Isekai Ojisan: Anime Wonderland – Episode 07 Exploration

The Future of Isekai Ojisan is Uncertain

The future of the anime series “Isekai Ojisan” is currently in doubt. Unfortunately, the show is going on another indefinite hiatus, with COVID-19 being cited as the reason once again. However, industry insiders suggest that the real issue lies in the disastrous production of the series, and the pandemic has conveniently become a convenient excuse. This is not an isolated problem in the anime industry, where project planning is often lacking and understaffing is a common issue. Considering that Atelier Pontdarc, the studio behind the show, is relatively new, this setback is not entirely surprising.

The Addition of Esteemed Voice Actors

Despite the production and budgetary challenges, “Isekai Ojisan” doesn’t skimp on its voice acting talent. Several notable names have joined the cast recently, including Takagi Wataru, Toysakai Aki, Suzumura Kenichi, and Okamoto Nobuhiko. Interestingly, Takagi hilariously portrays Fujimiya’s 4th-grade brother, while the latter three voice a trio of adventurers that Uncle, the protagonist, encounters during his journeys. Among them, Alicia holds great significance as she is both a love interest and a legendary hero.

Quirky Moments and Memorable Interactions

One of the highlights of “Isekai Ojisan” lies in the amusing encounters with Ojisan’s “Wild Talker,” a unique ability that allows him to communicate with animals. In one memorable sequence, Ojisan attempts to negotiate peace with a giant hedgehog only to discover its sociopathic tendencies. This comical situation serves as a metaphor, highlighting Ojisan’s misconception of real-world hedgehogs based on his encounters with Sonic. Eventually, Ojisan defeats the hedgehog, earning the respect of the trio of adventurers. However, his actions prompt Alicia to expose his use of magic, resulting in Uncle erasing their memories.

Uncle’s Temporary Magic Loan

Interestingly, Uncle possesses the ability to temporarily loan his magic to others. This becomes evident when Uncle lends his magic to Takafumi, a friend, allowing them to return Fujimiya’s forgotten smartphone and observe her interacting with another guy. To their surprise, Chiaki, another character, goes unnoticed by everyone, and Takafumi recognizes him despite his adult-like appearance as a grade-schooler (a peculiar trend in anime this year). This incident marks a significant development in the relationships within the series, with Takafumi’s jealousy becoming apparent and Fujimiya basking in his concern for her.

Reaching a Relationship Milestone

The latest episode of “Isekai Ojisan” showcases a significant stride in the relationship between Takafumi and Fujimiya. Takafumi’s protective nature and occasional interference have not gone unnoticed by Fujimiya, who finds happiness in his actions. While it can be argued that Takafumi is merely displaying his natural tendency, Fujimiya chooses to interpret it as something more meaningful. Unfortunately, the series abruptly halts at this point, leaving this relationship milestone hanging, a common occurrence in anime due to the broken production model. The future of resuming the series remains uncertain, given the busy schedules and circumstances, but for now, it is intended to continue.


The uncertain future of “Isekai Ojisan” leaves fans in suspense. The ongoing hiatus, attributed to the pandemic, highlights the challenges faced in anime production. Despite these obstacles, the show continues to captivate audiences with its talented voice cast and entertaining character interactions. The promising relationship progress between Takafumi and Fujimiya adds depth to the story. However, the abrupt pause in production leaves us eagerly waiting for the series to resume and unveil the further adventures and developments in the world of “Isekai Ojisan.”


1. Will “Isekai Ojisan” return after the hiatus?

Though it is uncertain at this time, there is a possibility that “Isekai Ojisan” will make a comeback once the production issues and external circumstances are resolved.

2. How has COVID-19 affected anime production?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for the anime industry, including delays, production halts, and difficulties in maintaining a regular release schedule.

3. Are there any plans to address the production issues in “Isekai Ojisan”?

As of now, it is unclear how the production issues of “Isekai Ojisan” will be addressed. However, it is essential for studios and production teams to evaluate their processes and allocate resources effectively to prevent future setbacks.

4. What makes “Isekai Ojisan” stand out among other anime series?

“Isekai Ojisan” stands out with its unique blend of comedy, fantasy elements, and endearing character dynamics. The relatable protagonist, Uncle, and his unconventional abilities contribute to the show’s charm.

5. How have fans responded to the recent developments in the series?

Fans have expressed both excitement and disappointment due to the hiatus interrupting the progression of character relationships and the overall story. However, the dedicated fanbase eagerly awaits the continuation of “Isekai Ojisan” with high hopes and anticipation.