Goodnight Mommy (2022) Film Review: A Creepy Thriller on Amazon Prime Video

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Goodnight Mommy: A Thrilling Mystery Unfolds

Naomi Watts stars in Goodnight Mommy, a remake of the 2014 Austrian psychological thriller of the same name that proves to be a captivating and enigmatic film. As someone who often dives into movies without prior knowledge, Goodnight Mommy was a pleasant surprise. Despite its status as one of the most unique horror films of the last decade, I had no clue about the storyline of Naomi Watts’ latest venture. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

Introduction to a Disturbing Tale

Goodnight Mommy begins with twin brothers, Elias and Lucas (Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti, known for their roles in Big Little Lies), arriving at their mother’s countryside residence. Initially excited to reunite with her, they quickly realize that something is amiss. Their mother’s face is wrapped in bandages, and her behavior is radically different from what they remember. Naturally, this sudden and dramatic transformation concerns the two boys, leading them to question their mother’s true identity and unravel the mystery behind her peculiar behavior.

Tense Pacing and Compelling Direction

Despite the film’s short ninety-minute runtime, Goodnight Mommy expertly delivers a sense of urgency and intensity right from the start. Matt Sobel’s direction is masterful, instilling tension and anticipation that permeate the entire movie. While there is minimal exposition, viewers find themselves on the edge of their seats, both confused and captivated, eagerly anticipating the next twist and turn. This engrossment is largely due to Naomi Watts’ mesmerizing performance as the enigmatic mother with hidden motives. Without her unwavering commitment to the emotional and physical demands of this role, Goodnight Mommy would not have been as impactful.

The Power of Naomi Watts’ Performance

Naomi Watts’ dedication to her role in Goodnight Mommy surpasses the performances of her co-stars. While the twin brothers, portrayed by Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti, do a commendable job carrying the narrative, it becomes evident that Watts’ talent stands out. Perhaps the limited character development for the boys is at fault, as it fails to establish a strong emotional connection. Specifically, as the stakes rise towards the climax, their performances as confused and frightened children become less convincing. Nonetheless, Watts’ portrayal of the mysterious mother is nothing short of extraordinary.

Cameron Crovetti and Nicholas Crovetti star in Goodnight Mommy (David Giesbrecht © 2022 Amazon Content Services LLC)

A Twist-Filled Journey

Coming into Goodnight Mommy without prior knowledge of the original film, I had no expectations for the twists and turns that lay ahead. Although I thought I had predicted the initial twist within the first five minutes, the movie surprises with unexpected directions, delivering a climactic experience. By the end, both Sobel’s direction and Kyle Warren’s screenplay successfully keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats, even if the film could have taken a few more risks along the way.

A Thrilling Promise Fulfilled

In the end, Goodnight Mommy delivers what it promises: a tight and thrilling ride, complemented by Naomi Watts’ captivating performance. Despite the minimal backstory, the film offers enough thrills and suspense to hold your attention, leaving you curious about what lies ahead. Through the lens of the children’s perspective, the intense moments become even more engaging, especially as Watts’ character becomes increasingly infuriated. For the best experience, I recommend going into Goodnight Mommy with little prior knowledge. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable encounter with one of the most chilling mothers of the year.

Goodnight Mommy will be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video starting September 16, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Goodnight Mommy a horror film?

Yes, Goodnight Mommy falls under the horror genre, characterized by its psychological thriller elements and suspenseful atmosphere.

2. Can I watch Goodnight Mommy without seeing the original version?

Absolutely! Goodnight Mommy is a standalone film, and you don’t need to watch the original Austrian version to enjoy this captivating remake.

3. What makes Naomi Watts’ performance exceptional in Goodnight Mommy?

Naomi Watts delivers a compelling portrayal of the mysterious mother, showcasing her talent and dedication to the complex emotional and physical aspects of the role.

4. Does Goodnight Mommy have unexpected plot twists?

Yes, Goodnight Mommy boasts several unexpected plot twists that add to the suspense and intrigue, keeping viewers engaged until the credits roll.

5. When will Goodnight Mommy be available to watch?

Goodnight Mommy will be released on Amazon Prime Video on September 16, 2022, allowing audiences to experience this thrilling mystery from the comfort of their homes.