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Fast & Feel Love: A Fascinating and Frustrating Thai Adulting Comedy

Fast & Feel Love is a Thai adulting comedy that manages to captivate and exasperate viewers with its unique story. The film showcases a standout performance by Urassaya Sperbund and explores the challenges faced by the main characters, Jay and Kao.

A Delicate Balancing Act

Jay and Kao’s journey begins when they meet in high school. Kao, with his passion for sports stacking, faces discouragement from his career advisor. Despite this, he becomes extraordinarily skilled in this niche sport in later years. Jay, on the other hand, supports Kao with her innate kindness and ensures that nothing hinders him from achieving the milliseconds required to break the world record.

However, not everything is smooth sailing for the couple. Their conflicting dreams come to the forefront when they purchase a new home with a kid’s bedroom that Jay sees as an opportunity for starting a family. Kao’s unwavering focus on sports stacking clashes with Jay’s desire for children. This conflict intensifies when the world sports stacking championships offer the winner a chance to go to America, evoking excitement in Kao but indifference in Jay.

The breaking point occurs when Jay decides to leave Kao, leading to a decline in his performance. To make matters worse, his world record is shattered by a talented young boy from Colombia. With the official competition fast approaching, Kao faces the challenge of not only restoring his skills but also learning how to manage daily household chores.

A Unique Blend of Comedy and Action

Directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, Fast & Feel Love stands out as a Thai comedy that parodies modern action blockbusters. Thamrongrattanarit skillfully incorporates elements from Christopher Nolan’s films, the Fast & Furious series, and serious action thrillers to create a unique cinematic experience. The film’s score, composed by Mellow Tunes, adds a grandiose and Hans Zimmer-like touch, perfectly complementing the parody.

Fast & Feel Love is filled with pop culture references and cine-literate influences, appealing to movie enthusiasts. It cleverly parodies movies like Parasite, showcasing the director’s keen sense of humor. The film also employs quick cuts, jarring shifts, and contrasting narration from Kao and Jay, which contribute to its overall comedic effect. In certain meta moments, the characters even acknowledge the audience’s ability to hear their narration.

Urassaya Sperbund’s Captivating Performance

One of the standout aspects of Fast & Feel Love is the exceptional performance by Thai-Norwegian actress Urassaya Sperbund in the role of Jay. Her charismatic and sometimes melancholic portrayal captivates viewers, particularly as she embodies the selflessness of her character, who does everything for Kao. Sperbund’s performance carries the film in pivotal moments, making her a true highlight.

Coming of Age and Real-World Responsibilities

While some may initially expect Fast & Feel Love to revolve solely around sports stacking, the film transcends this narrow focus. Instead, it delves into the theme of “adulting,” showcasing the protagonists’ journey of growth and the challenges they face in assuming real-world responsibilities.

Kao’s character begins the film as an oblivious and spoiled individual, unable to tolerate any distractions while stacking cups. He heavily relies on Jay to manage every aspect of their lives. However, when Jay leaves, Kao must quickly learn to cope with everyday tasks such as chores and shopping for necessities. These mundane activities become a significant part of the film, highlighting the importance of personal growth and independent living.

However, the film’s runtime of two hours becomes somewhat tiresome as the plot stagnates in the second half. While the final third of the movie successfully transitions into a sports film, the script fails to effectively sell Kao’s motivation for pushing towards the world championships. The emphasis on Jay’s desire for motherhood feels heavy-handed and unresolved, contributing to a slightly mean-spirited undertone.

The Final Verdict

Fast & Feel Love is a simultaneously fascinating and frustrating comedy that skillfully blends humor, action, and personal growth. Its witty humor and clever film references are sure to please audiences, while Urassaya Sperbund’s outstanding performance adds depth to the film. However, at times, the movie feels overstuffed and lacking focus due to its abundance of subplots. Despite these minor shortcomings, I would still recommend giving Fast & Feel Love a watch for its unique blend of comedy and thought-provoking themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fast & Feel Love a sports stacking movie?

No, Fast & Feel Love goes beyond being a film solely about sports stacking. While the sport serves as a backdrop for the narrative, the movie primarily explores the themes of growing up, accepting real-world responsibilities, and the challenges of relationships.

2. Is Fast & Feel Love a romantic comedy?

Fast & Feel Love deviates from the traditional romantic comedy formula. While there are romantic elements within the story, the film’s bittersweet and somewhat unsatisfying ending sets it apart from conventional rom-coms.

3. How does Fast & Feel Love portray the concept of “adulting”?

The film places a strong emphasis on the journey of “adulting” and the lessons the characters learn as they navigate real-world responsibilities. Kao, initially reliant on Jay for everything, must adapt quickly when she leaves. The movie highlights the challenges faced by individuals transitioning into adulthood and the need to develop self-sufficiency.

4. What other movies does Fast & Feel Love reference?

Fast & Feel Love is filled with pop culture references and allusions to various films. Some references are overt, such as the parody of Parasite, while others may be more subtle. For example, the subplot involving Kao and Jay’s conflicts over their shared house may remind viewers of Danny DeVito’s The War of the Roses (1989).

5. How does Fast & Feel Love compare to other spoof films from 2022?

While Fast & Feel Love successfully incorporates elements of spoof and parody, viewers looking for a top-notch spoof film from 2022 with strong connections to real-world themes may find Cop Secret more appealing. Cop Secret offers a different take on the spoof genre while exploring relevant societal issues.