Jacob Perez: The Marksman Interview

The Marksman: Behind the Scenes with Jacob Perez

A Breakout Star’s Personal Connection to the Story

In an exclusive interview with Jacob Perez, the breakout star of Liam Neeson’s latest action-thriller, “The Marksman,” we explore how his background and personal experiences strengthened his connection to the story. As Perez makes his feature film debut in the role of Miguel, a young Mexican boy, he effortlessly captivates the hearts of audiences. Despite having minimal acting experience prior to landing this role, Perez’s performance has garnered commendation from numerous outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter and MovieBunker. So, let’s dive into Perez’s journey, his audition process, and his aspirations in the world of acting.

Auditioning for “The Marksman”: An Emotional Journey

Perez shares his audition process and how it was unlike anything he had experienced before. His manager sent him the script, igniting a deep emotional connection within him. Excitedly, he taped his audition and was thrilled to be asked for more. Though not intimidated, Perez admits to a brief moment of worry when he didn’t hear back immediately. However, the call eventually came, sealing his fate and granting him the opportunity of a lifetime – to portray Miguel.

But there’s more to Perez’s connection to the role than just the script. His family’s own history of fleeing Mexico and immigrating to the United States added another layer of emotion to his portrayal. With his mother having shared her journey, Perez found himself tapping into Miguel’s emotions through personal experiences and the moments his mother had recounted. This heartfelt connection to Miguel’s story serves as a poignant reminder of his own journey and the sacrifices his family made to seek a better life.

Charting a Career: Insights from Liam Neeson and Inspirational Icons

Working alongside a legend like Liam Neeson undoubtedly provided Perez with valuable insights into the industry. Neeson’s wealth of experience undoubtedly equipped him with knowledge worth sharing. When asked about the best advice he received, Perez reveals that Neeson emphasized the importance of asking questions and trusting the director. This resonates deeply within Perez as he recognizes the guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of filmmaking.

Reflecting on his own journey, Perez reveals that Dwayne Johnson has been his greatest inspiration. Admiring Johnson’s multifaceted talents across various disciplines, Perez draws parallels to his own diverse passions, including football, track, dance, and acting. Inspired by Johnson’s ability to balance multiple pursuits while leading a healthy life, Perez aspires to achieve success in all his endeavors.

Lessons Learned from “The Marksman” and Future Endeavors

As Perez reflects on his experience working on “The Marksman,” he offers a valuable lesson to aspiring actors – always research who you are working with. This reminder highlights the importance of understanding the people and dynamics involved in any project, ensuring a fruitful collaboration.

Looking ahead, Perez is eager to explore diverse genres and seek out exciting new projects. When asked about his ideal role, he enthusiastically shares his desire to portray Beast Boy from Teen Titans. This choice exemplifies his eagerness to tap into various genres and showcase his versatility as an actor.

In Conclusion: A Promising Debut for Jacob Perez

In conclusion, Jacob Perez’s debut in “The Marksman” marks the beginning of a promising career. With his emotionally charged performance and personal connection to the story, Perez has left a lasting impression on both critics and audiences alike. Guided by the advice of acting veteran Liam Neeson and inspired by the multifaceted success of Dwayne Johnson, Perez undoubtedly has a bright future ahead.


1. How did Jacob Perez prepare for his role in “The Marksman”?

To prepare for his role as Miguel in “The Marksman,” Jacob Perez tapped into his personal experiences and family history of immigrating to the United States. He also drew inspiration from his mother’s own journey, allowing him to authentically portray Miguel’s emotions.

2. What advice did Liam Neeson give Jacob Perez?

Liam Neeson encouraged Jacob Perez to ask questions and trust in the director. He emphasized the importance of seeking guidance and recognizing the expertise of those involved in the filmmaking process.

3. Who has been Jacob Perez’s biggest inspiration?

Jacob Perez’s biggest inspiration is Dwayne Johnson. He admires Johnson’s ability to excel in various fields, such as football, wrestling, and acting. Perez aims to lead a similarly diverse and successful career while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

4. What is the biggest lesson Jacob Perez learned from working on “The Marksman”?

Jacob Perez’s biggest lesson from working on “The Marksman” was the importance of researching the people he collaborates with. This lesson underscores the significance of understanding the dynamics and professionalism of the industry.

5. What future projects can we expect to see Jacob Perez in?

Jacob Perez is eager to explore diverse genres and take on new projects in the future. With his passion for acting and desire for versatility, Perez is excited to embark on a journey that showcases his multifaceted talents.