new heights. The cinematography and score work in tandem to immerse the audience into the characters’ predicament. Even for those who aren’t afraid of heights, the film manages to evoke a genuine sense of fear. The vertigo-inducing shots and the realistic setting intensify the nerves, making every moment a heart-pounding experience.

An Entertaining Thrill with Room for Improvement

Fall, much like its predecessor 47 Meters Down (2017), may not be considered a great film, but it still offers entertainment and thrills. The plot does stumble at times, with developments that may elicit a groan from viewers. However, these moments of frustration are common in modern horror films, and Fall is no exception. The presence of additional characters like Dan (Mason Gooding), Becky’s husband and fellow climber, and James (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Becky’s father, adds depth to the narrative without overshadowing the two leads. Although they could have been further developed, their roles contribute to the growth and progression of Becky and Hunter.

While the story may have some predictable elements, it still manages to surprise with unexpected twists. However, what truly makes Fall stand out is the level of terror it instills in its viewers. The practical effects and the decision to shoot on location add a sense of realism to the film. The performances of Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner, along with their undeniable chemistry, make you genuinely care about the characters and fear for their lives. Currey delivers a sensational performance as Becky, bringing depth and emotion to the role, while Gardner seizes her moments in the spotlight throughout the film. Their dedication to their characters enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Perfect Blend of Horror and Humanity

It is worth noting that the character of Becky was inspired by a member of director and co-writer Scott Mann’s wife’s family, who had experienced the loss of a young husband. This personal connection adds another layer to the character and Currey’s performance, making Becky even more compelling. Currey skillfully portrays Becky’s grief and pain, creating a sense of empathy that goes beyond what is written in the script. The performances, coupled with the cinematography, score, and sheer terror the film evokes, make Fall a worthwhile watch.

Despite its occasional B-movie feel, Fall offers a unique viewing experience that can be enjoyed by different audiences. While some may find amusement in certain aspects of the film, the high-quality performances of Currey and Gardner cannot be denied. Furthermore, the makeup artists deserve recognition for their work in making the characters’ physical appearances reflect the challenges they face throughout the narrative. The practical effects, although not flawless, effectively enhance the overall impact of the film.

The bombastic score by Tim Despic adds another layer of intensity to the scariest moments of Fall. While the film may not necessarily require a score to amplify the fear, Despic’s contribution proves to be effective. The blend of dark and hopeful music adds emotional depth to the story.


In conclusion, Fall is a thrilling roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Despite its flaws, the film’s ability to induce genuine terror and the exceptional performances of Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner make it a worthwhile watch. The cinematography, practical effects, and mesmerizing score all contribute to the overall experience. Be prepared to be captivated, frightened, and invested in every scary minute of Fall.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Fall

1. Is Fall a standalone film or part of a series?

Fall is a standalone film that tells a complete story within its runtime.

2. How long is the runtime of Fall?

The runtime of Fall is approximately [insert runtime here].

3. Where was Fall filmed?

Fall was primarily filmed on location, capturing the breathtaking California desert scenery. Certain scenes were shot in [insert specific filming locations].

4. Are there any notable performances besides Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner?

While Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner deliver standout performances as Becky and Hunter, the film also features notable performances from Mason Gooding and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in supporting roles.

5. Can you provide more information about the director, Scott Mann?

Scott Mann is both the director and co-writer of Fall. His personal connection to one of the characters adds depth and authenticity to the film.