Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited – Thrilling Finale and Engaging Series Review

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Fugou Keiji: A Surprising Twist on a Buddy-Cop Drama

In the world of anime, Fugou Keiji captured the attention of viewers with its unique take on the buddy-cop genre. Initially expecting a hardboiled detective series, audiences were in for a surprise as the show transformed into something akin to a superhero narrative. Drawing inspiration from Batman, this Japanese adaptation incorporated comic book elements that exceeded all expectations.

Unveiling the Superhero Theme

Despite a somewhat inconsistent start, Fugou Keiji gradually gained momentum and proved to be a solid series overall. Rather than following the conventional path of a buddy-cop drama or comedy, it embraced a superhero concept. The incorporation of Adollium, a mysterious cold-fusion technology, added to the complexity of the story. This high-tech substance, if released into the world, could have immense consequences.

However, it was Grandma, named Kikuko, who held the reins behind the scenes. Surprisingly, Shigeharu, who the audience believed to be the mastermind, was nothing more than a diversion. Although still alive, his mind shattered after the tragic murder of his wife. Kikuko, driven by the desire to prevent Adollium’s release, orchestrated a series of events that included multiple murders.

The Superbutler and the Mask Trope

The Millionaire Detective presented a twist by merging two comic book clichés into one. The person wearing Shigeharu’s mask was not only a superbutler but also an accomplice to Kikuko. This revelation explained his exceptional skills and his indifference towards being seen on camera. His loyalty lay in following Kikuko’s orders, no matter the cost.

As the story unfolds, it is Katou-san who faces off against the butler while Daisuke confronts his grandmother. Despite being shot in the leg, Katou’s determination remains unshaken. Daisuke, though not naturally inclined to heroism, initially intends to do the right thing. However, his wavering resolve creates an opportunity for Kikuko to sway him. Thankfully, Katou’s collapse in the strategically chosen teahouse prevents him from succumbing to her persuasion.

The Dilemma of Adollium

Kikuko, while not entirely misguided in her concerns about the impact of Adollium on the world, adopts a paternalistic perspective. Her argument echoes that of the super-rich throughout history. Daisuke, being from a wealthy background himself, finds her reasoning compelling. Here lies the more realistic side of Fugou Keiji, showcasing the complementary partnership between Katou and Daisuke. Although Katou contributes more to Daisuke’s growth, this imbalance is common in many real-life partnerships.

The Heroes’ Conclusion and Beyond

As the story unravels, our two heroes find their version of a happily ever after. However, the public unfairly places blame on the Kambe family for the cover-up, forcing Daisuke to abandon his mansion and seemingly leave Japan. While still officially part of the police force, Katou and Daisuke operate more independently, almost like free agents. Katou serves as a crusader for justice, with Daisuke as his partner and sometimes tormentor. It is worth mentioning that Daisuke now shares HEUSC with the rest of the Modern Crimes unit.

Fugou Keiji: A Potential for Sequels

Overall, Fugou Keiji satisfied the expectations of its viewers. Although it may not have reached masterpiece status, it certainly earned its role in the Kishimoto Taku slot. This series possesses the potential to continue with sequels should it generate enough interest and revenue. With its comfortable and accessible nature, there are countless stories in which Katou and Daisuke could easily fit.


Fugou Keiji took the buddy-cop genre to new heights with its unexpected superhero twist. From the revelations behind the mask trope to the philosophical debate surrounding the release of Adollium, this series captivated audiences with its perplexing narrative. Despite diverging from the gritty and realistic direction some viewers desired, Fugou Keiji found its place and delivered an entertaining and engaging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will there be a sequel to Fugou Keiji?

While it is uncertain at this time, Fugou Keiji possesses the potential to continue with sequels if there is sufficient interest and financial viability.

2. What inspired Fugou Keiji’s superhero theme?

The series drew inspiration from Batman, incorporating elements of the superhero genre with a unique Japanese twist.

3. Who orchestrated the events in Fugou Keiji?

Contrary to initial expectations, Grandma, known as Kikuko, was revealed to be the mastermind behind the events in Fugou Keiji.

4. What is Adollium?

Adollium is a mysterious cold-fusion technology that plays a pivotal role in the series. If released to the world, its impact could be significant.

5. How do Katou and Daisuke’s roles complement each other?

While Katou contributes more to Daisuke’s growth, their partnership thrives on a complementary dynamic. Katou serves as a crusader for justice while Daisuke supports him and adds a touch of torment.