Insidious 5: The Red Door Ending

Insidious: The Red Door Ending Explained and FAQs

Is Lin Shaye in Insidious: The Red Door?

Yes, Lin Shaye appears in Insidious: The Red Door, reprising her role as Elise Rainier, despite her character’s death in the first Insidious movie. In a video, Elise Rainier discusses astral projection and The Further, establishing her presence in the movie’s universe. Towards the end of Insidious: The Red Door, Elise Rainier makes contact with Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson), who does not remember her due to hypnotic memory erasure in Insidious: Chapter 2.

Which of the original cast members are returning?

The entire Lambert family returns to Insidious: The Red Door, except for the twins who portrayed baby Kali Lambert. Though Kali isn’t a significant part of the story, the other original cast members reprise their roles, including Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert and Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier.

Is Barbara Hershey in Insidious: The Red Door?

Barbara Hershey does not directly appear in Insidious: The Red Door as Lorraine Lambert. However, her character is indirectly part of the story since the movie begins with the Lambert family attending Lorraine Lambert’s funeral. Josh’s mother played a crucial role in the first two movies and connected the family with Elise Rainier.

Do we see Specs and Tucker?

Yes, Specs and Tucker, Elise Rainier’s assistants, make an appearance in Insidious: The Red Door through a video, just like Elise Rainier. Leigh Whannell portrays Specs, and Angus Sampson plays Tucker. They continue their bickering and discuss their work with the paranormal.

Who is Ben Burton?

Ben Burton is Josh Lambert’s father and Dalton Lambert’s grandfather. In the movie, Josh discovers that his father didn’t abandon him and his mother but was admitted to a psychiatric hospital before eventually taking his own life. Ben Burton’s actions were driven by his desire to end astral projection and the associated dangers.

Does the Insidious: The Red Door ending tease a new Insidious movie?

Yes, the ending of Insidious: The Red Door sets the stage for a potential new Insidious movie. While the movie acts as the third chapter in the Lambert family’s story and potentially concludes this trilogy within the franchise, it hints at future installments.

Is there a post-credit scene in Insidious: The Red Door?

Yes, there is a post-credit scene in Insidious: The Red Door that is crucial to understanding the ending. It confirms that the story is not over and suggests that there is still more to explore in the Insidious universe.

What’s the next Insidious movie?

Following Insidious: The Red Door, a spin-off titled Thread: An Insidious Tale has been announced. The standalone story features Mandy Moore and Kumail Nanjiani, and while it may not be directly connected to the previous movies, it is expected to incorporate elements from the Insidious universe.

Is Patrick Wilson singing the song “Stay” in the end credits?

Yes, Patrick Wilson, who directed and co-starred in Insidious: The Red Door, lends his powerful voice to the song “Stay.” The cover version is performed by the band GHOST, featuring Patrick Wilson. The song, originally by Shakespears Sister, perfectly complements the franchise and adds depth to the story.


Insidious: The Red Door offers a thrilling and mysterious ending that paves the way for future installments in the franchise. With the return of key cast members, the introduction of intriguing new elements, and a post-credit scene teasing further developments, fans can expect more spine-chilling adventures in the Insidious universe.


Q: Does Insidious: The Red Door mark the end of the Lambert family’s story?

A: While Insidious: The Red Door may conclude the trilogy within the Insidious franchise centering around the Lambert family, it sets the stage for potential future movies.

Q: Will there be more films exploring the Insidious universe?

A: Yes, a spin-off titled Thread: An Insidious Tale has been announced and is expected to include elements from the Insidious universe, offering fans new and intriguing stories.

Q: Who sings the song “Stay” in the end credits of Insidious: The Red Door?

A: The powerful vocals in “Stay” featured in the end credits of Insidious: The Red Door are performed by Patrick Wilson. The cover is by GHOST, making it a memorable addition to the franchise’s soundtrack.

Q: Can we expect further connections between Insidious: The Red Door and future movies?

A: While the specific connections between Insidious: The Red Door and upcoming movies remain uncertain, the overall Insidious universe will likely continue to build upon established themes, characters, and supernatural elements.

Q: Where can I listen to the song “Stay” featuring Patrick Wilson by GHOST?

A: You can find “Stay” featuring Patrick Wilson by GHOST on GHOST’s official YouTube channel, offering a haunting and melodic experience that echoes the themes of the Insidious franchise.