Gangsta: Review – Impact on the Anime Landscape

Gangsta: A Baffling Finale and Unanswered Questions

Let’s dive into the perplexing finale of Gangsta and the numerous unanswered questions that have left viewers puzzled and frustrated. Despite the series’ strong start and consistent quality, the ending of Gangsta fails to provide any sort of closure. We are left wondering if there will be any continuation of the anime or if this is the final destination for the story.

An Unfulfilling Conclusion

The unexpected ending of Gangsta left many fans in disbelief. With minimal effort made to wrap up loose ends or provide a sense of finality, the lack of closure is truly disappointing. This disregard for the responsibility of ending a series is highly unusual, even among one-cour adaptations of ongoing manga.

The Journey to the Disappointing Conclusion

Before diving into the unsatisfying ending, let’s explore the journey that led us to this point. Gangsta has consistently delivered strong storytelling, and this arc is no exception. The focus on Marco’s backstory and his “twilight-like abilities” provides valuable insights into both his character and the events unfolding in Ergastulum.

We discover that most humans with these abilities are trained as Hunters, responsible for maintaining order. Marco, however, was once a Hunter before abandoning his post to join the Cristiano family. This revelation sheds light on Marco’s actions and their consequences, such as Connie becoming a target and Joel’s deep resentment towards him.

The existence of humans with twilight abilities but no dependence on Celebrer raises unsettling questions and introduces formidable individuals like Striker and Sig, who disrupt the fragile peace in Ergastulum. It is unclear how and why these humans emerged, but Marco’s mention of the war provides intriguing possibilities.

A Climactic Showdown and Mysterious Clues

As tensions escalate and Striker launches an attack on Monroe headquarters, the body count rises. The intense confrontation between Striker, Worick, and Miles showcases the series’ exceptional fight scenes. However, despite their best efforts, Worick and Miles are unable to defeat Striker or uncover any meaningful answers.

Striker’s cryptic statement to Worick about his interest in “Old Man Monroe” hints at the possibility of Monroe being a twilight himself. This revelation could potentially complicate the situation further. Additionally, Worick’s reference to Striker as a “Mix” raises intriguing possibilities that could reshape our understanding of the story.

A Disheartening Lack of Clarity

Unfortunately, the promising build-up and anticipation all come crashing down in the final moments of the episode. The audience is left with more questions than answers. We are left pondering the meaning behind Nina’s esper powers, the fate of Nic and Alex, and the overall resolution of the storyline. Regrettably, the narrative abruptly halts, leaving numerous plot threads unresolved.

This lack of effort to provide even the semblance of a finale is bewildering. It feels like a disappointment to the audience, as there is no closure or acknowledgment of the story’s progression. The dissatisfaction is further amplified by the absence of any information from official sources, leaving fans to speculate about the reasons behind this questionable decision.

Possible Explanations and Theories

One theory that may explain the disjointed ending is potential budget constraints faced by Manglobe and Murase-sensei. Perhaps the initial plan was for 13 episodes, but due to budget cuts, they had to truncate the series abruptly. This could explain the recap episode numbered “9.5” and the lack of finality in the true finale. While this remains a mere conjecture without official confirmation, it offers a plausible explanation for the unsatisfying conclusion.

A Shameful Contrast to an Outstanding Series

It is disheartening to see such a remarkable series like Gangsta diminish its legacy with an inadequate ending. Despite its flaws, Gangsta has undeniably stood out as one of the best shows of the summer. The series masterfully handled its exposition, surpassing expectations with finesse and elegance rarely seen in anime.

Notably, Gangsta presented a relentless and grim narrative while preserving a sense of humanity and compassion. It reminded us that every character’s life is significant and worthy of consideration, regardless of their differences. This fundamental message delivered through the brutal and unforgiving nature of the series is its essence and magic.

A Lasting Impact

Although Gangsta’s ending threatens to overshadow its numerous triumphs, it remains a series that deserves recognition for its glorious successes. The historical awareness, symbolism, and exploration of our civilization’s flawed past add depth to the story. However, the true strength of Gangsta lies in its ability to tell a captivating human tale that resonates with audiences.

Despite the disappointment surrounding the finale, we should remember Gangsta for the powerful narrative it presented throughout its run. Its legacy should not solely be defined by its ending but should instead be celebrated for the thought-provoking and emotional journey it took us on.


In conclusion, the perplexing finale of Gangsta and the unanswered questions have left viewers dissatisfied. The series’ failure to provide closure and the ensuing confusion among fans is disappointing. However, despite its shortcomings, Gangsta stands as a testament to exceptional storytelling, tackling profound themes and inviting introspection into our shared humanity.


1. Will there be a continuation of Gangsta, or is this the end?

As of now, there is no official information regarding a possible continuation of the series or an alternative ending. The finale leaves many plot points unresolved, leaving viewers in a state of uncertainty.

2. Why did the ending of Gangsta feel so abrupt?

The reasons behind the abrupt ending remain unclear. It is possible that external factors, such as budget constraints, influenced the production and resulted in an incomplete finale. However, without official confirmation, it is difficult to ascertain the exact circumstances.

3. How does the lack of closure impact the overall perception of Gangsta?

While the unsatisfying ending may overshadow the series’ accomplishments, it is essential to appreciate the remarkable aspects of Gangsta’s storytelling. Despite its flaws, the series managed to captivate audiences and deliver thought-provoking narratives that resonated on a human level.

4. Are there any plans to address the unanswered questions in the future?

At present, there is no information regarding any future plans to address the unresolved plotlines or provide clarification. The lack of communication from official sources adds to the uncertainty surrounding this matter.

5. Should I watch Gangsta despite the disappointing ending?

Absolutely! Despite the finale’s shortcomings, Gangsta remains a noteworthy series with a compelling story and memorable characters. It still offers an engaging viewing experience that is worth exploring for its unique themes and masterful storytelling.