Hunter X Hunter: A Closer Look – Episodes 393-395

The Intriguing Plot Twists in Hunter X Hunter Chapter 395


In this article, we explore the fascinating world of Hunter X Hunter and explore the latest milestone chapter, 395. Titled “The Origin,” this chapter takes a significant turn in the plot and offers readers an intimate glimpse into the true origins of the Phantom Troupe. Written by the esteemed creator, Togashi-sensei, this chapter stands out as a game changer and a much-needed anchor for the ongoing Dark Continent arc.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Chapter 395 starts with a follow-up to the previous chapter, where the Troupe members embark on a pursuit of the Heil-Ly hideout and find themselves caught in a gang war. However, what sets this chapter apart is a conversation between two core members of the Phantom Troupe, Phinks and Nobunaga. As polar opposites, Nobunaga represents the sentimental and idealistic side of the Troupe, while Phinks embodies ruthlessness and a penchant for violence.

Nobunaga takes this opportunity to provide Phinks with a lecture, reminiscing about how things were before he joined the Troupe. This interaction sets the narrative on a captivating trip down memory lane, filled with intrigue and revelations about the Troupe’s mysterious origins.

Unveiling Fan Service

Togashi, known for his captivating storytelling, indulges readers with a true origin story for the Spiders. This act of fan service is a rarity in Togashi’s work, making it all the more exciting for avid fans. As the chapter progresses, readers learn of Sheila, a character who has been present both in Kurapika’s childhood and within Meteor City, the domain of the Phantom Troupe. The connection between these two distinct events leaves readers with a sense of bewilderment and opens up numerous possibilities for wild fan theories.

Mysterious Connections

The presence of Sheila raises thought-provoking questions regarding her role in the Troupe’s existence. It is implied that she led the Spiders to Kurapika’s village, ultimately causing its destruction. Furthermore, an intriguing parallel emerges between the young Chrollo, leader of the Troupe, and the young Kurapika. Togashi masterfully weaves these characters’ backgrounds, suggesting a shared past and hinting at a deeper meaning behind their intertwined destinies.

Innocence in the Abyss

Within the confines of a city ravaged by chaos, readers witness the Spiders in their youthful innocence. Amid the hellish environment of Meteor City, the Troupe members find solace in play and have a nurturing adult presence in the form of a priest from the “All Faiths Church.” The portrayal of a curious and intelligent Chrollo, akin to Kurapika, adds another layer of intrigue. Chrollo’s independent nature and intellectual pursuits make him a captivating character, especially when juxtaposed with his peers’ admiration for his intelligence.

Confirming the Childhood Bonds

While the revelation that most of the Phantom Troupe members share a childhood connection might not come as a complete surprise, it provides confirmation and sparks curiosity about what events led to their transformation into the murderous force they became. The kidnapping and murder of Meteor City children undoubtedly play a pivotal role in this transformation, with the impending tragedy likely to affect Chrollo and the rest of the Troupe profoundly.

The Unraveling of a Complex Web

As a devoted enthusiast of Hunter X Hunter, it is impossible not to acknowledge the significance of the Phantom Troupe within the intricate web of this compelling series. While the Dark Continent arc may have initially seemed adrift, Chapter 395 breathes new life into the narrative, giving it a much-needed anchor. Togashi’s skillful storytelling hints that this plot twist will unravel over the next two volumes, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the upcoming captivating details.


In conclusion, Chapter 395 of Hunter X Hunter marks a significant milestone in the series, offering readers a deeper understanding of the Phantom Troupe’s origins and their relationships. Togashi’s masterful storytelling, combined with unexpected connections and intriguing character revelations, keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With the promise of further plot development, we eagerly await the next volumes to witness how this game-changing twist shapes the future of Hunter X Hunter.


1. Will we learn more about Sheila’s role within the Phantom Troupe’s history?

While Sheila’s presence hints at a deeper connection to the Troupe’s origins, Togashi leaves much to the readers’ interpretation. As the story unfolds, we can expect further revelations and a better understanding of the role Sheila played in shaping the destiny of the Phantom Troupe.

2. Are there any theories about the true nature of Sheila’s purpose?

As with any captivating storyline, fans have come up with various theories to explain Sheila’s involvement with both Kurapika’s village and the Phantom Troupe. One popular theory suggests that she is actually Pariston, while others propose alternative explanations. However, it is important to approach these theories with skepticism until confirmed within the story.

3. Will the connection between young Chrollo and Kurapika be explored further?

The uncanny resemblance between young Chrollo and Kurapika certainly raises questions regarding their shared background. Given Togashi’s meticulous attention to detail, it is highly likely that this connection will be explored in more depth, shedding light on the intertwined destinies of these two central characters.

4. How long can we expect this game-changing plot twist to unravel?

Togashi has alluded to at least two upcoming volumes in his tweets, indicating that there is ample time for the plot twist introduced in Chapter 395 to unfold. Fans can look forward to a comprehensive exploration of the events that transformed the Phantom Troupe into the formidable force they are known as today.

5. What impact will this plot twist have on the Dark Continent arc?

The Dark Continent arc, which initially lacked a clear direction, now gains a sense of purpose and intrigue through the introduction of this game-changing plot twist. As the story progresses, readers can anticipate a deeper exploration of the Troupe’s origins and its impact on the larger narrative of the Dark Continent.

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