Gundam AGE vs. Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam: Anime Review – Weekly Recap

Movie Bunker Score:

Gundam AGE – 13

In the latest episode of Gundam AGE, fans of the series finally got the payoff they were waiting for. The previous 12 episodes can be seen as a buildup to this moment, and now we get to witness the action unfold. With the Diva now transformed into a weapon using the AGE system and the Federation no longer a threat, Grodek and his team are ready to go to war. Emotions run high as Largan reflects on his unrequited love, Woolf delivers some cool lines, and Emily expresses her desire to support Flit.

The battle itself is visually stunning, filled with all the excitement and intensity fans expect from the Gundam franchise. It is Flit’s reckless bravery that allows the Diva to get close enough to the UE warship and ultimately destroy it using its photon cannon. However, the enemy forces, led by Yark Dole and Arabelle Doi, remain undeterred. Desil eagerly awaits the chance to battle Flit, while Yurin finds herself captured and potentially used as a weapon against him. Despite some hardcore fans predicting Yurin’s demise, her impending fate saddens me as she is one of the most beloved characters in the show. As the dramatic buildup suggests, this battle sequence will likely conclude with heartbreak, especially for Flit.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam – 11

After a recap episode and a brief holiday break, Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam returns with an episode that fills in some gaps in the Fam-verse. This narrative choice may seem unusual, following a recap episode with a flashback one, but it provides new footage and expands our understanding of the world of Fam. One intriguing aspect is the philosophical divide within the Ades hierarchy and how it came to be. Luscinia, the central antagonist, has a lofty goal but is an extremist, willing to employ any means necessary to achieve it. The episode also dives into the political background that shaped the current geopolitical landscape and sheds light on the Grand Race, featuring adorable mini versions of the female cast.

As always, Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam excels at presenting the big picture. However, the execution falls short. The exploration of Luscinia’s troubled past is interesting, and the Ades faction is generally more compelling than the “good guys.” Unfortunately, the writing fails to effectively convey the intended meaning, resulting in a somewhat muddled narrative. The overall story seems to be stagnating, and this has been a recurring issue. Personally, I find it difficult to invest in Fam and Gisey’s childhood or feel a genuine connection to the Grand Race storyline. Time is ticking, and I hope the series can improve before it’s too late.

Chihayafuru – 14

Moving on to Chihayafuru, episode 14 leaves a lasting impression on viewers. The series continues to captivate with its unique blend of competitive karuta, character development, and emotional depth. This episode dives deeper into the relationships among the main characters and highlights their growth.

Chihaya and her friends participate in a tournament, and the intensity of the matches escalates. The strategic mind games, lightning-fast reflexes, and passionate pursuit of victory make for a thrilling viewing experience. Each match reveals new facets of the characters’ personalities and their dedication to the game.

Moreover, Chihayafuru excels at portraying the bonds between characters. Chihaya’s unwavering determination and support for her friends inspire those around her. Taichi’s growth as a player and his complex feelings for Chihaya add another layer of depth to the story. And then there’s Arata, whose talent and dedication make him a formidable competitor and a source of inspiration for Chihaya.

The animation continues to impress, depicting the fast-paced karuta matches with precision and fluidity. The emotional impact of each victory and defeat is heightened by the expressive visuals and heartfelt performances of the voice actors.

As we dive further into the world of competitive karuta, Chihayafuru keeps us engaged with its rich character development, intense matches, and heartfelt moments. This series proves that a seemingly niche subject can be both entertaining and emotionally resonant when executed with skill and passion.

First Impressions – Inu X Boku SS, Thermae Romae

Inu x Boku SS and Thermae Romae are two distinct series that recently made their debut. Here are our initial impressions:

Inu x Boku SS introduces us to the secret supernatural service known as Ayakashi Kan. The story revolves around Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a socially awkward girl who moves into a high-end apartment complex. Little does she know that her new neighbors are beings with both human and demon characteristics. The first episode sets up an intriguing premise, blending comedy, romance, and supernatural elements. The dynamic between Ririchiyo and her assigned Secret Service agent, Soushi Miketsukami, shows promise for compelling character development and emotional depth. With its charming art style and lovable characters, Inu x Boku SS has the potential to become a must-watch series.

On the other hand, Thermae Romae transports us to ancient Rome, where we follow the exploits of Lucius Modestus, a skilled Roman architect. Through a series of comical events, Lucius finds himself being transported to modern-day Japan, providing him with inspiration for architectural designs. The first episode embraces the absurdity of this premise, delivering a mix of historical satire, fish-out-of-water comedy, and intriguing cultural comparisons. The animation style beautifully captures both the grandeur of ancient Rome and the modern aesthetic of Japan. With its unique concept and comedic execution, Thermae Romae stands out as a refreshing and entertaining series.

In conclusion, these two new series offer distinct storytelling approaches. Inu x Boku SS combines supernatural elements with romantic comedy, while Thermae Romae explores cultural clashes with a comedic twist. With their strong first impressions, both series have the potential to attract a dedicated fanbase. As the stories further unfold, we look forward to seeing how they develop and captivate audiences.