Hi Score Girl II: A Captivating Journey through Gaming Nostalgia – Series Review

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Review: The Enthralling Journey of Hi Score Girl

As an avid anime enthusiast, it always seems like I find myself travelling at the end of anime seasons. Rushing through posts is not something I enjoy, especially when it comes to series reviews, particularly for shows that I adore. However, sometimes reality demands concessions, and so this review of Hi Score Girl may be shorter than desired. I offer my apologies, but I am confident I will have additional opportunities to write about this exceptional series in the future. Now, let’s explore the world of Hi Score Girl and explore why it captivated my heart.

An Anime Adaptation that Hits the Mark

Simply put, I love Hi Score Girl. From the very first chapter I read of the manga, it grabbed hold of my imagination. Unfortunately, Square Enix’s laziness led to a frustrating five-year hiatus for the anime adaptation. But even that pales in comparison to the challenges faced by the talented Oshikiri Rensuke, whose career foundation was unjustly shattered. Nonetheless, all’s well that ends well, and Hi Score Girl eventually received the adaptation it truly deserved.

A Seamless Continuation

The most recent season of Hi Score Girl flawlessly continues the story from the previous one. The themes that were established early on play out to their logical conclusion, leaving no doubts about the consistency of the narrative. Surprisingly, Koharu, whom fans adored, proves to be nothing more than a delightful distraction. It is bittersweet to witness her acknowledgment of this truth. Additionally, Haru must fulfill a promise he made to himself, even though it may appear childlike and obsolete. Deep down, however, defeating Oono in a real match was never truly his desire. He cherished the enigma surrounding her.

The Meaning Behind the Ring’s Return

The event where Haruo returns the ring becomes increasingly intriguing. Although Koharu perceives Akira’s motivation, it is understandable that Haruo fails to grasp it completely. At the age of sixteen, comprehending such complex emotions is no easy task. For Akira, Haruo is her unwavering knight in shining armor, and knights should always arrive on their noble steeds at the last moment to rescue their princess. It is fitting that Koharu ultimately pierces through the haze of Haruo’s indecision.

An Unforgettable Conclusion

Oshikiri-sensei’s masterful staging, with a pantheon of game characters led by Guile, ensures that Haruo’s final meeting with Akira becomes every fan’s dream come true. The reprisal of love from these beloved characters adds a layer of uncertainty, reminiscent of the unpredictable nature of teenage life where parents hold sway. Nevertheless, there is no uncertainty about Haruo and Akira’s profound feelings for each other, though perhaps they never truly were uncertain. While the release of the first chapter of Hi Score Girl DASH on Christmas Day may provide some clues about the future, it is worth noting that the focus of the manga will shift to Koharu at age 29. Therefore, the level of detail we receive regarding Haruo and Akira’s journey remains to be seen.

A Rewarding Journey for Hi Score Girl Fans

When manga series we cherish receive the anime adaptations they deserve, it is a remarkable and rare occurrence. Despite the agonizing wait that occurred, Hi Score Girl fans should consider themselves fortunate. In fact, the series’ tribulations have made the ending even more satisfying. Surprisingly, even the implementation of CG animation, something I usually find jarring, worked seamlessly and complemented the voices, music, and overall tone of the anime. Sometimes, in the world of anime, justice truly prevails. And for fans of Hi Score Girl, the taste of this justifiable victory is all the sweeter because we genuinely earned it.


Hi Score Girl is a remarkable journey that effortlessly combines a captivating story with nostalgia and heartfelt emotions. From the gripping plot to the relatable characters, every aspect of this series engrosses the audience. Its long-awaited anime adaptation successfully captures the essence of the source material, leaving fans exhilarated and satisfied. The finale of this season beautifully concludes the story while leaving room for potential future developments. Despite the challenges faced during its production, Hi Score Girl stands as a shining example of justice prevailing in the anime industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Hi Score Girl worth watching?

A: Absolutely! Hi Score Girl offers a unique blend of gaming, romance, and coming-of-age storytelling that will captivate and resonate with viewers. Its intriguing plot, well-developed characters, and exceptional animation make it a must-watch for any anime fan.

Q: Can I enjoy Hi Score Girl even if I’m not familiar with video games?

A: While having some familiarity with video games may enhance your enjoyment of Hi Score Girl, it is not a prerequisite. The series explores themes of friendship, young love, and personal growth that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of their gaming background.

Q: Are there any plans for a future sequel or continuation?

A: Yes, there is a sequel manga called Hi Score Girl DASH, focusing on Koharu at age 29. While the outcome of Haruo and Akira’s story is uncertain, fans can look forward to further adventures in this beloved universe.

Q: How was the animation quality in Hi Score Girl?

A: The animation quality in Hi Score Girl is superb. The blend of traditional animation and CG seamlessly recreates the nostalgic video game world, creating a visually appealing and immersive experience for viewers.

Q: Where can I watch Hi Score Girl?

A: Hi Score Girl is available for streaming on various online platforms, including popular anime streaming services like Crunchyroll and Netflix. Check your preferred streaming service to access this captivating series.