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Review: The Finale of Valvrave the Liberator

An Unexpected Ending

The final episode of Valvrave the Liberator left viewers with mixed feelings. While the content of the episode was generally well-received, the ending itself left much to be desired. Many viewers were left unsatisfied, not only due to the tragedy and pointlessness depicted, but also because of the lack of explanations provided. In fact, the ending seemed to generate more questions than answers, leaving fans perplexed. In this review, we will explore the details of the finale, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses.

A Controversial Conclusion

One could argue that the final minutes of the episode should have been removed entirely. By eliminating everything from the credits crawl onwards, the ending would have been more cohesive. Additionally, it may have been better to forgo the timeskip altogether, as the emotional climax leading up to that point was memorable and well-executed. Leaving the rest to the viewers’ imaginations would have allowed for a more satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately, the flash-forwards presented in those last minutes raised numerous continuity and character issues that left fans perplexed.

A Strong Start

The episode began on a promising note, with the aftermath of Amadeus’ exposure taking an interesting turn. The Committee of 101’s plan to dismiss the incident as a hoax initially seemed successful, but the ARUS President seized the opportunity to betray the Magius and consolidate his power. Simultaneously, the Royalists in Dorssia launched a rebellion, sparking a war of information and misinformation that plunged the world into chaos. This initial setup engaged viewers and set the stage for a compelling narrative.

Compelling Character arcs

The relationship between Coffee and Sugar (Cain and Haruto) also garnered attention. Cain piloted Valvrave 002, a formidable machine that proved to be more than a match for Haruto, Akira, and even the A-Drei squad. Despite their best efforts, X-Eins and Q-Vier were ultimately defeated, leaving A-Drei as the last man standing. This turn of events placed A-Drei in a crucial position as the leader of the Royalists.

A Desperate Plan

L-Elf’s encounter with Haruto after Cain’s attack presented a vital turning point in the story. L-Elf suggested a body swap as the only way to defeat Cain. This long-awaited moment held the potential for a dramatic twist, aligning with some viewers’ wild guesses about the flash-forwards. However, it became evident that Haruto’s vulnerability remained unchanged, even when inside L-Elf’s body. The actual swap, accompanied by L-Elf’s comedic reaction to Haruto’s bite, showcased strong performances by both actors. The combination of their powers proved necessary to vanquish Cain, and the reunion of Valvraves Plue and Pino added a sense of elegance to the scene.

A Predictable Tragedy

Haruto’s death was not surprising to viewers, as it had been foreshadowed throughout the series. The inclusion of his death in the finale aligned with expectations. Nevertheless, Haruto waking up without any memories, including his own name, provided a powerful moment. L-Elf’s acknowledgment of Haruto’s courage and their final interaction as friends demonstrated significant character growth and closure.

Unresolved Questions

The postscript that followed the finale raised more questions than it answered. The most pressing one being why Shouko was still alive. Additionally, the identity of L-Elf’s child and the nature of the relationship between the Valvraves and humanity remained unexplained. Despite these lingering mysteries, the characters generally appeared content, which seemed contradictory considering the sacrifice of Haruto. The commemorative busts and Shouko wearing Haruto’s flight suit only added to this sense of unease.

The Future of Valvrave

While the possibility of an OVA or even a third season to provide clarification remains open, it is best to assume that the series has concluded as presented. Adding one or two additional episodes would have allowed the writers to address the issues and provide a more polished ending. However, even without further exploration, Valvrave the Liberator remains an enjoyable and unique series.

Character Development and Strong Performances

One of the strengths of Valvrave the Liberator lies in its well-developed characters. The main cast, as well as the supporting characters, stood out and left a lasting impression. Their distinct personalities and relevant contributions enhanced the overall narrative. While some character arcs may not have been concluded in the most satisfying manner, they remained engaging throughout the series.

L-Elf and Haruto: An Unconventional Duo

The dynamic between L-Elf and Haruto,