Hunter X Hunter: Exploring the Enigmatic World – Episodes 398-399

The Succession Arc: Breaking Down the Pieces

The Succession Arc has brought us back to the present, offering a refreshing detour down Spider memory lane. This voyage into the past helps us dissect the intricate story of Hunter x Hunter, allowing us to approach it in more digestible fragments. While this arc remains the least personal and most enigmatic so far, it has taken on a more humane quality.

Nobunaga: The Intriguing Focus Character

Nobunaga continues to be the focal point of the Phantom Troupe, captivating our attention as the most intriguing member. The dynamic between Nobunaga and Phinks, as they constantly clash, never fails to fascinate. Their rivalry lacks any semblance of camaraderie or begrudging affection; these individuals are polar opposites within the Troupe, seemingly magnetically repelled by one another.

Puzzling out the Room 301 Mystery

The Spider members persist in their efforts to unravel the mystery of Room 301, although Phinks and Nobunaga possess different theories. Guinea pigs can only offer limited insights, but the unexpected arrival of Hinrigh of the Xi-Yu proves to be a breakthrough for the investigation. Volunteering himself by presenting the Heil-ly as a common enemy, Hinrigh manages to capture the attention of the Spider members present.

Nobunaga’s Receptiveness to Hinrigh’s Offer

Nobunaga demonstrates the most receptiveness towards Hinrigh’s proposition, using his Nen ability to disguise a homing device as an oyster. Quite conveniently, Nobunaga swallows the device, while his companions Feitan and Hinrigh display a comical reluctance to do the same. Nobunaga even follows Hinrigh when he allows himself to be transported, believing that their combined efforts offer a better chance of success.

The Spiders, Masters of Swagger

True to form, the Spider members tackle this mystery with their signature confidence and swagger, despite the density and verbosity of these chapters. The intricacies of their deductions and investigations continue to captivate, as they navigate their way through the enigma. Their discovery of the Heil-ly hideout, resembling a junior high club room, is met with apathy from the layabouts inside. Unfazed by this indifference, Nobunaga and Hinrigh focus on their primary goal: understanding the enemy’s Nen abilities, employing their own unique methods.

Unraveling the Emitter and the Unhindered Engagement

An intriguing question arises regarding the “organ” referenced by the Emitter in the Heil-ly group. Equally interesting is the instruction for them to refrain from engaging. Yokotani, the Conjurer-lawyer of the group, promptly ends the encounter using his “LSDF” (ROFL) ability. While it fails to harm Nobunaga and Hinrigh, it does result in Nobunaga’s capture. Hinrigh manages to escape, leaving behind the transmitter, and they are eventually reunited in Room 301, with their mission more or less accomplished.

The Mischievous Togashi-sensei

Before concluding, it’s worth mentioning Togashi-sensei’s mischievous author’s comments from WSJ. The playful trolling from Togashi is truly a thing of beauty, providing endless amusement for fans.


The Succession Arc, despite its complexity, becomes more approachable through the trip down memory lane and the focus on Nobunaga. The Spider members’ relentless pursuit of the Room 301 mystery showcases their trademark swagger and deduction skills. With each revelation and encounter, the intrigue deepens, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next developments in this enigmatic arc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will we learn more about the Heil-ly group’s Nen abilities in future chapters?

Yes, as the investigation continues, we can expect further exploration and revelations regarding the Heil-ly group’s Nen abilities. The arc’s dense storytelling and attention to detail ensure a satisfying exploration of this aspect.

2. How does Nobunaga’s Nen ability contribute to the investigation?

Nobunaga’s Nen ability proves to be a valuable asset in the investigation of the Room 301 mystery. By disguising a homing device as an oyster and swallowing it, he provides a means to track and locate critical information. This ability allows for strategic planning and collaboration with other members of the Spider Troupe.

3. Why is the Heil-ly hideout reminiscent of a junior high club room?

The Heil-ly hideout’s resemblance to a junior high club room adds an interesting element to the story. Its casual and laid-back atmosphere contrasts with the intensity of the Spider Troupe’s investigation. This portrayal further emphasizes the nonchalant attitude of the Heil-ly members, presenting them as underestimated adversaries.

4. How does Togashi-sensei’s author’s comments enhance the reading experience?

Togashi-sensei’s author’s comments, known for their playful and mischievous nature, add an extra layer of enjoyment for readers. These comments provide insight into the author’s mindset and offer a lighthearted break from the intense storytelling. They foster a sense of connection between the author and the readers, creating a more engaging experience.

5. What can we anticipate in future chapters of the Succession Arc?

As the Succession Arc continues to unravel, we can expect further character development, intricate twists, and a deeper exploration of the underlying mysteries. The arc’s dense storytelling style ensures that each chapter holds surprises and keeps readers captivated, eagerly awaiting the next installment.