Hikari no Ou: Final Journey – Unraveled Mysteries and Emotional Echoes

Setting Up for the Second Season

Last things first. When the news of “Hikari no Ou S2 announced” came out, I was taken aback. It was definitely not something I expected in the realm of anime. However, upon reflection, this announcement didn’t bring anything groundbreaking. It was already evident from Oshii’s comments that Hikari would have around 20 episodes. The only new piece of information we got was that it would be split into cours. Personally, I find this decision favorable as it increases the likelihood of Hikari staying in my watchlist during the summer or fall, rather than getting buried in the busy spring season.

A Mysterious Fever and Conspiracy Theories

In this episode, the primary focus is on setting the stage for the second season. One major development is Hinata falling prey to a raging fever. To add to the intrigue, Kanata exhibits an extremely hostile attitude towards the doctor who treats Hinata. This, along with Yusoichi’s questioning of the timing, hints at a potential conspiracy within the Okibi estate. I have a hunch that Hinata might be the vessel for the flickering flame we’ve heard about, and Okibi-san is aware of this, having prepared her for the role with the help of the doctor. However, until concrete evidence surfaces, it remains nothing more than speculation.

Escapes, Stranglings, and Unexpected Letters

Hinata, now transformed into a flame-eyed fire child, manages to escape. In her agitated state, she proceeds to attack and strangle Hibana, her mother. However, she abruptly jumps out of the window and disappears into thin air. In the meantime, the rest of the characters stumble upon a letter from Touko, which reveals that she and Akari have embarked on a mission to deliver a letter to the Gods. Kaho appears unperturbed by this revelation, but Kun-kun becomes distressed, clearly viewing Akari as his surrogate mother. Determined to come to their aid, he vows to mobilize his insect army, and true to his word, he sets off on his mission.

A Clue from a Wind Tribe Spy

Hibari, the spy from the Wind Tribe, intercepts Touko and Akari, leading to an exposition-heavy conversation that sheds some light on the future events. At this point, one might think that Touko is destined to become the vessel, but my inclination still leans towards the earlier theory. Hibari eventually deploys his shikigami against them, prompting Hinata to come to Touko’s rescue. In a remarkable turn of events, Touka confronts a flame fiend, suggesting that her fate in this tale might be that of a fire hunter rather than a vessel. It is with this intriguing encounter that she sets off on a journey that promises to unravel an engaging conversation.

Room for Improvement

With Hikari no Ou no longer competing in the busy spring season, it certainly has a better chance of capturing my attention. However, I still require more from the series to fully invest in it. While the visuals turned out to be not as disastrous as anticipated, they were far from exceptional. Surprisingly, given its notable pedigree, the writing often came across as sloppy. The concept of the story is captivating, and fantasy anime has a history of excelling in this regard, especially with a Kawai Kenji soundtrack. However, Hikari no Ou falls short of the standards set by the two series it brings to mind, Seirei no Moribito and Shin Sekai Yori.


In conclusion, the second season of Hikari no Ou holds promise as it prepares the groundwork for new twists and turns. The episode’s events, including the mysterious fever, conspiracy theories, and unexpected departures, generate an air of anticipation for what lies ahead. With improved storytelling and visual execution, Hikari no Ou has the potential to captivate audiences and establish itself as a standout fantasy anime. As the journey continues, it will be interesting to see how the characters’ destinies intertwine in this intricate and unpredictable world.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Will Hinata’s fever play a significant role in the upcoming storyline?

While Hinata’s fever serves as a catalyst for the events in this episode, it remains to be seen how it will impact the overall storyline in the second season. Given the emphasis placed on her condition and the conspiratorial atmosphere surrounding it, it is likely that her illness will have further ramifications.

2. Is there a deeper meaning behind the Okibi estate’s involvement?

The Okibi estate’s involvement in Hinata’s transformation and the presence of a potential conspiracy suggests that there is more at play than meets the eye. Uncovering the true intentions behind their actions and their connection to the flickering flame will undoubtedly be a focal point in the upcoming episodes.

3. How will Kun-kun’s insect army aid Touko and Akari?

Kun-kun’s unwavering loyalty to Akari drives him to mobilize his insect army and embark on a mission to rescue her. With their unique abilities and resourcefulness, Kun-kun’s insect army may provide invaluable support as the story unfolds, potentially altering the course of events.

4. What is the significance of Touka’s encounter with the flame fiend?

Touka’s encounter with the flame fiend introduces a new twist in her character’s arc. As she confronts this formidable adversary, her destiny as a flame hunter rather than a vessel becomes increasingly apparent. This encounter might hold crucial clues to her ultimate role in the grand scheme of things.

5. Can Hikari no Ou bridge the gap between the impressive predecessors it is compared to?

While Hikari no Ou shows potential with its fascinating premise, it must overcome its shortcomings to measure up to the notable series it evokes, such as Seirei no Moribito and Shin Sekai Yori. Strengthening its visual execution, refining its writing, and maintaining consistency throughout the storytelling will be key factors in determining if it can rise to the same level of acclaim.