Good Guy With a Gun 2023 Film Review

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Good Guy with a Gun

Release: 2022-12-02Genre: DramaDuration: 109 minsBudget: $ 0

Follows a young man who after his father is murdered starts making bad choices, goes through life-threatening consequences and, of course, gets into guns.

Good Guy with a Gun

Release: 2022-12-02Genre: DramaDuration: 109 minsBudget: $ 0

Follows a young man who after his father is murdered starts making bad choices, goes through life-threatening consequences and, of course, gets into guns.

Good Guy with a Gun: A Thought-Provoking Exploration of Gun Violence

Director John Mossman’s highly anticipated film, Good Guy with a Gun, is set to make its exclusive Chicago premiere at the prestigious Midwest Film Festival. This compelling film delves into the ongoing catastrophe of gun violence, specifically within the United States, by following the story of a young man deeply impacted by a gun-related tragedy. While the film presents intriguing ideas and endeavors to initiate a dialogue, it ultimately grapples with its execution due to a meager plot and shallow character portrayals.

The Emotional Journey of Will Greenwood

The film centers around high-schooler Will Greenwood, portrayed by Beck Nolan, and his mother Tessa, played by Tiffany Bedwell, in the aftermath of Will’s father (Joe Swanberg) being fatally shot in the streets of Chicago. As the mother-son duo spends time in a small town, their relationship becomes strained as Will becomes exposed to a culture that glorifies guns and befriends new acquaintances. The heart of the story lies in the dynamics between mother and son as they grieve in their own distinct ways. Nolan and Bedwell deliver poignant performances, capturing the raw emotions that could have further elevated the film’s depth and resonance.

A Poignant Exploration of Gun Culture and Its Impact

Mossman’s passion for addressing the issue of gun violence shines through the narrative. The film unveils uncomfortable truths about the casual and careless treatment of guns, the Second Amendment, and violence in American society. Will’s friends, in particular, frequently make remarks and jokes about firearms, reflecting the disturbing reality prevalent in certain regions of the country. Mossman skillfully guides the young actors to portray authentic small-town individuals grappling with their identities. “You’re a good guy,” states Will’s friend Jonah (Jack Cain) toward the film’s conclusion. Mossman’s underlying message seems to be the recognition and appreciation of the inherent goodness within individuals, as well as the complexity of situations, as potential solutions to contemporary issues like gun violence.

Ambitious Vision Hindered by Weak Script and Characterization

Despite moments of brilliance and visually stunning cinematography by Christopher Lane, Good Guy with a Gun stumbles due to a script that fails to intricately weave the film’s weighty themes into a satisfying narrative. The dialogue often feels forced and unnatural, leaving conversations awkward and lacking authenticity. The movie also struggles to find its footing initially, with the drama in the latter half compensating for a lackluster first half. While Will and Tessa are portrayed as complex and genuine characters, the rest of the townsfolk come across as underdeveloped stereotypes. The effectiveness of the drama is often compromised by poorly written supporting characters who deliver uninspiring, wooden lines of dialogue.

Ambiguous Antagonists and Dichotomous Portrayal

The two main antagonists, portrayed by Dan Waller and Mossman himself, exemplify the film’s inadequacies. In an attempt to provide nuanced perspectives and complexity, these characters instead become one-dimensional villains, undermining the film’s aspiration to explore various sociopolitical issues. This flaw significantly diminishes the ambitious endeavor to foster a multifaceted conversation about real problems within American society.

Chicago Premiere of Good Guy with a Gun

Good Guy with a Gun is scheduled to have its Chicago Premiere at the highly anticipated Midwest Film Festival on February 27, 2023. This event promises to showcase the thought-provoking narrative and raise crucial questions about gun violence and its lasting impact on individuals and communities.


Good Guy with a Gun aims to tackle the harrowing realities of gun violence while shed light on broader social issues and the diverse perspectives people adopt. However, it falters under the weight of thinly developed characters and moments that seem to contradict the film’s core objective of fostering nuanced conversations about pressing concerns in American society. Nevertheless, the film’s emotionally charged performances and glimpses of powerful storytelling offer glimpses of its potential impact.


  1. What is the central message of Good Guy with a Gun?

    Good Guy with a Gun emphasizes the importance of recognizing the inherent goodness in everyone and embracing the complexity of societal issues such as gun violence.

  2. How does the film handle the topic of gun culture?

    The film highlights the casual and reckless attitudes people often adopt towards guns, exposing the need for a more serious and thoughtful approach to the Second Amendment and violence.

  3. Does Good Guy with a Gun effectively explore other social issues?

    While the film attempts to address multiple social issues, its focus on gun violence detracts from the depth and nuance it could have achieved in exploring other topics.

  4. What are the strengths of the film?

    The performances of Beck Nolan and Tiffany Bedwell, along with the director’s evident passion for the subject matter, serve as notable strengths. Additionally, the cinematography captures captivating rural landscapes.

  5. When and where is the Chicago premiere?

    Good Guy with a Gun will be exclusively premiered at the Midwest Film Festival in Chicago on February 27, 2023, offering audiences an opportunity to engage with its critical commentary.