Given: Mysteries Unraveled – Episode 10 Reflections

The Deliberate and Chilled Narrative of Given

In the anime series Given, there is something to be said about its sincerity and natural approach. Unlike many other shows, Given stays true to its essence, without trying to be pretentious or overly exciting. It may not offer constant thrills, but that deliberate and restrained quality works well for the series.

A Change of Pace in Episode 9

Episode 9 of Given presented a slight deviation from its usual narrative style. It brought forth a burst of energy and excitement, like an earthquake shaking the plot’s tectonic plates. However, this episode was an exception, as subsequent episodes returned to the series’ familiar chill mode. With that return, the absence of music, a default characteristic of Given, may disappoint some viewers who have different expectations from the show.

A Realistic Portrayal of Youth

Given captures a degree of realism, particularly for teenagers and young adults. At this age, life unfolds incidentally, with brief bursts of euphoria and transformative moments. The show reflects the languid approach to life that young males often adopt, not pushing too hard until something sparks their motivation. It beautifully encapsulates the erratic flow of young male existence, making Given quite genius in its representation.

The Naming of the Band and its Momentous Performance

Interestingly, the band has now officially adopted the name “Given,” despite originally being named “Seasons.” The addition of a fourth member prompted the change, even though his name ironically contained the very season they lacked. Thanks to Take-chan, the band possesses an edited clip of their live performance, which Haruki wastes no time in sharing online. This performance manages to generate a buzz, as Mafuyu and Ritsuka’s classmates discuss it, Hiiragi sheds tears over it, and Mafuyu, unfortunately, ends up with a fever due to his passionate singing.

The Elephant in the Room: Ritsuka’s Impulsive Kiss

Ritsuka’s impulsive kiss becomes the proverbial elephant in the room, causing discomfort for both him and Mafuyu. As expected, Ritsuka seems more unsettled by the situation than Mafuyu. After Mafuyu recovers, the band gathers at a yakiniku-ya (a Japanese BBQ restaurant) to contemplate their future. Aki, who has rejected Ritsuka’s sister and thus cemented his romantic preference, appears unfazed when Mafuyu talks about his past boyfriend, while Haru keenly observes the situation. The fact that Yuki’s mom supplied him with a guitar suggests that Mafuyu’s parents were surprisingly accepting of their son’s same-sex relationship, potentially because Mafuyu and his former partner grew up together.

Addressing the Kiss and Unveiling True Feelings

Given’s slow-paced nature can only ignore the kiss for so long, and finally, the moment arrives when Mafuyu takes Ritsuka to Minato Mirai in Yokohama, a popular date spot. It’s a relief that Mafuyu has put Ritsuka out of his misery, even though Mafuyu probably had no idea Ritsuka was feeling that way in the first place. The reciprocation of feelings from Mafuyu was never in doubt, just as his desire to continue singing and writing songs remained constant. However, an important question lingers: Can Mafuyu sustain a healthy, long-term relationship, both romantically and musically? Unfortunately, this adaptation may not have sufficient time to thoroughly answer that question.


Given remains a standout series for its sincere and natural approach to storytelling. It embraces a deliberate and chilled narrative style, reflecting the ebb and flow of youth, particularly for young males. The band, now named Given, captivates audiences with their live performance, further immersing viewers in their world. The impulsive kiss between Ritsuka and Mafuyu becomes a pivotal moment, leading to a realization of true feelings and a path towards a potential long-term relationship. However, the series’ limited runtime may leave certain questions unanswered, leaving room for personal interpretation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Given have a second season?

    The possibility of a second season for Given remains uncertain. While many fans would eagerly welcome another installment, it ultimately depends on the success and popularity of the first season, as well as the decisions of the production team and manga author.

  2. Are the characters in Given based on real people?

    The characters in Given are fictional and not directly based on real individuals. However, like any work of art, they may incorporate elements or traits inspired by real people or experiences.

  3. Can I listen to Given’s music outside of the anime?

    Yes, Given has released several albums and singles featuring the show’s music. Fans can enjoy the band’s songs outside of the anime by listening to these official releases on streaming platforms or purchasing physical copies.

  4. What is the significance of Minato Mirai in Yokohama?

    Minato Mirai in Yokohama is a popular waterfront district known for its scenic views, shopping centers, and entertainment facilities. In Given, it serves as a significant location where Mafuyu unveils his true feelings to Ritsuka, symbolizing a turning point in their relationship.

  5. Is Given representative of LGBTQ+ relationships in Japan?

    Given has been lauded for its positive portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships in Japan. While attitudes and acceptance may vary within Japanese society, the series contributes to normalizing same-sex relationships and exploring themes of love, identity, and self-acceptance.