Hunter X Hunter: Epic Journey – Episodes 391/392

Welcoming the Return of Togashi Yoshihiro

The highly anticipated return of Togashi Yoshihiro, the most followed mangaka on Twitter, has come to fruition. With his long-awaited new material after a staggering 184-week hiatus, fans were eager to see if he would make any artistic concessions due to the extended break. However, it quickly became apparent that Togashi’s creative spirit remains unchanged. And why should it? After all, this is Togashi we’re talking about – a mangaka known for his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Unexpected Characters Take Center Stage

What tickles the funny bone is that amidst his return, Togashi fearlessly dives into a chapter featuring characters of relatively minor significance. It’s almost as if he intentionally chose to move forward with this particular storyline. Fans hoping for the presence of beloved characters like Gon and Killua were left disappointed; in fact, it’s uncertain whether we will ever see them again, despite their prominent appearances in the series’ marketing campaigns. Instead, Togashi introduces us to a new array of characters from the depths of the Kakin underground – a group of mobsters who are far from memorable.

Although we may be unfamiliar with these new characters, there is a connection to certain names from the series’ third tier: the Spiders. These notorious individuals strike a deal with one of the crime families to uncover the truth behind the murders within their ranks, aiming to progress up the hierarchy aboard a ship. And while I had to refresh my memory by looking it up, the Spiders’ reappearance in Chapter 392 – alongside ex-Spider Hisoka, looking remarkably dignified – certainly leaves an impression.

An Arc of Complexity and Togashi’s Artistic Brilliance

Despite the intricate nature of this arc, I find it more intellectually captivating than emotionally engrossing. My attention span has dwindled, and I have limited time and patience for in-depth research these days, even for Togashi’s work. How he manages to keep track of every detail is beyond me. The numerous hiatuses he has taken due to health concerns have undoubtedly taken their toll on both the storyline and my overall investment in it.

Nevertheless, any return by Togashi is a cause for celebration. His creativity stands out amongst the vast array of manga available, and his unique storytelling resonates with fans. Although it remains to be seen how long this active phase will last, I harbor hopes that it stretches beyond ten chapters, the equivalent of one volume. Knowing Togashi’s health struggles, his decision to share his day-to-day mangaka experience on Twitter is a significant departure this time around. By doing so, he sheds light on the challenges of being an artist burdened by debilitating back issues while offering a glimpse into his world. As fans, all we can do is remain optimistic.

Togashi’s Artistic Triumphs and Phenomenal Popularity

This is undoubtedly a moment of triumph for Togashi as an artist. His “Puzzle” exhibition in Tokyo draws enormous crowds, and fellow mangaka unequivocally declare their admiration for his work. It is evident that the anime industry yearns to produce more content based on his beloved series, “Hunter x Hunter,” if only he can provide them with sufficient material. Perhaps there is potential for an OVA, pitting Hisoka against Chrollo, an idea that could materialize immediately.

When Volume 37 hits the shelves, it is destined to achieve extraordinary sales figures, undoubtedly surpassing the seven-figure mark. Regardless of the infrequency of Togashi’s releases, his popularity never wanes. He remains a true phenomenon in the world of manga, and his recognition is well-deserved.

The Future of Our Coverage

As for our coverage of Togashi’s new chapters, the best answer I can provide is yes, albeit with uncertainty regarding the approach. Depending on my schedule, I may choose to write weekly updates or opt for a comprehensive summary once the anticipated ten chapters are released. The ambiguity surrounding whether these ten chapters will mark the end further complicates the decision-making process. However, I pledge to find a suitable approach that aligns with the circumstances. In the meantime, let us express our gratitude for having Togashi actively creating once more, for indeed, there is no one quite like him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Gon and Killua make a comeback in Togashi’s latest chapters?

As of now, the presence of Gon and Killua in the new chapters remains uncertain. Although Gon has been prominently featured in the series’ marketing materials, it is unclear if and when these beloved characters will make a reappearance.

2. Is Togashi’s health a significant factor in the irregular release schedule?

Indeed, Togashi’s health concerns have been a primary cause for the irregular release schedule of “Hunter x Hunter” chapters. His debilitating back issues have necessitated extended hiatuses, affecting the consistency of new material.

3. How has Togashi’s utilization of Twitter impacted his interaction with fans?

Togashi’s use of Twitter provides fans with an intimate glimpse into his life as a mangaka, including the challenges he faces due to his health issues. By sharing his experiences, he establishes a stronger connection with his audience.

4. What is the significance of Togashi exclusively using a tablet for his artwork?

Due to his health condition, Togashi has transitioned to using a tablet for his artwork. This change, coupled with a specially designed chair, allows him to work in a more comfortable position, albeit with some limitations.

5. Why does Togashi’s popularity remain unwavering despite his infrequent releases?

Togashi’s popularity endures because of his unique storytelling style, engaging characters, and unparalleled creativity. Despite the intermittent release schedule, fans eagerly anticipate his works due to their exceptional quality and the distinctiveness that sets them apart from other manga.

In Conclusion

The return of Togashi Yoshihiro after a 184-week hiatus is undoubtedly a momentous occasion for fans of his work. Despite the introduction of lesser-known characters in his latest chapters, the anticipation and excitement surrounding his creations remain unwavering. As Togashi defies artistic norms and forges his own path, it is important for us to appreciate the sheer brilliance he brings to the world of manga. Let us relish the opportunity to witness his creative genius in action once again.