Heathers: The Musical (2023) Review: Bringing the Cult Classic to the Stage

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The Bombastic and Colorful Journey of Heathers: The Musical

An Unforgettable Fever Dream

Heathers: The Musical (2022) takes audiences on a two-hour and fifteen-minute fever dream filled with explosive energy and stunning visuals. As a fan of the original Heathers film, I was pleasantly surprised by the musical adaptation’s departure in tone and style. While the basic premise and characters remain intact, this high-energy, over-the-top version of the story offers a fresh and exhilarating experience.

A Captivating Storyline

Heathers: The Musical revolves around Veronica Sawyer (played by Ailsa Davidson), a seventeen-year-old determined to navigate high school unscathed. In her quest, she befriends the popular trio of girls known as the Heathers. However, Veronica’s newfound happiness takes a dark turn with the arrival of her new boyfriend, J.D. (portrayed by Simon Gordon), who leads her down a terrifying path. The show fearlessly tackles sensitive subjects such as teen suicide and sexual assault, although it sometimes wraps these issues in the guise of chart-topping music and a vibrant aesthetic.

The Magic of Music and Performance

One of the undeniable strengths of Heathers: The Musical lies in its captivating songs. Each track is a high-energy banger, featuring catchy lyrics expertly performed by the talented cast. “Candy Store” stands out as a fan favorite, with its infectious chorus that lingers in the mind long after the show ends. The costume design and lighting further enhance the production, with the Heathers’ outfits being particularly noteworthy. The trio’s contrasting colors evoke memories of beloved ensembles like The Powerpuff Girls and perfectly complement the show’s bubblegum, cartoonish aesthetic.

A Cinematic Visual Feast

Bringing this iconic musical onto the big screen, Kaleidoscope Entertainment emphasizes close-ups to capture even the smallest moments. Details like the way Veronica watches J.D. during their early conversations become more significant through the lens of the camera, allowing audiences to become fully immersed in their relationship. Skillful camera movements add to the already dynamic production, amplifying its liveliness and matching the established style and tone. Moreover, the cinematography never overshadows the stage performance; it simply enhances it.

Flaws and the Lengthy Runtime

Heathers: The Musical, however enjoyable, does have its flaws, most notably in its length. Clocking in at over two hours, the show sometimes feels excessive in its bombastic energy. The constant high-energy can become overwhelming, and during the second act, the songs tend to blend together, creating a desire for a more concise story. While the first half delivers brilliance, the second half could benefit from tighter pacing.

An Unsettling Beauty

Heathers: The Musical is undeniably an entertaining experience, blending catchy tunes and visually stunning aesthetics. However, its approach to tackling sensitive themes and topics may leave some viewers uncomfortable. Personal preference will determine whether the show’s treatment of these issues resonates positively or feels off-putting. In hindsight, the production could have benefited from occasional moments of restraint to handle its themes with greater sensitivity. Nonetheless, Heathers: The Musical stands as a well-crafted and enjoyable show reminiscent of the early 2010s.


Heathers: The Musical takes audiences on a bombastic and colorful ride, filled with catchy songs and captivating visuals. While the show’s contagious energy can be overwhelming at times, it remains an entertaining and well-made experience. Its portrayal of sensitive themes leaves room for personal interpretation, evoking both admiration and discomfort. Ultimately, Heathers: The Musical is a memorable production that delights the eyes and ears, while also challenging the audience’s expectations.


1. Is Heathers: The Musical suitable for younger audiences?

Heathers: The Musical delves into mature themes such as teen suicide and sexual assault. Parents should consider the content’s appropriateness for their children before attending.

2. How does Heathers: The Musical differ from the original film?

While the musical maintains the core premise and characters of the original film, its tone and style take a different approach. Heathers: The Musical embraces high-energy, over-the-top elements, creating a distinct experience.

3. What makes “Candy Store” such a popular song from the musical?

“Candy Store” captivates audiences with its infectious chorus and catchy lyrics. The song’s memorable qualities make it a standout moment within the production.

4. Does Heathers: The Musical address sensitive topics appropriately?

Opinions may vary on the show’s approach to sensitive subjects. Some viewers may appreciate its unique blend of music and vibrant aesthetics, while others may feel that certain issues should have been handled with greater sensitivity.

5. Is Heathers: The Musical worth seeing on the big screen?

The cinematic adaptation of Heathers: The Musical offers a visually immersive experience. The close-ups and camera movements enhance the storytelling, making it a compelling choice for theater enthusiasts.