Gosick: the Breathtaking Finale – A Series Review

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Network: TV TokyoGenre: AnimationSeasons: 1Episodes: 24

Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Her brother, a detective, relies on her exceptional mind to solve difficult mysteries.

Delighting in the Unpredictability: The Climactic Twist of Gosick

When it comes to storytelling, whether in anime or other mediums, there is a recurring pattern that presents itself – the penultimate episode often delivers the true climax, leaving the finale with the expectation of a grand finale. In the case of the final episode of Gosick, while it may not have been a disappointment, it didn’t quite deliver the expected emotional punch.

The Unexpected Separation: Kujo and Victorique

Last week, it was revealed that Kujo had been in Japan all along, which in hindsight, seems to make the most sense. The old man in Seyrun’s prophecy proved to be accurate, as a great storm did indeed separate Kujo and Victorique. However, it happened much earlier than anticipated, thanks to the twist of alternative history. Kujo finds himself enduring harsh conditions, appearing to be fighting in Northern Scandinavia based on the weather. Meanwhile, Victorique manages to escape from Brian, who mistakes her for Cordelia, leading to a severe injury after a fall from a cliff. Unexpectedly, Brian decides to honor Cordelia’s wishes after Victorique saves him. Their escape plan involved boarding a ship, which they manage to accomplish with the unlikely assistance of Grevil. Cordelia and her twin apparently perish in the burning Saubere, while Brian also succumbs to his wounds after using a final bit of magic to change Victorique’s hair color to silver, aiding her in evading capture.

A Rushed Resolution: Tying Up Loose Ends

If one gets the impression that things were rushed in this final episode, that perception is accurate. While last week’s rush contributed to a sense of drama and chaos, the rapid pace in this concluding episode felt more like an attempt to hastily wrap up loose ends. However, amidst all the hurried conclusions, the viewers’ primary concern remained with Kujo and Victorique. The suspense surrounding Kujo’s fate was skillfully managed, with Victorique envisioning his presence by her side in spirit, leaving us genuinely concerned for his well-being. The series presented one nail-biting moment when it seemed his legs had been blown off during battle, a truly terrifying episode highlight.

A Blend of Fairy Tale, FMA, and Agatha Christie

Gosick, at its core, was more than just an anime series – it encompassed elements of a fairy tale, sprinkled with hints of Fullmetal Alchemist and Agatha Christie. Roget played a crucial role in ensuring that Victorique received Kujo’s letters, guiding her to his family’s residence in Japan. And true to expectations, Kujo finally reappeared after a four-year time skip, looking taller with his hair restored and fortunately unharmed. The war had concluded, Roget had returned to the King’s side, and the world seemed to have found its balance once more.

A Reunion Disguised in Subtlety

The reunion of Kujo and Victorique, though undoubtedly touching, may not have evoked the level of emotions one would expect from the best couple of the year in anime. Perhaps it stemmed from the low-key nature of their encounter or the fact that so much emphasis had been placed on their separation and resulting heartbreak. This sentiment mirrors the overall impression of the episode – enjoyable, but not quite reaching its full potential.

The Strength of the Final Arc

Despite any reservations, it is undeniable that the final arc of Gosick stood out as the series’ finest. All the narrative threads skillfully converged, showcasing the heart-wrenching impact of our heroes’ parting. While the pure euphoria of their reunion may not have matched the intensity of their initial separation, it is forgivable. With the storm now behind them, there is every reason to believe that Kujo and Victorique can finally remain together forever, whether in Japan or Europe. Now, that truly qualifies as a happy ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the climactic twist in Gosick different from other anime?

In Gosick, the true climax is often placed in the penultimate episode, rather than the finale, which distinguishes it from many other anime series. This unique narrative choice adds an element of surprise and intrigue to the storytelling.

2. Why did the final episode of Gosick feel rushed?

The final episode of Gosick may have felt rushed due to the need to tie up numerous loose ends quickly. While this sense of urgency added to the overall drama, it also left some viewers craving a more in-depth exploration of certain plot points and character arcs.

3. How does Gosick blend elements of a fairy tale with FMA and Agatha Christie?

Gosick incorporates elements of a fairy tale through its whimsical storytelling and fantastical elements. Additionally, references to Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) and Agatha Christie’s works can be seen in the series, adding layers of complexity and mystery to the narrative.

4. What is the significance of Victorique’s silver hair in the final episode?

In the final episode, Brian uses his last bit of magic to turn Victorique’s hair silver. This transformation serves as a means for her to evade capture and symbolizes her ability to overcome adversity. Victorique’s silver hair becomes a visual representation of her resilience and determination.

5. Does the ending of Gosick provide a satisfying conclusion?

While the ending of Gosick may not have fully satisfied everyone’s expectations, it still draws together the narrative threads and delivers a sense of closure. The reunion of Kujo and Victorique, along with the resolution of major story arcs, ensures that viewers can find contentment in the overall conclusion of the series.