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Kris Roselli’s Hideout: A Twisted Supernatural Thriller

In the supernatural thriller Hideout, directed by Kris Roselli, audiences are taken on a thrilling and twisty journey that begins with a seemingly predictable premise but soon deviates into unexpected territories. The film explores the concept of characters running from danger only to unwittingly stumble upon something far more sinister. This exciting narrative trope is cleverly set within the context of a home invasion, where a group of fleeing criminals unknowingly seek refuge in a house occupied by an evil force greater than themselves. The result is a morally ambiguous and nihilistic horror experience that keeps viewers both entertained and perplexed.

The Haunting Opening and Mysterious Setting

Hideout opens with haunting shots of a desolate town, with missing persons posters and abandoned houses setting a ghostly tone. The calmness is abruptly shattered when a group of four thieves, on the run after a botched robbery, bursts onto the scene. A sense of panic surrounds them as they frantically search for a place to hide. Reed, one of the thieves, has been injured, and their faces are plastered all over the news. In their desperation, they stumble upon a mysterious farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

The farmhouse is inhabited by an enigmatic old lady named Bee. She welcomes the desperate group inside and tends to Reed’s wounds. However, something feels subtly off about the house. It is strangely barren, and Bee’s eagerness to help raises suspicion. As tensions rise, a young girl named Rose, Bee’s granddaughter, enters the room and instantly adds to the eerie atmosphere.

Supernatural Elements and Psychological Intrigue

Rose possesses a mysterious power and begins to taunt Kyle, one of the thieves, with hints of supernatural abilities and foreboding visions of his future. As supernatural elements come into play, the boundaries of reality become blurred. Sarah and Kyle start experiencing vivid hallucinations, unsure of what is causing their disorientation. The town, the house, Bee, or Rose herself could be the source of the unsettling occurrences. Adding to the mystery, their fourth member, Marshall, mysteriously disappears shortly after arriving at the house.

The dynamics within the group intensify as they grapple with difficult decisions. Should they risk fleeing again or stay in this unsettling environment? Should they eliminate the enigmatic Rose or keep her as a captive? With each member having different opinions, conflict escalates, revealing the moral complexities of their situation.

The Inevitable Outcome: A Road of Twists and Turns

Hideout is a tightly plotted film that navigates unexpected twists and turns, surfacing the theme of futility. It is not merely a morality tale or a descent into madness but an exploration of the paths taken when circumstances tighten around individuals. The group of petty criminals embarked on a journey that was destined to fail from the start. This layer of inevitability adds to the thrill and fear, reminiscent of great slasher films.

One aspect that stands out in Hideout is its structure. Combining elements of a supernatural thriller with the tension of Reservoir Dogs, the film immerses viewers in a tense situation with no context beyond the present. The unpredictability of the characters’ actions and decisions amplifies the suspense and keeps audiences engaged. We observe a cast of question marks defined solely by their reactions to the immediate circumstances. Every action becomes a revelation, establishing a precedent as the story progresses.


Kris Roselli’s Hideout is a captivating supernatural thriller that enthralls audiences through its unexpected twists and morally ambiguous characters. The combination of a home invasion setting and supernatural elements creates a unique and unsettling atmosphere. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are kept in a constant state of perplexity, unsure of whom to trust or what is truly happening. The tightly plotted structure adds to the film’s suspense, making it a highly enjoyable and thrilling experience.


1. Is Hideout a supernatural horror film?

While Hideout incorporates supernatural elements, it is not solely a horror film. It blends elements of thriller, mystery, and psychological intrigue, creating a unique genre hybrid that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

2. What makes Hideout different from other home invasion movies?

Hideout offers a fresh take on the home invasion subgenre by introducing supernatural elements and blurring the lines between victim and villain. The morally complex characters and the unexpected twists set it apart from more traditional home invasion narratives.

3. How does Hideout explore the theme of futility?

Hideout delves into the inevitable outcome faced by the group of criminals, emphasizing the futility of their actions and the lack of control they have in their situation. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, despite our efforts, we are ultimately powerless in the face of certain events.

4. What role does the setting play in Hideout?

The desolate town and the mysterious farmhouse contribute to the overall atmosphere of isolation, adding an eerie and suspenseful backdrop to the story. The setting enhances the sense of foreboding and heightens the tension throughout the film.

5. Where can I watch Hideout?

Hideout is now available to watch on digital platforms and on demand. For more information, visit the film’s official website.