Jensen Huang Envisions Jackie Chan as His Biopic Alter Ego, Promises to ‘Do His Own Stunts

In a recent episode of HP’s “The Moment” YouTube series, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang divulged some surprising personal insights, including his ideal choice to portray him in a biopic: none other than the legendary Jackie Chan. Huang playfully remarked, “He looks just like me, but I would do my own stunts…I’ll do all my own typing.”

During the conversation with Ryan Patel, Huang, sporting his iconic leather jacket, candidly answered questions spanning his early days at Nvidia to his views on the future of generative AI (via Tom’s Hardware). Yet, it was the more personal anecdotes, such as his first job at Denny’s and his college pickup lines, that truly captivated the audience.

In a departure from his usual formal interviews, this conversation revealed a more relaxed and casual side of the Nvidia CEO, offering a glimpse beyond his renowned keynote speeches and product launches. Interestingly, Huang confessed his aversion to milkshakes due to their difficulty in preparation and shared his unconventional method of eating pancakes by folding them in half.

However, the most intriguing revelation was Huang’s casting choice for his cinematic counterpart: Jackie Chan. The mere thought of Chan embodying Huang sparked wild imaginations, giving rise to fantastical ideas of martial arts showdowns in the corridors of Nvidia HQ, featuring Jackie/Jensen sliding down banisters and warding off AMD assassins with Nvidia Shields and powerful 4090 GPUs in hand. The cinematic spectacle could even include daring escapades with a 4060 Ti, descending on a zipline for added excitement.

Considering Nvidia’s pivotal role in the tech industry, particularly in machine-learning advancements, the idea of a Jensen Huang biopic might not be as far-fetched as it seems. With prominent CEOs increasingly intertwining their personal brands with their companies, the concept of such tie-ins becoming a reality isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

As fans eagerly anticipate the potential realization of this cinematic dream, one can’t help but envision the thrilling spectacle that a Jackie Chan-led biopic about Jensen Huang could become. So, grab your tickets and a bucket of popcorn—opening night promises an exhilarating adventure into the life and imagination of one of tech’s most influential figures.